Watch: Duce Minor attends Corporation Commission, opposes sale of water utility

La Paz County District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor attended a hearing of the Arizona Corporation Commission at which Brooke Water, the water utility serving the Parker Strip, made its case to be allowed to be acquired by a much larger company called EPCOR. In a letter to the Commission, Minor said he had concerns about the proposed sale, which largely centered around proposed price hikes for Brooke customers of up to 40 percent.

The utility has had a tumultuous time with customers in recent years due to aging infrastructure and customer service issues. The sale would potentially relieve the issues but come with higher costs for homeowners.

For your convenience, Parker Live is including here both days of the hearing in Phoenix, AZ with Minor giving testimony on his own behalf and examining witnesses.



The Commission must vote in favor for the sale to go ahead.

Not seeing the videos? Your device must not be compatible with the video from the Commission. Try the links HERE (Wed) and HERE (Thu).


  1. Julie Munson

    Is it just me. The link to watch video not there?

  2. Parker Live

    Added some links in case your device is not seeing them embedded.

  3. Great job duce. Wont be able to stop the sale, but gain voters in the next election.

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