DL Wilson to retire as Supervisor, leaves seat open in election

La Paz County District 1 Supervisor D.L. Wilson will retire after his term is up at the end of the year, he told the Board Monday. The announcement leaves his seat open in this year’s election.

Wilson had previously ‘pulled papers’ in the election, indicating his intention to run again. But in Monday’s announcement, he told the Board he is ready to step down, and his would-be opponents in the race for the District 1 Supervisor seat will now find themselves without an incumbent.

Wilson served two terms as Supervisor, eight years, having first been elected in 2012 and then again in 2016. Prior to serving as Supervisor Wilson was a Regional Manager for Arizona Public Service (APS), the statewide power utility.

In other news from the Monday meeting, the Board of Supervisors voted to accept an ‘Offer of Conveyance’ from the federal government that will allow the County to buy 5,889 acres of BLM land near I-10 for development as a solar site. More on that HERE.


  1. Wow, need new blood in district 1. DL gave it his best. I sure hope hartless is not elected to district 1.

  2. Marilyn Smith

    Gary Zak, there you go.

  3. If this COUnty wuld like to be best Danny Fields shuld come back and work with Mrs. Holy Irwon again. They no money and how to ran this place. Fields wife is legel ginius.

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