Most Parker stores are out of paper supplies and wipes, restocks do happen

According to data from the La Paz County Health Department, most Parker area stores are currently out of paper supplies and wipes, but restocks do happen regularly. Other items are restocked too, but not at a level that keeps up with demand.

Walmart does not limit the number of toilet paper items or wipes people can buy, and is partially restocked daily. Safeway, on the other hand, does limit toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, cases of water and other items to 2 per customer. CVS has no plans to limit the number of items customers can buy.

Food City has special opening hours for seniors with a caregiver, between 5am and 6am on Wednesdays.

The La Paz County Health Department checked with many Parker stores, getting data on their status of paper items and wipes, food, water and other supplies. These included convenience stores, grocery and merchandise stores, hardware stores and fast food establishments.

Some dining rooms are still open, but others have closed until further notice. Some fast food places are offering curbside service.

The common thread seems to be that store shelves are stocked regularly, even daily in the case of the large stores, but some distributors appear to be rationing and shelves are emptied by customers more quickly than they can be restocked.

To see the complete spreadsheet from the Health Department in PDF format, go HERE.


  1. Mona Reyna Duran

    You missed an important part of all this chaos. Food City has been limiting a lot of the products and food items for some time now and they also have a set date and time for the elderly to be able to go shop and get the things they need. I believe it’s on Wednesdays 5 to 6 a.m.

  2. Parker Live

    It’s in the PDF at the link. But I’ve added to the main article too.

  3. Robin Gerlach

    More importantly when is the city and local government going to limit capacity or set restrictions on how many people can be in these locations there are 100’s of patrons streaming in and out of stores during these chaotic times putting workers at risk everyday!! Noone is honoring or adhering to the call for “Social Distancing” so I hope this is addressed soon and a call for shelter in place happens before it’s too late!!

  4. Joshua Murphy

    Why is the casino still open just saying

  5. Debbie Drennan

    Joshua Murphy The casino hasn’t closed?! Not good.

  6. Wanda Goodman

    Good question and it deserves an answer.

  7. Christine Bavaro

    Casinos in Laughlin just closed.

  8. Marcella Van Fleet

    Walmart has since updated to start limiting items per purchase and they have an hour available for seniors to shop.

  9. Iris Robison

    Safeway might have a limit but its not enforced. We were at 6:45 this morning and some people had shopping carts full of toilet paper- a lot more than 2 packages ????

  10. Ellie Galloway

    Mona Reyna Duran what elderly person goes to the store at 5am in the morning. They need to change those hours.

  11. Mona Reyna Duran

    Ellie Galloway I agree on that to but at least there isxa time frame. I’m willing to get up and take my mom

  12. Nicole Ching

    Grocery stores need to go the way of the gas crisis from the 70’s
    Using first letter of last names:
    Sunday Seniors 65+
    Monday A-D
    Tuesday E-H
    Wednesday I-L
    Thursday M-Q
    Friday R-U
    Saturday V-Z
    ID required at door this will keep the stores stocked and controlled. Along with not having to limit to specific hours for seniors however do put limits on a weeks worth of essential items like toilet paper and such.

  13. Ellie Galloway

    Here in Corona they have elderly/disabled hours but they don’t monitor who goes in. There are long lines during the elderly hours of people of all ages and they all go in when the doors open. Very sad. My parents (85-86) are covered. We bring them what they need. It takes them an hour just to get ready once they wake up. They would have to get up at 3:00 am. They live 40 mins to Parker or 25 mins to Blythe ( they live on the river between). Wish they had derives that could help people like them with what’s happening. I live 3 1/2 hrs away so will most likely go get them if it keeps getting worse. The hoarders are making it very difficult
    Thanks for your ear and God Bless you and yours family ❤️

  14. It’s mainly the snow birds that are buying all the AZ tax payer goods at all the markets, the stores should require an I. D. Of sort and limit how many items they are allowed to buy. We pay taxes to stay and live here and were the ones suffering.

  15. David Adams

    Why haven’t other businesses closed? Such as restaurants??? We all know who’s open and who’s following the rules. I wouldn’t support those that put the community in danger bc they are greedy. Safety frist………

  16. David Adams

    Christine Bavaro yes all casinos in Clark county are closed.

  17. Melinda Hernandez Sherfield

    Joshua Murphy blue water is closing at 3am

  18. What’s amazing to me is no one is worried about how dirty and contaminated the money and coins we are spreading around!

  19. Jan Kastner Scott

    Robin just what I have been thinking

  20. Star Soldiers

    Food City are the heroes in all of this with limits of 1. They just had a big restock to day and yesterday and many people were able to get things they needed due to the limits. Safeway and Walmart have allowed people to abuse the system. I personally will remember after this things ends and Food City has won my business going forward. Props to them and their staff.

  21. Don Rountree

    Joshua Murphy the casino is closed

  22. Don Rountree

    Debbie Drennan the casino is closed

  23. Don Rountree

    Safeway and Food City are awesome. Thank you for the good work.

  24. Mary Chiodo Swanson

    Every store should have a limit

  25. What i can’t believe is adults are the ones buying way to much. So what is this teaching our kids. We adults should be setting an example.

  26. It’s not the stores fault that people are morons. One person’s comment stated they saw a person with a grocery cart full of toilet paper. Did anyone step up and make an effort to stop them from being so inconsiderate? Doubtful.
    Toilet paper of all things. Not on my list of the most important things in a crisis.

  27. mR. Dan dick you smart

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