Paul Mosley’s lawyer resigns from legislature after ethics complaints

UPDATE: Stringer was accused in the 1980s of paying two children under 15 years old to have sex with him, according to information released by the House Ethics Committee. Details here.


Arizona Representative David Stringer, best-known to the Parker area as former fellow legislator Paul Mosley’s attorney in his excessive speeding case, has resigned following ethics complaints.

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Stringer, who represents the Prescott area in the state legislature, was facing a 5 p.m. deadline to file documents with the House Ethics Committee as part of an investigation the committee is carrying out into his conduct. The committee is looking into a 1983 sex abuse case and racially insensitive statements Stringer made last year.

Rather than face expulsion for failure to comply with the commmittee’s subpoena, Stringer resigned. House Speaker Rusty Bowers announced late Wednesday that he has accepted it, saying, “Today I accepted the resignation of David Stringer. I’m grateful that the House will not be forced to take action against one of our members, and we can begin to put this matter behind us.”

The investigation comes to a close with the resignation, Bowers said, saying that the Ethics Committee will not be releasing a formal report on its findings. However, the committee will release public documents that were gathered during the course of the investigation. Bowers said this would happen “as soon as possible.”

It is not known whether Stringer will continue to represent Mosley, who made news last year after Parker Live published a video showing Mosley bragging to cops about his speeding, and claiming legislative immunity from prosecution. Mosley and Stringer attended a court hearing on Mosley’s behalf in Parker on March 15th, with the case moving toward trial.


  1. Netera LeMaster

    Cause he knows and or knew his client is guilty

  2. Netera LeMaster

    Cause he knows and or knew his client is guilty

  3. Netera LeMaster

    Cause he knows and or knew his client is guilty

  4. Wonder if Moseley will keep Stringer as his lawyer. Ugh. Disgusting people.

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