Burger King employee robbed at gunpoint, left tied up

A woman who is an employee of Burger King in Parker was robbed at gunpoint and left tied up until she was released by people who heard her yelling early on Saturday morning.

The employee, a female, was by herself opening the store for the day when the incident happened around 5 a.m. on Saturday. Burger King opens for breakfast at 6 a.m.

A man, with a mask over his face and a hooded jacket on, came through the side door head down, armed with a firearm, according to law enforcement. He started yelling at the employee and demanding money.

The man tied her up, took $1200 from the store’s safe and from cash registers, and left.

The employee was not discovered until around half an hour later when employees of Ruperto’s, a Mexican food place across Riverside Drive, heard her and went over to investigate. They untied her and called 911.

“This is an ongoing, active investigation,” said Officer Michael Bailey at Parker Police Department. “There is video surveillance and we’re working some leads now.”

Armed robbery is a class 2 felony in the state of Arizona. Anybody with information on the incident is encouraged to call Parker P.D. at (928) 669-2265.


  1. Brian Stroud

    Wasn’t expecting that to ever happen in parker. Stay armed people.

  2. Jody Allen

    Wow! That’s crazy! I used to open that store years ago. Parker is my hometown. This is scary!

  3. Marty Gaither

    Sunny Sundberg that’s what I want to know. Every BK has them 24/7.

  4. Sunny Sundberg

    I guess mask and hoodie on doesnt help but if it’s a Parker resident could be recognized by clothing or mannerisms.

  5. Sunny Sundberg

    Marty Gaither I’d think. Release the footage and may be recognized if a local ????‍♂️

  6. Lona N Nopah

    Yes, release the footage of person.

  7. Karen Parks-Area

    Thank goodness she wasn’t hurt but sure she was scared.

  8. Jarrod James Standfest

    John Wright of course that would help lmao ! We absolutely need the video released. I’m sure someone will notice something and be able to identify the thief.

  9. Corey Nash

    I’m just thankful, the only thing lost was money!

  10. Mike Lindberg

    Classic inside job. Nobody takes time to tie up etc except a staged robbery imo

  11. Koni Raes

    Mike Lindberg not true. I worked at an outlet center and we had a store robbed at gunpoint and locked the tied up victims in the dressing rooms . Took 30 mins till someone came into the store and called 911 . The robbers were from So Cal and the store was in Nor Cal . Just a random robbery

  12. Neil Castelli

    Dont be messin with my pre drive home spot

  13. Mike Lindberg

    Koni Raes as I said my opinion

  14. Jonna Esquerra

    Same MO as the last robbery about 10 years ago. Remember? The person was tied up and locked in the bathroom, happened before it opened. Pretty much done the same.

  15. Isn’t Roberto’s down the road. How the hell would someone h someonehear screaming that far away? Across the highway?

  16. It’s across the road, probably about 300 feet. At 5:30am it’s pretty quiet.

  17. Lisa Conroy

    Wow it’s getting bad im parker… That’s stay safe my Parker family

  18. Raquel Lopez Nelson

    Shane Nelson that explains why we seen an ambulance & cops Saturday morning.

  19. Robert Barros

    Someone must have lost big at the bluewater and needed gas money home.

  20. If he robbed the drive thru it would have taken them 45 minutes to get the money.

  21. Brian Stroud

    I knew of an inside robbery gone bad where everyone but the main robber was killed execution style after they were tied up.

  22. Holly McAlister Wasson

    It is crazy that they don’t lock the door when they are there by themselves, makes no sense to leave it unlocked before business hours.

  23. THes is people doin bad deeds agsint peeple

  24. Netera LeMaster

    I’m surprised the hotel didn’t hear her why rubertos which is across the street with trafic

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