Flat-Earther arrested for vandalism

A Parker man has been arrested for more than 30 acts of vandalism, spray paint taggings on federal land near Parker Dam which appear to show support for the flat earth movement.

Skyler Butts was arrested Thursday at 2:30 p.m. by deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and BLM Rangers.

A little over a year ago, officers received reports of taggings in various areas on BLM property near Parker Dam. The taggings say, ‘Research Flat Earth’ and ‘Rise above movement’ among other things.

Flat-earthers are part of a pseudoscientific, fringe movement that rejects mainstream science and asserts that the earth is flat rather than spherical. Adherents say that there is no evidence the earth is round, and often assert conspiracies as the reason people think it is.

On Wednesday this week, Butts was seen on surveillance cameras driving his company vehicle and spray painting the side of a BLM restroom facility near Parker Dam Road. Butts was positively identified as the suspect during the investigation. Damages for the defacement are estimated at over $5,000.

Butts was arrested and booked into the Colorado River Station jail on felony vandalism charges. His bail amount was set at $25,000.


  1. Ambrose Buford

    Round erther citezens are dumb

  2. I understand that vandilism is breaking the law, but I believe they are taking this to the extreme. It doesn’t take $5000 dollars to take the paint off of what he painted. And that’s only for one of the painted areas. It’s takes a pressure washer and a tiny bit of time. Shit is rediculous.

  3. Double it

  4. hater of mr jay

    Lol double it lol^^^ hey jay ######### I kno this person. He has lost his job, and his house over this stupid ordeal. He realizes and feels stupid considering he has three kids that he now cant support and you want to say double it. People like you are what makes yhis world a messed up place. People make mistakes. Get real. And no im not against the gays or a neo nazi. Just a irritated member of society.

  5. If someone asked me,
    “What do you think would happen if someone gets caught spray painting something?”
    My response would be,
    “They would get a ticket/fine for it!”

    Skyler thought the same thing.

    Skyler Butts is a kind, hardworking man, with 3 kids and a wife who would give ANYONE the “shirt off his back”; (so to speak), without hesitation. He had an extremely well-paying job and he knew that he could afford a ticket if he got one. However, no one can afford to lose their job & home with twin babies and a 6 year old. He would have never done something like this if he knew the punishment was far greater than the crime. People make mistakes and I think a punishment far less than ruining his life would be acceptable for his first offense. The estimated damages for this incidentare ridiculous too. Skyler could clean that with a power washer, easy. And charging him for this in California and again in Arizona is such a low blow by law inforcement. But let’s take this for what it really is- it’s all about money and how the system can get their greedy fingers into someone else’s pocket while doing the least amount of REAL work. It’s funny too they can ruin the natural BLM land for a stupid bathroom nobody uses, but if a talented artist adds a bit of color & a thought provoking message to that eyesore of a bathroom, then they deserve extreme punishment for being destructive?! I’m sure the insanely expensive chemicals they want to use to clean up the spray paint are crazy harmful to the environment as well! With that being said, if anyone would like to donate to help save this god-fearing-family-man, his 3 young children, & his wife from homelessness, the link to do so will be posted below.
    Thank you.
    -1 concerned citizen from Parker, Arizona

  6. Really??? I would always assume criminal charges for vandalism. That has never been a ticket.

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