Update on Harold Smith

A Parker man who stands accused of molesting his grandchild has been offered a plea agreement by the state prosecutor.

Harold Smith, 69, attended court last week with his attorney, who asked for a continuance so that he and his client could review the plea offer, which “contemplates significant prison [time].” The court agreed to give Smith time with his attorney to think about the offer.

While they were in court, prosecutor Rachel Shackleford raised the issue of the case not being available on the state’s public access system online, saying that the victims want to be able to see and keep track of the case but are not able to. Shackleford said that because the victim is a minor, and due to the nature of the charges, the case is not on the system, but she could not find out how to change that.

The judge said that the victims should file a motion asking for a change to the case’s visibility online, and that “everybody should be served” so that they can make appropriate arguments and possibly hold a hearing on the issue.

Smith will be back in court at the end of April.

Read Parker Live’s initial coverage of the Smith case, which includes the perspective of the victim and her father, HERE.


  1. Linda Rodman

    Lock the bastard up forever!

  2. Jackie Austin

    He is one of many monsters amongst us. Sickening!

  3. Linda Rodman

    I do not understand why we coddle perverts! Poor old man was sick, so freaking what! What he did to screw up his grandchild’s life is not fixable!

  4. Brandon Reimer

    Hope his plea deal included cutting his dick off and beating the shit out of him.

  5. These are sick people commenting. I hope defense attorneys note their names and eliminate them and any neighbors or relatives from juries.

  6. Are you defending this pervert? They have a right to their comments. Hopefully he’ll get what’s coming to him in prison! Sick bastard!

  7. Yea sorry Charlene Dryer a sick f*** is a sick fuck, if you think these people are sick then your priorities are all wrong… i think you might be the sick one.

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