WATCH: Former Sheriff drives wrong truck away

A former Sheriff of La Paz County, AZ got into the wrong truck and drove it away Wednesday before realizing his mistake and bringing it back.

Hal Collett had been visiting Spanky’s RV & Marine retail store in Parker, AZ when he exited the store and got into a truck similar to his own, a silver Ford pickup truck. The keys must have been in the ignition because Hal, not realizing he was in the wrong vehicle, backed it out of the space and drove it away.

A few minutes later, the truck’s rightful owner came out and, perplexed, immediately went back into the store and told staff his truck was gone. They helped him by calling 911, and the man walked around the parking lot looking for any sign of what had happened.

A Parker police officer arrived within minutes, as staff began to review security camera footage.

And then, 15 minutes after the truck had disappeared, it was back, followed by two patrol vehicles. Various agencies had jumped in to help by the time Hal came back to the store parking lot, admitting his mistake.

Nobody made a big deal of the incident, with police happy to have the matter resolved. The man patted Hal on the back and took back possession of his vehicle. Hal himself showed good humor about the error.

Hal served as the elected La Paz County Sheriff from 2001 until 2009. He has also served on the Parker Town Council.

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