Paul Mosley’s lawyer faces ethics complaints in legislature

A lawyer and politician representing ousted Arizona State Representative Paul Mosley is facing multiple ethics complaints himself this week in the state legislature.

Mosley (left), Stringer (right)

The complaints against Mosley’s fellow legislator David Stringer, a Republican from Prescott, stem from accusations of racism and the recent revelation that Stringer was apparently charged with possession of child pornography in 1983 in Maryland.

Details of the 1983 case are murky, reportedly because the records were expunged. Stringer reportedly told a conservative website that he accepted a plea of “probation before judgment” on two of the less serious counts to avoid being convicted.

Stringer first found himself in hot water last summer, when video surfaced showing him addressing a room of Republican activists, telling them, “there aren’t enough white kids to go around” in Arizona’s public schools, and that immigration represents an “existential threat” to the country. Since then, recordings have been released in which Stringer is heard telling students, “African-Americans and other racial groups don’t … blend in.”

Mosley, who was captured last year himself on video telling a La Paz County deputy that he drives at up to 140 miles per hour, is being represented by Stringer in his misdemeanor speeding case in Parker. Mosley claims that he had legislative immunity protecting him from enforcement of speeding laws. Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre begs to differ, bringing the charges against Mosley after taking the case from La Paz County.

Mosley was not re-elected after Parker Live‘s public records request exposed the video, which went viral and was featured in news outlets across the world. Subsequently, several women spoke up to say that Mosley had made sexist remarks to them.

Stringer apologized for his comments about race on the House floor last week. He is expected to be back in Parker for Mosley’s next court appearance as the pair fight the charges.


  1. Like minds hang together I guess.

  2. Debra Vitali

    What a pair of real winners. They both need to go away.

  3. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    Birds of a feather flock together!

  4. Trevor Hall

    I thought he was above our laws?????

  5. Wake up Arizona! These are just a few examples of the type of people we have representing us in Phoenix and Washington DC. They are taking our tax dollars to enrich themselves and their friends while treating us like we are second class citizens. Above the Law? Who do they think they are? Well, here’s an example of who they think they are. Term Limits to try and keep the criminals out of our government!

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