County Attorney has a new Chief Deputy

La Paz County Attorney Tony Rogers has a new Chief Deputy. Ryan Dooley was appointed to the position recently after being hired back in September.

Dooley will take over the role from Karen Hobbs, who has worked with Rogers at the County Attorney’s Office for several years. He was originally hired to work as a Civil Deputy to work with the Board of Supervisors.

“I reached out to colleagues from other counties who would understand the quality of person I was looking for, i.e. a person they themselves would hire if they had an opening,” Rogers told Parker Live. “Ryan Dooley was one of four candidates recommended to me, but immediately stood out as the ideal applicant. Since he was already working as a deputy with the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, I was able to review his work product and get a feel for his ethics by speaking with his superiors, whom I know on a personal level. Ryan was my first choice.”

Rogers said he hired Dooley in September and by this month had become convinced that he needed to make the appointment to Chief Deputy.

“By May 2019 I was convinced that I had found an exceptional lawyer and the best person to help me manage the office,” Rogers said. “The work of the County Attorney’s Office is vital to the County, and it is critical that I recruit and make room for exceptional individuals, even if it means shuffling things around to accommodate them.”

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  1. I four one am sad cause hobbs does good work can’t realy get all this

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