Viewfinder: Big Bend Resort new store, eatery now open

A new eatery, market, swimwear boutique, gas station and arcade has opened at Big Bend Resort on the Parker Strip.

The California-side store will be a brand new place for boaters to stop on the Colorado River while visiting Parker this summer. It was built after the operator was asked to demolish the concession it operated for decades at Buckskin State Park on the Arizona side of the river at the end of its contract (story at the link).

The new beach-themed, dockside facility will serve a similar purpose as the one before it: sell food, drink, gas, apparel and supplies to boaters and RVers, and entertain families while they’re there.

If past history is anything to go by, the new place will be a fixture for years to come; the one at Buckskin was in business for 46 years.

More photos below.


  1. Katrina Marie

    What are the hours of the food place?

  2. Katrina Marie

    Mandy Shank do you know?

  3. Patty Thomas Parlato

    We will have to check this out

  4. Martha Shank

    Ate Breakfast there yesterday, and it was great!
    Love the place!

  5. Scott Kinman

    Lisa Kinman Daniel Folts Nicole Westman Bowles Dave Bowles Jamie Pevehouse-Folts Mike Kirschner we should try this place, looks like they have breakfast to!

  6. Katrina Marie

    Martha Shank do you know the hours?

  7. Martha Shank

    Katrina Marie no I don’t.

  8. Scott Engle

    Hope Lois doesn’t get caught with her hand in the cookie jar or this place wont last a year.

  9. Sharon Mulay Blacksten

    Donna Johnson – a place we’ll need to check out!

  10. Ron Day

    Wayne Brewer brian sent me the link i am goingbto out there soon

  11. Audrey Macias Zambroski

    Bridget Hahn going there anytime soon?

  12. Bridget Hahn

    Audrey Macias Zambroski no! maybe we should ????

  13. Mandy Shank

    We are still looking for employees but once it is fully staffed the hope is to be Thursday – Monday (hours TBD). Breakfast will be served 8am – 11am and lunch will be served 11am – close. You can always call before going to verify the hours! (928)575-1180

  14. Lisa Kinman

    Scott Kinman can’t wait

  15. Jessica Shontz

    Bryant Shontz go?!?!?!?!

  16. Dave Bowles

    Scott Kinman looks cool.

  17. Netera LeMaster

    Where in Parker is this

  18. Audrey Macias Zambroski

    Bridget Hahn yes you should ????

  19. Dave Judy

    Cool!!! Is there air hockey, wack-a-mole & skee-ball?????

  20. Margaret Kelly-Cole

    Laura Cole wow! I did notice last time we were there that they closed the gas station & store at Buckskin and I wondered why!

  21. John Patrick Kummerle

    Dave Judy skee ball ,air hockey, walking dead, halo,fruit ninja, a d many more brand new games

  22. John Patrick Kummerle

    After this weekend we will establish set hours for the summer.

  23. Dave Judy

    John Patrick Kummerle be there soon!

  24. Christopher M Dobbins

    John Patrick Kummerle ,welcome back.
    So bummed you got priced out of Buckskin.
    So happy that you are now across the river though????????????

  25. Mike Kirschner

    Scott Kinman if I ever make it out there

  26. Scott Kinman

    Mike Kirschner true, your pretty lame these days… It seems like you only go on big weekends anymore ????‍♂️

  27. Ken Smith

    About time!!! Got with the times!!!

  28. Michael Kelly

    The Food is the BOMB ????????????

  29. Ambrose Buford


  30. Crystal Nelson

    Mandy Shank and John Patrick Kummerle I can’t wait to see you guys next week!!!

  31. Andy Writer

    Dave Judy I will be up Wednesday. When are you and the fam?

  32. If lois has anything to do with it the place is doomed, just like windmill…..Sundance for our family

  33. Crystal Nelson

    John Patrick Kummerle Monday the 27th to the 7th of June.

  34. I have gone twice, as the neon sign says open now. As far as a week ago not open. Since my time has been wasted twice by miss representation, I have no plans to give any of my money towards this establishment. Get your act together before you lose more potential customers.

  35. Ambrose Buford

    Tery very angry but for not much

  36. Do you have to pay to get in the resort if you just want to go to the restrant

  37. Stopped by for their convenient gas pump, and discovered a pretty cool spot. We had a pizza. It was great! Service was very good too. Stop by and give them a shot.

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