First confirmed COVID-19 cases in La Paz County


  • First 2 cases of COVID-19 identified in La Paz County
  • Bars must now close and restaurants must be dine-out only, by state order


In La Paz County, two separate individuals have tested positive for COVID-19. The cases are currently under investigation by the La Paz County Health Department. The individuals are not hospitalized and are recovering at home. Other tests are pending.

The La Paz County Health Department could not be more specific about age and gender. Both were tested due to exposure of positive COVID-19 cases in other states.

“As part of the ongoing disease investigation La Paz County Health Department will interview close contacts of the individuals and recommend each person monitor for symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days, based on risk of exposure,” the Health Department said in an email.

There are currently 406 cases in Arizona, 251 in Maricopa, 23 in Pinal, 49 in Pima, 37 in Navajo, 2 in Graham, 23 in Coconino, 1 in Santa Cruz, 4 in Yavapai, 4 in Yuma, 7 in Apache, 1 in Cochise, 2 in Mohave and 2 in La Paz County. Other tests have been completed and are now pending in La Paz County.

A recent Executive Order by Governor Doug Ducey requires restaurants in Arizona counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases to provide dine-out options only, and that all bars in those counties close. This also applies to movie theaters and gyms. This Executive Order is now in effect for La Paz County.

La Paz County declared a Proclamation of Countywide Emergency on March 18th in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing it to make appropriate orders, provide emergency resources, request additional resources and receive mutual aid from the state and federal governments.

Do your part and stay home when you are sick: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then immediately throw the tissue in the trash. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

For general questions please call the COVID-19 hotline at 844-542-8201 and visit the ADHS coronavirus website at or the CDC website at

Are either of these cases in your own family? If so, Parker Live would love to interview you about it, either publicly or anonymously. Get in touch HERE.


  1. Shannon Dzieciuch

    Sam Schilling that was fast

  2. Have these individuals given any information on where they have been? What locations might have been affected?

  3. Kathy Filburn


  4. Teresa Tozer

    Did these people give any information on where they have been? My guess is everywhere!

  5. Here we go…

  6. Sam Schilling

    Shannon Dzieciuch it was just a matter of time.

  7. Jennifer De Jordy

    They brought it from out of state. Stay in your house in your state. Whoever those 2 people are just exposed our whole town of this virus. They just potentially hurt and got the elderly sick.. when they say don’t travel and stay inside they meant it!

  8. Sam Schilling

    Robert Clough Parker has corona!!! Ahhh

  9. Jonna Esquerra

    It was just a matter of time.

  10. It was just a matter of time. People out acting like they have a protected shield of some sort. Well now what? Hopefully it opens peoples eyes and they see the importance of EVERYONE doing their part and STAY HOME!

  11. Linda Booher

    Doesn’t help when all the bars are still open

  12. Heidy Ussery

    HIPAA should go out the window on this. People who they have been around need to be notified so they can be tested and stay out of the general public. So it stops spreading g.

  13. Prayers to the victims & May God protect us all of us!

  14. ItS from batts in Chyna and that is far out

  15. Sharon Ott

    Maybe it would have been more responsible for some of the local bars/restaurants to not of been advertising on facebook “Still Open Come Visit” for instance The Desert Bar is one that I was receiving. I found it surprising that they would be encouraging people to come party & possibly put others at risk, when most of us were trying to stay home for the safety and well being of everyone.

  16. Jennifer De Jordy

    Matter of time or not. If people took it serious and just stayed inside it wouldn’t have anywhere to spread, people from Cali are coming here because their states closed down. Not to mention the bars staying open out here or the restaurants because people rather make money then shut down for a little, if we just listened stayed inside for 15 days when this was all over I bet every food place would be sold out and they’d make up for lost income.. but y’all keep messing around and hanging out side like nothing is happening is only going to keep this going even longer. We can’t stop ourselves from getting it that’s not the point. They just want to stop the spread of it at once time so they can treat us as we get it in time. 50 now verses 1-3 cases later is a better odd. STAY INSIDE IF YOU CAN

  17. Kyndra Mareesa Aguirre

    They should at least inform us of the town in which these two live in

  18. Concerned tribal member

    Should have shut down every entrance to PARKER rez to keep them out an why come back to are rez an spread that sickness should of just stayed where ever they were!!!!????

