Tribes implements employee work travel ban, declares emergency

UPDATE: The Tribal Council declared an emergency with regard coronavirus in addition to the other things announced this week.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes has implemented a nonessential travel ban for employees in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

An employee travel ban is now in effect, with a directive issued on March 11th to all tribal employees that any non-essential travel for tribal government work is banned, except that which is in aid of providing critical services to membership. In addition, all departments and enterprises are mandated to disinfect all surfaces multiple times per day, with hand sanitizer available for use by employees and the public. The CDC hand washing guide should be posted and visible. Hand washing should be done by employees frequently.

There are no current confirmed cases of coronavirus on the CRIT reservation.

CRIT says it will continue to be in daily contact with local health care providers and services to determine continued efforts to contain coronavirus, and will be working closely with the tribal detention facilities and Children’s Residential Center to implement measures to prevent an outbreak.

If there is an outbreak, the Tribal Council is authorized to implement isolation or quarantine under the Communicable Disease Prevention Code.

“We are certain that this community can prevent the spread of this virus. Tribal Council urges each of you to implement the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, including but not limited to, regular hand washing, disinfecting your home, limiting all non-essential travel and avoiding crowds.”


  1. Ahamakav SC

    Sad, still gttn sent out to cali, now it will be a month

  2. Laurie Tomasino

    And yet the casino remains open. ????????‍♀️

  3. Jennilee Martin

    Laurie Tomasino just like that La paz county fair

  4. Ray Barnett Jr.

    Jennilee Martin valid point….

  5. Kim Masterson

    There’s no cases here. And if there is??? This is ridiculous. It’s a strain of flu. Take normal precautions. Eat better, get sleep…. and enjoy life

  6. Laurie Tomasino

    Jennilee Martin they are 2 different entities. So the have different people making the decisions.

    IMO in either case it’s all about $$$

  7. Kim Masterson

    They said the casino will be closing

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