Mosley says he wants a trial

Arizona State Representative Paul Mosley told the Parker Justice Court Thursday that he intends to take the misdemeanor excessive speed case resulting from his now infamous traffic stop to trial.

Mosley’s attorney David Stringer, one of his fellow legislators, told the court he thinks the matter is more complex than a simple excessive speed case. Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre, who has decided to pursue the case against Mosley, agreed with Stringer on the point.

“There is a somewhat unusual issue in this otherwise very simple case of excessive speeding,” McIntyre told Judge Charlene Weiss. “The issue relates to Mr. Mosley’s status as a state legislator.”

Mosley, who sat silently next to Stringer during the short proceeding, had bragged to a cop about speeding when he was pulled over doing 97 mph early this year, citing his legislative immunity as a state representative. Parker Live was first to report the incident back in July, after filing a public records request for the deputy’s body camera recording. Mosley was not cited immediately for the incident, but, after reviewing the case, McIntyre charged him with the criminal speeding.

Stringer told the court that they would need several more weeks to prepare for a motions hearing.

“The facts of the traffic stop and the allegation of speeding are not really in contest here,” he said. “What is at issue are some frankly rather novel issues, the issues of first impression regarding the parameters and scope of legislative immunity, there’s a separation of powers issue, there’s a [inaudible] prosecution, and these are issues of constitutional convention that need to be litigated.”

Major news outlets across the nation and the world reported the story, broadcasting the video of Mosley bragging to a La Paz County Sheriff’s deputy that he drives at up to 140 mph. Mosley’s troubles continued when reports then surfaced describing his having made sexist comments. One such account came from a Lake Havasu City businesswoman, who said Mosley’s conversations with her daughter had led to her withdrawing her support of him as a candidate. The women was later charged with having removed Mosley’s election signs. Mosley lost his re-election bid in November.

Stringer told the court that he and McIntyre have been communicating about the issues involved in the case, and a hearing was set for early February.


  1. Laurie Tomasino

    Oh please ????????‍♀️

  2. Hal Cheetwood

    Good,send him to jail. I think that speed merits jail time. ????

  3. Vanessa Marie

    Oh I want to be in attendance for this one

  4. Joe Duran

    That’s how stupid this man is .

  5. Whitney Lopez

    Pay the ticket like everybody else does, maybe he shouldn’t be speeding & then get caught what a Fucking JACKASS!!!

  6. Don N Dana Richardson

    Just admit your guilty and learn your lesson to keep your mouth shut next time.

  7. Jody L Smithson Wilson

    What a waste of time and money. He’s a man who has lived too long with privilege and has forgotten what it’s like to be treated like everyone else.

  8. Moosley is quite the charecter who likes to be in limelight

  9. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    By opening up this to trial also means that his previous acts will be called during the trial. Maybe this is a good idea as far as the public is concerned, it will establish once and for all whether immunity can be used as a defense to commit a crime, any crime. If we carried this further, one could argue that he could have shoplifted at Walmart and not be arrested because of his immunity. My only concern is if La Paz County has competent lawyers to try this case.

  10. Robert Ottwell

    Jerk! Pay your fine and move on you have wasted enough of tax payer time and resources.

  11. Candi Evans-Alauria

    His stupid ass should be thankful he didn’t kill anyone. Stop thinking you’re special because you serve the public. The Deputy that pulled you over is the hero for stopping you before you did kill someone.

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