  19. I think it is really unfair to not say what city or town…

  20. Callee Shrewsbury

    Jennifer De Jordy it was brought out of country to begin with. Out of staters or not, it’s everywhere and I 10000% agree arizonans are not taking it seriously.

  21. Linda Reed

    Thank you for the information Patty Yahne.

  22. Marti Seberg

    Huge county…just be smart, stay home & take a breath…time to do “stuff” you didn’t have time for..enjoy your family

  23. Norma Sloan

    Jennifer De Jordy why is it Cali fault, stop pointing finger. Every time something goes wrong in that town it’s Californian fault. Really

  24. Jennifer De Jordy

    Norma Sloan maybe because I’ve seen abs heard multiple people from OC say they came here because they got shut down there!!

  25. Norma Sloan

    Jennifer De Jordy not all of us are like that, I’m working from home and staying put no need to point fingers

  26. Jennifer De Jordy

    Norma Sloan well if the shoe doesn’t fit then it’s not about you. But doesn’t change the fact that people are coming here. Hanging out on the river. Acting like nothing is going on.

  27. Norma Sloan

    Jennifer De Jordy no class

  28. Jennifer De Jordy

    Norma Sloan it’s not about class. It’s about standing up for my town. It’s about wanting to make sure our town is safe and the elderly stay healthy and coronavirus free

  29. Cheryl Pascua

    Yep came from out of state.

  30. Rosie Leivas

    Names… we need to be aware of who these people are so we all can take precaution. Smh.

  31. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    We finally get tests…. look first two confirmed.
    Funny how only a day apart from MOHAVE.

  32. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    So we had a group from California in the RV park treating it like a damn vacation. Had their boats out all week going to the bars. Huge cookout with about 20-30 people on Saturday …. you reap what you sow. One came down with a fever Sunday morning, and they all scatter.
    No boats, no parties, no running around in golf carts. The snowbirds freaked, they scattered and left in a huge hurry.

    I expect a quiet weekend this weekend.

  33. Judy Agelson Gorsuch

    Sad – people stay home. Don’t go to work unless your job is essential to everyday living. If you think you have a cold or the flu or the virus – stay home. Don’t be selfish and spread your germs. If your boss insists you work – report them. This is no joke Stay home.

  34. Sophia Alvirez Delashmit

    Crazy how they waited for their first case to shut down. Should’ve just shut down and maybe there wouldn’t be a case.

  35. Sophia Alvirez Delashmit

    it came from out of the country.

  36. Sad people.freakmout about this. Now, worldwide there are about as many total cases as DEATHS every year in the USA from the seasonal flu. Yup. Fact.

  37. Dawn Ligman-Williams

    It should be public knowledge of all the establishments, stores , restaurants, etc. that they have been to in the past two weeks.

  38. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Callee Shrewsbury I have to agree.

  39. Melissa Whitaker

    Trevor Guhy fml, this shit sucks!! I hope it’s gonna quick cause we are over it

  40. Trevor Guhy

    Melissa Whitaker I have it!!! I feel like damnit on a stick

  41. Courtney Clinton

    Janelle Wickizer Noble hi! Which park?

  42. Jessica Brown

    Or you can have a reservation you try to cancel and your told you’ll get back 50% of your prepaid funds OR rebook at another time. That’s what Sandbar Resort did to me, and all I wanted to do was stay the hell home while my husband is sick at home. They care more about money than lives. Now I believe they have to close.

  43. Janice MacLean

    Wish family’s visiting our small town from other states would stay home..Seeing spring breakers from California .doesn’t make sense ????

  44. Concerned Pissed Off Citizen

    Names Would Be Nice So We All Know Who They May Have Came In Contact With And Who The People They Came In Contact With And So On So Everyone Can Get Tested And Every Where They Been More Info Would Be Nice Screw there privacy and all the hush hush about there ages names and gender….YOUR PLAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLES LIFES NOW …..

  45. Tanya Quist

    Are the cases in parker ?

  46. Tanya Quist

    Any info about the people that have it at all ? So sad.

