12-hour upriver power outage coming Monday

UPDATE: Brooke Water customers in Marina Village Annex will also experience an outage simultaneously with the larger APS outage. For more info go HERE.

APS has scheduled an estimated 12-hour service interruption for customers in the Parker Upriver area for necessary system maintenance.

In order to safely repair a damaged power pole and electric equipment, APS will be taking the system offline Monday night between Buckskin Fire and Sundance Saloon. The outage will last from around 10 p.m. Monday until around 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

“While crews will make every effort to restore power as quickly as possible, it is important to plan accordingly,” APS stated. “For example, keep a car charger handy so you can charge your phone and don’t open refrigerators or freezers more than necessary. Food can be preserved for long periods without electricity if the doors are kept closed. Also, turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances and after power comes back on, wait 5-10 minutes before plugging them back in and turning them on.”

APS crews are always preparing for Arizona’s summer monsoon season, which poses a unique challenge to the biggest state power provider. The utility had to replace nearly 500 power poles last summer, damaged by monsoon storms. Crews working around the clock spent 50,000 hours restoring power to customers. Typical monsoon conditions arrive by July 7th and end by September 13th, but the official season spans all the way from mid-June.

Customers can get updates on this outage and others at aps.com/outage.


  1. Alura Dannon

    Alyssa Burgoz thanks girl

  2. Lloyd Burgoz

    Alyssa Burgoz thx for letting us know .

  3. Jamie Lynn Holzhauer

    Scott Homan I’m gone by then! ????. Thanks Scott.

  4. Sufficient notice was not given for this. If it is an emergency, fine, but it does not appear to be. Running these new wires, suspending them and positioning a new pole should take no more than 2 hours. I feel like we are low man, cheap fix on the totem pole once again. We have many seniors, many citizens that need to long term plan for not having electricity for this amount of time. I am disappointed and now have the time to bring my concerns to the corporation commission and to the public meetings that APS holds in YUMA to increase their rates. This is not acceptable.

  5. Parker Live

    The main one south of Patria Flats.

  6. Freida Reutter

    Freida Reutter
    I am very upset not getting a sufficient notice that our power will be out up to 14 hours. My husband has a health issue and will not be able to stay in our house. Hopefully I can find somewhere else to go on short notice.
    APS evidently knew this problem was going to take place long before you put out the word unless you operate on a don’t care attitude to your clients.
    I feel you should reimburse me for where ever we stay during this outage, so please send me the information on where to send the charges.
    Also when I checked yesterday I was told that the outage was goint to be postponed, then found out it hasn’t been. Your people don’t even know what’s going on. I need a reply ASAP.

  7. Freida I recommend contacting APS directly with these concerns.

  8. Janice MacLean

    Parker Live, Will this effect Verde West RV Park at all? My 82yr mom is there.

  9. Ambrose Buford

    Pityfall get your preperition h

  10. As a reminder, please call APS customer service to get more information on the planned outage at 800-253-9405. Also, if your water service relies on electricity you might want to have a few gallons of water handy and contact your water service provider.

    has some good ideas on how to prepare for these type of situations.

  11. Nick Danger

    does this outage include the Keys ?? heard there’s no water either,, so that tells me Brooks water dept will be out that would include circle K etc,,, ????

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