VFW burns: “We’re going to have to rebuild from the ground up”

The VFW building in Parker, AZ will be a total loss after a fire that started early this morning. The fire reportedly began in the kitchen area of the building. It is not known at this time what caused it.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7061 has been at the location on the corner of 6th Street and Hopi Avenue for decades. Its closest neighbors are KLPZ 1380am radio, the headquarters of Parker Live, and A Toe Truck, with their building directly to the north.

The building is a home not only for the VFW but for the Ladies Auxiliary, which reportedly have a combined membership of over 300 people. The Post runs sponsorships in the community and is often a hive of activity.

“It’s not good,” VFW Commander John May told Parker Live at the scene at around 9 a.m. “We’re going to have to rebuild from the ground up.”


  1. Annette Lundy

    That’s too bad and on Memorial weekend ☹️

  2. Ubie Buttug

    No way!!!… Too many memories…

  3. Jennifer Jones

    That place looked like a fire trap

  4. Mickey Sue Johnson

    Eva were you there anytime… Lol

  5. Gaylee Bellenbaum

    I am so sorry to see this OUR VETERANS need a NEW VFW built for them they deserve to be NUMBER ONE HONORED and a huge Salute I hope Parker agrees and builds beginning ASAP

  6. I am sorry to hear this. As a member of the Auxiliary to Post 6306 in Topock/Golden Shores, AZ, I extend condolences to the comrades and the Auxiliary members of Post 7061.

  7. Terra LaFazia

    Im at a loss of words. So sad. Terry Moses

  8. Nancy Denman

    So sorry to hear this happened !! Spent many Sundays there for Karoake and fun with friends over the years. Will be sending positive vibes your way — to all, for the New VFW rebuild !!! Love To All !!!

  9. Jody Peek

    Justin Calloway oh, no, so sad

  10. Carol DeVoe

    Jamie Green greg thinks it was probably the deep fryer.

  11. Carol DeVoe

    Yep, greg used to cook in there and he said it took him two days to clean the fryers they were so filthy many years ago.

  12. VFW Post 973 in Newburgh, NY sends our condolences. Hope you can reestablish operations soon.

  13. Iris Robison

    So sorry to hear this. A great loss for the many Veterans in Parker and surrounding areas.

  14. Story is incorrect: The VFW does not have a Mens Auxiliary, only an Auxiliary.

  15. Travis Allen

    Nicole Westman Bowles damn that blows. Luckily, mine isn’t that one. Mine is the one by circle K

  16. Nicole Westman Bowles

    Travis Allen sad. I wasn’t sure if this was the one you go to or not.

  17. As Conductress/Secretary of the VFW Auxiliary to John M Jackson Post 3632 in Tempe, AZ, our deepest sympathies for your loss. I hope no one was hurt in this tragedy and that you all will be able to re-build to continue supporting our Veterans in Parker and the surrounding area.

  18. Joey Stillman

    I missed the fire and I am now homeless! =( man.

  19. Isabel Cristina Pecina-Mayfield

    So disappointing to hear this news! ???? Another big part of PTown gone to ashes! The building is gone but for many peeps may all the great times shared there linger…???? I agree with others…let’s get busy n rebuild!????????????

  20. Amy Putnam

    Carol Fence just awful.

  21. Carol Fence

    Amy Putnam didnt you volunteer there?

  22. Amy Putnam

    No I was at the one up river.

  23. Mary Shannon Jones

    Very sad. Grateful no one was hurt.

  24. Sorry to all for the loss. Many memories for years will never be forgotten.

  25. Ray Cornelius

    The firemen raised the flag

  26. Meadview VFW Auxiliary 11014 so sorry to hear of this loss. Please know our hearts are with you all.
    Rhonda Follett
    President Auxiliary

  27. So very sad. Not this weekend. My prayers are with you and your post. I am with Post 9399, Apache Junction Arizona

  28. Its very sad to hear about the V.F.W. PARKER American Legend or any military organization, several years ago the. 5 0 9 AMERICAN Legend Fresno burned to the ground ,soon after they had a brand new and a lot bigger and it pays for itself I belong to the 5 O 9 and the. 8900 V .F W . FRESNO CA. WISHING YOU THE BEST WE’LL ALL PITCH IN AND GET IT DONE DOUBLE TIME. ROBERT, FRESNO CA ROBERT LEMOS.