  47. Trevor Guhy

    Melissa Whitaker no, but I have every symptom headache sore throat, fever,coughing (dry) and tired all the time

  48. John Spindler

    Jennifer De Jordy some of us CANT stay home first of all! And thats the governments fault…..what you think i WANT to be out and about putting me or my family at risk? What have you been hiding under a rock? And second, if you want to post blame blame the IDIOT owners of the companies in youre town who diddnt take the precautions EVERYONE else in the united states has we all knew this was here, EVERYONE in the United states knows what needs to be done to controll it however rather than take the precautions and loose a buck its been business as usual thus far and now you want to blame someone else? Lol typical milleneal, i have been tested negative and was in parker last weekend for work, couldnt believe it when i saw dine in restaurants allowing people to eat inside, foxs floating bar open and crowded at that pirates crowded peoe eating inside like no big deal paradise and all the bars on the strip STILL OPEN AND CROWDED lol so long story even longer if youre town shut down like the rest of america did rather than be greedy during these times of uncertainty people would have NO reaspn to come, But advertise that youre open for business to millions that have been locked up elsewahre is asking for trouble.

  49. John Spindler

    Janelle Wickizer Noble and that’s their fault? Keep youre town open while the rest of the united states is closed is just asking for trouble shut it down like the rest of america and theyd have no reason to come because its all closed! Seems pretty simple but parker was greedy till the end now youve got a problem and you want to blame the people who have been locked up for weeks who responded to youre towns “open for business” policy? You need to Blame the people that run youre town!!!!!

  50. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Courtney Clinton doesnt matter now…and for legal reasons I don’t think the park was to blame. Simular groups were at 3 other parks that I know of. Just watch The river and bars on The river. The ones in my park all cleared out. Gone, leaving town. Most people remaining are staying in their own rv spots. Very little moving around now. My snowbirds neighbors and 2 other couples left because of it. They no longer felt safe here.

  51. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    John Spindler We could be closed, people will still come for the sunshine and the river. Can’t close that.. These people have 2nd homes here. They have a right to come here and have been for 20 years.
    How they acted when they got here is the problem. The virus they bring with them is also the problem. I feel lucky I have such a beautiful place to be in this time of crisis. My employer is still open.???? ???????? I’m doing everything I can to protect myself, my customers, and my job. I go home and stay in my site. No stores, no bars, no eating out…

  52. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Jessica Brown that’s why the internet is so great.

  53. John Spindler

    Janelle Wickizer Noble oh I get it so automatically since they’re from out of town they automatically have the virus and they’re bringing it and contaminating you LOL that’s ridiculous and the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard! so what by youre standards all mexicans are illegal? All blacks are criminals? All cops are bad cops lol, can you say IGNORANT! FYI that sunshine you described??? Yeah that actually KILLS the virus! And the river? Well the river is the only thing the town of parker alive and its BECAUSE of all the poeple that come to it, if the government in youre town dont want to do what the rest of the ENTIRE world is doing thats infortunate but blame them not the poeple that fund youre little town and keep it in business

  54. Jessica Brown

    Janelle Wickizer Noble ?? I don’t understand…

  55. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Sophia Alvirez Delashmit they didn’t have any test before now.

  56. Jennifer De Jordy

    John Spindler first of all I said for those who CAN stay home stay home. Secondly this small town runs on the income and would fail in total without it. & yes I also said the bars here are greedy but doesn’t change the simple fact those vacationers are coming here and living life as a normal summer season or spring break instead of staying home in Cali recovering and or helping us ALL stop the spread. You boomers and the word Millennials. Tossing it around as an offensive term. That’s just stupid. It’s not one generation that’s causing this it’s everybody. Parker isn’t like most places where it’s all corrupt corporate business. Most places here are small FAMILY owned business that do not have the luxury of being able to shut down fully and survive. Or they would. But still the 2 cases here are from people OUT OF STATE. Remind yourself whose town you’re talking bad on. You think it’s a greedy town then don’t come here and spend your money. We are doing the best we can given this shitty situation. I want to make sure the elderly are safe and taken care of. The rest of the world I don’t care much for. So if you cAn again I’ll say it STAY HOME!

  57. Anthony Pascarella

    Youre ignorant if you think it wasn’t going to be here

  58. Cheryl Pascua

    Sophia Alvirez Delashmit true that.

  59. Courtney Clinton

    Janelle Wickizer Noble I was only asking bcs I have family wintering out there, but I understand.

  60. Tami Travis Miller

    Laura Yarbrough Edwards we are we are staying here at the park and it’s pretty much a ghost town so I feel safe for now ????????????????????

