Viewfinder: Judges Quickle and Dyer sworn in

Jessica Quickle was sworn in as the new Judge of the La Paz County Superior Court and Tiffany Dyer was sworn in as the new Judge of the Parker Justice Court Monday.

District 2 County Supervisor Duce Minor led the oath ceremony for Judge Quickle, and Quickle then led the ceremony for Judge Dyer, along with re-elected Precinct 5 Judge Karen Slaughter, re-elected Clerk of the Superior Court Megan Spielman and newly elected Precinct 4 Constable James Kox.


  1. Kyle Conley

    Isn’t Slaughter the JP5 judge and Dyer is the JP6 judge ?

  2. Adam Sevada

    Yes Chin you are correct.

  3. Tara Thompson

    Awesome! Congrats ladies and La Paz County!

  4. Valerie Moreland

    This is awesome wish you the BEST

  5. Kenneth King

    She was the new one at trial last week ????

  6. May the god lord Help them women save citezens 2nd amendment rights

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