Man arrested for suspected meth and ammo while on probation in Big River

A man who is a convicted felon on probation was arrested for possession of suspected methamphetamine, ammunition and high capacity magazines.

On Wednesday at about noon, deputies and detectives from the San Bernardino Sheriff Department’s Parker Dam Resident post conducted a probation compliance check in the 149000 block of Capistrano Way in Big River. Daniel Martinez Jr, 51, who was on adult formal probation, was contacted at that location.

Ammunition, high capacity magazines and suspected methamphetamine were found in Martinez’ residence. A gun safe was also found in the residence. Martinez is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing any ammunition. He was arrested for being in possession of ammunition, being in possession of high capacity magazines and drug possession. He was booked into the Needles jail and is being held without bail for the charges and a probation violation.

On Thursday, a search warrant was obtained to access and search the contents of the gun safe. Suspected methamphetamine, 2 handguns, 6 rifles and 2 shotguns were found in the safe. Two of the rifles were illegal weapons and one shotgun had an obliterated serial number.


  1. Zoë Orden

    Brandee Orden Jones Ricardo Rodriguez

  2. Brian Hanson

    At Big River? No way… lol

  3. Good job it will help .now how about the black market pot growers who use pesticides and homons for a fast buck the town off Parker and the tribe need to get DEA.Ice to come in and patrol are sbsd is fighting a war 400 miles from there base.we need more cross border capability. We need a shack to I’d who is coming and going just like blue water why not u could I’d them all in a week fly that plane over get more busts.thanks for all the miles u guys drive u know there r a few good people in big River who do not hate you

  4. Must be the same Dan Martinez who lives in that Adobe house on the corner of capriastono way who was going around trying to scare people in big river probably with same guns about a pit bull of his that came up missing back in mid summer of 2018. Drake was the dog’s name. Karma…. Without bail. You get what’s coming when you go around all amp up on meth trying to be a vilgante.

  5. Swirven Kirvan

    Dan Martinez. Hahahahah you piece of shit. I’m surprised your not being questioned in the disappearence of carl cook. All you fucktards meth users who were hunting people down over your stupid dog should be questioned.

  6. Swirven, I hope he is questioned along with all the other bullies that Carl was writing about on his Facebook page shortly before his horrible murder. We have not been told exactly what happened to poor Carl. It sickens me that someone would even go out of their way to harm such a helpless harmless person like Carl. Just goes to show what pussy’s some of those guys are. Picking on a guy that can’t defend himself. Ge-ood! Icky!

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