Wrong-way driver’s odd behavior revealed in 911 calls

Turning his lights off and on, stopping in the middle of the highway and then starting again in the wrong direction… the odd behavior of a driver who caused a fiery fatal crash on I-10 last week is revealed in 911 calls from the night of the crash.


Francisco Edward Rebollar, 63, of Murrieta, California, was driving his Nissan pickup truck eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 in rural La Paz County just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27th. Nobody knows why. But his behavior was reported in a flurry of 911 calls before the crash.

“You got a guy going the wrong way on the I-10,” one caller told La Paz County Dispatch. “He’s in the westbound lane, not eastbound. He’s going to cause an accident.”

Less than 7 minutes later, Rebollar was dead, along with 3 people in a van he hit head-on. The van had been carrying both members of the British band Her’s, Stephen Fitzpatrick, 24, and Audun Laading, 25, and their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson, 37. They had just finished their show at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix hours before, and were on their way to Santa Ana for their next one.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said both vehicles were engulfed in flames and there was no indication either vehicle tried to brake before the collision. Although one alcohol container was found in the debris, there is no indication of who it belonged to or whether it was relevant to the cause of the crash. Traffic was backed up for a few hours as the scene was processed by first responders.

The investigation continues.

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  1. Why did it take them so long to do something about it.

  2. Piece of worthless shit choosing to take beautiful talented people out with him. All it took was a cap to the head instead

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