  29. Sharyn & Ron Allen

    We are so sad to hear this. My husband belongs to this post. We love the people there. Glad no one was hurt. Love you all????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️

  30. We are so sorry to hear this sad news. Our place in Parker. My husband belongs to this post. People are so nice there. So glad nobody got hurt. Love you all ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️

  31. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. If we can help in any way, please contact us.
    Auxiliary to Post 3308
    Tallahassee, FL

  32. kevin robertson auxiliary post 6790 wellton

    Sorry for your loss . If you need anything we are here for you . Auxiliary post 6790 wellton

  33. Michael McNees

    This isn’t the weekend for this post to Burn , Prayers for all the Veterans who lost their Post . God Bless All of You .

  34. It is very sad, been down there several times today & we will rebuild Stronger than ever. God Bless all of our Veterans. LOVE TO ALL!!

  35. Thank you all for your comments. Commander John Maye states that no one was in the building, so no souls lost. We will rise again with a beautiful new Post. We have many people who love us and will be there to assist. Remember it is only a building. We can and will replace that like the Phoenix it will rise again. The members and all of who we love very much will be there to help. Thank you all so much.

  36. So sorry to see it go. We had so much fun there, and everyone very friendly.???????????? from Dyno and WhirlDiana

  37. VFW Post 1690 in Lancaster,PA sends our condolences. May you have a swift rebuilding

  38. Cindy Kelley

    John May I have a proposal for you and your fellow veterans at this tragic time. That is since I already am putting together a “Veterans in Crisis Rally” to bring awareness to the lack of services for our veterans of La Paz County, and to raise funds to obtain a van for transporting our veterans to their appointments, and for whatever needs that arise for the veterans of La Paz County. Well, my thought is that we all pull together and really put this rally over the top and split the funds raised to help rebuild the Parker Post. We are all after all La Paz County Veterans, and if this is something that is of interest I would be honored to be able to be part of rebuilding your post. Please give me a call at 520-245-2230 and we can work out the details. would be an honor to help all the veterans affected during this time of tragedy.

  39. Cindy Kelley

    Sorry guess it always helps to know who you are talking to, my name is Rachele.

  40. The fire was not due to the Deep Fryers in the kitchen. It was most likely due to the old, faulty wiring in the kitchen. The wiring was very old in there.

  41. Jane Kendall

    Jennifer Jones Irs over 40 years old. The Veterans that we’ve honored at this establishment all these years were quite proud to have it all these years.

  42. James Mulay

    Mom says this is the one in Parker, not the one across from the Key’s. Still very sad.

  43. As a life member of VFW Auxiliary 9972, Sierra Vista AZ and Arizona Past Department President 2017-2018 . I am heartbroken to hear this news. My prayers to all the VFW and the VFW Auxiliary. I really liked to come to this post, everyone was so friendly, and all worked so hard. Your building may be a loss but your mission I know will go on.

  44. Susan Olsen

    Sorry this happened. Glad no one was hurt. The new building will be a nice upgrade. Out of the ashes will come a new !!

  45. Ambrose Buford

    dam sad

  46. Condolences from auxiliary post 972 in Terre Haute, IN! Prayers that you’ll be able to rebuild quickly, as there are so many that have needs. No one does more for our veterans! Good bless you all during this time!

  47. RaDonna Shearer

    Sending prayers from Carmel Auxiliary VFW post 10003. Our thoughts are with you.

  48. I am planning a fund raising concert to assist with the rebuilding. As a veteran and as someone from Parker I believe in this home away from home.

  49. As the Past Post Commander of VFW Post 9401 Lake Havasu City. I’m putting a small donation in the mail to be put toward your re-building fund. I’m in hopes that our other VFW members, VFW Posts and auxiliarys will do the same. God’s speed with your re-building efforts.

  50. Has anyone heard about Happy Hal. Is he OK? He was a friend that we played pool at Emerald Cove along with other vets and friends.

  51. Sorry to hear of this tragedy, I have spent many happy times there on my trips from the Uk,
    I know you will come back stronger, look forward to the rebuild,

  52. I was a bartender way back in the early 2000’s and Melody was my boss. I lived out back in my trailer and looked after the place day and night. But I thought the gas range was a bit odd. Everybody said oh it’s just fine. Now look. So long 7061…I’ll miss you.

  53. Oh yeah. I painted all three red white and blue posts outside as well the entire inside. Been almost 20 years ago, but I did it, and I also put in the RV septic lines right to the “french well” as my buddy Ed Kelleman told me it was. Take care you all. Jack

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