12 year old suffers “major injuries” from boat prop in tubing accident

Bottom story updated to clarify witness statements.

A 12 year-old boy suffered “major injuries” from a boat propeller on the Parker Strip Saturday and was flown to Phoenix.

Reportedly the child was with his family near Emerald Cove Resort tubing late Saturday and was in the water when the boat, driven by his father, moved toward him and the propeller struck him in the legs. He received serious injuries and was flown to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. His current condition is not known.

The incident is being investigated.

In another incident reported not long afterward, witnesses at Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar said they saw a man go into the water and did not see him resurface.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department say they have not received any missing persons calls, but reportedly divers went down in response to the report and were not able to locate anyone in the water.

Witnesses told officers that two people jumped off the dock to swim across the river. Roadrunner staff reportedly told them it was unsafe. A witness said they saw both get into the water and only one person get out.

Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby said the man may have gotten out of the water further downstream, but since they were not able to locate him, his status is not known.


  1. Chris Tina

    We were really concerned for this boy. Why was this posted so late? Will there be an update on his condition?

  2. Parker Live

    Chris – It was posted so late because we were waiting for authorized information from law enforcement instead of rumor.

  3. Parker Live

    Update on his condition: maybe. It depends on whether the family or the authorities release anything.

  4. Chris Tina

    Parker Live thank you

  5. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    Dina Lawless Megan Nicole Fero read the roadrunner story we were there we saw two people go in that water along with everyone else at that bar

  6. Rick Memmott

    Very swift water at the bar. Who would jump in?

  7. Megan Nicole Fero

    Cassandra Ryan Umphlett I didn’t think they found him. That’s so said!

  8. Annette Book

    Chris Tina I did read on another post the boys uncle said he will be ok. I understand the need to wait for “official ” word tho…..

  9. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    I wonder if they found her? Before we left they said they found one person and searching for the other

  10. Megan Nicole Fero

    Cassandra Ryan Umphlett i didn’t see anyone go in before him. I just saw him swimming, maybe he just jumped in and the girl in the water was a false report.

  11. Traci Kelley

    Chris Tina We arr pretty sure this is my sons friend and teammate. He is stable and has had many surgeries, but things are looking good. He has a long
    recovery! Were you there?

  12. Carol Geary

    So dangerous….our first boat

  13. Traci Kelley

    Chris Tina I am going to pm you

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