Hospital thrift store to close

A thrift store that has been a Parker fixture for 37 years is to close on May 31st. The La Paz Regional Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop on Kofa Avenue will close after a sale to clear its inventory.

“The volunteers of La Paz Regional Hospital Auxiliary have devoted countless hours of service to providing this community service,” the hospital stated on its Facebook page. “Countless hours of sorting, folding, hanging, and giving. From the first store to the location on Kofa Avenue, the volunteers have made this thrift store a place of giving.”

Linda Haydis, the manager, recounted her years working in the store.

“Working in the thrift store with the many volunteers over the years has been a privilege. The community really supported our efforts with incredible donations of clothes, bedding, kitchen items and so much more. Customers came from all over the county and California. We routinely sold our clothes for one dollar or less, and had many bag sales where bargains were even greater.”

Over 37 years the thrift store has generated over $2 million for operations at La Paz Regional Hospital, promoting careers in healthcare, buying medical equipment and awarding scholarships. In the best years, the donation was in excess of $100,000. Last year it was $40,000.

The Hospital Auxiliary will continue to raise funds, according to Pat Webb, its President.

“The Auxiliary will continue to provide support to the hospital and award scholarships,” she said. “We volunteer in various departments and staff our Gift Shop in the lobby.”

The hospital statement continued: “It is bittersweet for the volunteers who work these last few days. So many memories – the store has been a home away from home for its workers.”

The store will be selling all its shelving and tables, in addition to the clothing and household items. All inventory will be 50 percent off and the final day will be Friday, May 31st.


  1. Joshua Banuelos

    What is happening with the building ?

  2. Dan McCabe

    They should make it OB’s Part 2

  3. Lyss Flores

    Awwe.. my nanas fav spot to chill and chit chat, laugh with the volunteers .. she’d buy us little nicknacks when we were kids.. so sad????

  4. Linda Jacobs

    NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!#!!!!!!

  5. Linda Jacobs

    Thus is sad. So many people use this store. I buy lots of books there. There is always something to buy. Will be missed

  6. Lyss Flores

    Yea so when ppl act up they can just walk em to the county jail

  7. Lyss Flores

    Should be something more useful to the community.

  8. Cindy Longoria

    It’s as expensive as Walmart

  9. Mary Tutaj Evans

    Janice Tutaj… Poppy would be so sad!????

  10. Delores Leivas

    Cindy Longoria that’s for sure!

  11. So sad for the community and hospital. It takes volunteers to keep it going and a few just can’t do it all.

  12. Shirley Copley

    Linda Jacobs, We need to set up one if those lil boxes for a book exchange.

  13. Janice Tutaj

    I know – I saw this and thought the same thing ????

  14. Jan Kastner Scott

    Going to be missed it was for a good cause

  15. Mary Shannon Jones

    It’s turning into a ghost town.
    It was thriving in the 70’s.
    Miss the old happening Parker.

  16. Dennis Kidd

    Bummer. Our grandma, Bernice Kidd, managed the thrift store for many years in the 90’s. Great community benefit. Bummer it’s closing.

  17. Rod Gossman

    Turning into the new probation office

  18. Teri Kidd Matis

    Dennis Kidd that is sad. It doesn’t give a good reason for it shutting. It sounds like the community still shopped there. Remember all the things we would get and give to the store? Every opportunity Grandma had she’d leave and go to that store!

  19. Dennis Kidd

    Fun fact. In 1988 the Parker Hosp Women’s Auxiliary thrift shop donated 100 boxes of clothes to the Huntington Beach Firefighters Association who then transported them to needy families in Guatemala.

  20. Kathy Kisner

    I will miss being able to shop there. It could be very missed

  21. Ambrose Buford

    really sad But maybe a good deal for all people possible

  22. Mary Ann Kidd

    I’m wondering if the rent increased so much that it wasn’t profitable any more. That’s what happened to the Mission Thrift store. Maybe they had trouble getting volunteers to work. Gma had so much pride in that store. We still took stuff there when we had the opportunity.

  23. Kathy Denton

    Rod Gossman another property in town would be removed from the property tax rolls.

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