Girl Scout from Parker sold the most cookies – 4,043

A Girl Scout from Parker has been recognized for selling the most cookies in Central and Northern Arizona.

3TV covered Maddie’s success HERE.

Maddie Dunlap, 11, sold 4,043 boxes of Girl Scout cookies between January 21st and March 3rd, making her the top cookie seller. In addition, the Parker troop, Troop 1892, was the top troop in the region. They sold 28,205 boxes of cookies in total.

“It’s been super crazy and fun,” Maddie told Parker Live, speaking about the recognition she’s getting this week. “Today a guy interviewed me for the news in Phoenix, it was really cool.”

Maddie’s mother Tiffany said Maddie had been doing it for 4 years and the Parker area community made all the difference.

“She’s a local girl from Parker,” Tiffany told Parker Live. “The community has been awesome to her here. When she first started out, we didn’t have a troop in Parker, and the girls from Havasu would come down here to sell cookies. But now there’s a troop down here, and the community has been great.”

Tiffany said she was born and raised in Parker, too, so the family knows a lot of people who support Maddie when the cookie season comes around.

“Quartzsite, Bouse, all the surrounding areas come in and buy, and they have been awesome.”

Maddie said she would often set up the booth in front of Walmart, which is always busy in Parker in wintertime.

According to the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, more than 2.8 million boxes of cookies were sold in the region by 11,368 girls, an average of around 249 boxes each. More than 18,000 booths were staffed at places like Fry’s Food Stores, Basha’s, Food City, Safeway, Dunkin Donuts, Sonic and Walmart/Sam’s Club. Thin Mints were the most popular variety.

The program aims to teach girls the basics of entrepreneurship and small business, encourages them to talk to people and raises money for the operating costs of the organization and local chapters.

Maddie was recognized on 3TV/AZ Family, CBS 5 and other state news outlets.


  1. Johna Ryan

    Congratulations! Love the Girl Scouts! Thank you for showing so much support to family planning! What a wonderful organization!!!

  2. Isabel DeLeon

    Congrats! How awesome and good job!

  3. Marion Schlecht

    Congratulations Maddie thats dedication..????

  4. Paul Morgan

    Save me some! I’ll be there tomorrow!!!

  5. Matthew Lentz

    Johna Ryan how does this show support to family planning? Please explain.

  6. Debbie Vidrine

    Yippee, we knew she would!!!!

  7. Johna Ryan

    Matthew Lentz Girl Scouts
    Absolutely love them for their support to family planning. It’s a wonderful organization that helps women! I’m applauding them not disrespecting them in any way!!!!!

  8. Matthew Lentz

    I was hoping you were joking. I mean yay for planned parenthood and such. Really moving the world in the right direction. <<< sarcasm

  9. Johna Ryan

    Matthew Lentz well I would guess since your a man you may not get it…. that’s ok. Again….
    Awesome for Girl Scouts!
    Helping women is moving the world in the right direction! ????

  10. Adelita Casares

    Proud of you ????????????????congratulations

  11. Ross White

    Congratulations young lady,,

  12. Becki Payne- Mc Carthy

    Congratulations,seen it on the news!

  13. Eddie Rowland

    With all the sales Maddie can buy the house behind her

  14. Cynthia Knight Ruhmland

    Congratulations! Hard work paid off!

  15. Kassie Hunter

    Way to go Maddie!! She did great last year too, I believe.

  16. David Grylls

    Holy Moly… that’s like the entire population of PARKER.????

  17. Linda Cox

    Way to go Maddie????????????

  18. Sabina Mohr

    Congrats Maddie!! Great job!!!!
    Stella Baker, you helped by hooking me on them coconut ones!

  19. Kit Furnell

    congrats, Maddie! Way to sell!

  20. Hi John.
    Lori and I are in Africa on vaca and this article showed up on google news! Quite a surprise. Congrats to Maddie and the other members of Troop 1892! Very exciting to read this halfway around the world!

  21. Allen May

    Hell to the yeah!!!!!

  22. Congrates Maddie! Have your mon get ahold of me. Not thru fb tho. Get my # from someone that knows me. Need to talk to her. There is someone I want you to meet.

  23. Dana Rupert Back Wright

    Probably sold a lot there at Riverland Resort with all the snowbirds at our park.

  24. Arizona should be proud
    Way to go. ????

  25. Congratulations Maddie!! You are more proof that we have amazing youth here in Parker and around La Paz County! Keep up the GREAT work.

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