  61. John Spindler

    Jennifer De Jordy (They brought it from out of state. Stay in your house in your state.) Really? Whare does it say IF YOU CAN STAY in youre house in youre state? Oh wait a minute it doesnt, the word CAN doesnt even exist in youre entire comment

  62. Jennifer De Jordy

    John Spindler check out my first comment on this post

  63. John Spindler

    I am the word CAN ISNT EVEN IN IT ANYWHARE have you read youre first comment, lol as a matter of fact i JUST quoted what was said in youre post

  64. Jennifer De Jordy

    It won’t let me post the screen shot of my original comment hold please I’ll copy and paste

  65. Jennifer De Jordy

    John Spindler Matter of time or not. If people took it serious and just stayed inside it wouldn’t have anywhere to spread, people from Cali are coming here because their states closed down. Not to mention the bars staying open out here or the restaurants because people rather make money then shut down for a little, if we just listened stayed inside for 15 days when this was all over I bet every food place would be sold out and they’d make up for lost income.. but y’all keep messing around and hanging out side like nothing is happening is only going to keep this going even longer. We can’t stop ourselves from getting it that’s not the point. They just want to stop the spread of it at once time so they can treat us as we get it in time. 50 now verses 1-3 cases later is a better odd. ‼️‼️STAY INSIDE IF YOU CAN‼️‼️

  66. John Spindler

    They brought it from out of state. Stay in your house in your state. Whoever those 2 people are just exposed our whole town of this virus. They just potentially hurt and got the elderly sick.. when they say don’t travel and stay inside they meant it!

    Their i did it for you whare does it say IF YOU CAN STAY HOME?????? or better yet, find the word can anywhare! Lol

  67. John Spindler

    Jennifer De Jordy hahajajaaJ people from california keep youre town a town, dont forget that! Amd fyi, this diddnt originate from california or the united states even, stop blamming the wrong people for youre problems, you want ro blame someone? Blame youre town ls leaders for not enforcing what the entire world IS!

  68. Jennifer De Jordy

    John Spindler you’re getting so offended because I said to stay in your state while all this is happening instead of using it as an excuse to vacation?

  69. John Spindler

    An excuse to vacation? I get paid for my vacations, i dont get paid if im laid off and forced to stay home youre a damn idiot! Millions of people aint getting paid and forced to stay home and you like EH ITS A VACATION! textbook millenial

  70. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Umm, why won’t they tell us WHERE the diseased folks live? La Paz county is rather large you know.

  71. Peggy Newland

    Probably should have done this sooner!

  72. Barry Solomon

    Trevor Guhy Melissa Whitaker I think I also may have it. Beginning last night it feels like someone has tightened a belt around my chest. No coughing, but the headache is knarly. I am extremely fatigued and think I have a low grade temperature. Looking for the thermometer.

  73. Go to YouTube and do a search for Dr.Jonathan Kaufman. He’s a specialist in the field of viruses, and says a VIRUS alone will make you sick but it won’t kill you. That anyone who has died while infected with it had pre-existing symptoms of some other disease.

    I’m no doctor and I’m not giving medical advice. I’m just relating what I know about it.

  74. Melissa Whitaker

    Barry Solomon shit!! Yes keep an eye on your temperature! And drink lots and lots of fluids to wash that stuff down n hopefully out of you! Keep us posted and take care!!

  75. Trevor Guhy

    Barry Solomon that’s exactly how mine started. Take Tylenol for your headache, knocks the edge off, but doesn’t make it go away. Plenty of fluids, and rest. The headache is the worst part, then that shitty pain in the chest! The threshold for the fever is 100.4, go to the ERif it gets above that, that’s the CDCs recommendation.

  76. Barry Solomon

    Trevor Guhy I bought a Vicks steam inhaler at Walmart back in January to prepare for the worst because they wouldn’t sell me a nebulizer without a prescription. I opened the box last night and used it 6 or 7 times overnight. Chest pain is minimized. Gotta use it every couple of hours though. Helps to stave off pneumonia

  77. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Courtney Clinton I can tell you one thing…. their favorite 2 bars are Foxes and Roadrunner.

  78. Ignore John Splinder. He was booted from two different Parker Area News groups for his bizarre behavior and cruel comments. No idea why he comes here to troll.

  79. Terilyn Gary

    Judy Agelson Gorsuch working at home isnt as easy as you think… and some ppl need their paycheck so it’s off to work they go

  80. Terilyn Gary

    Heidy Ussery the lapaz health dept I believe is the head honcho on this… gather info and contacting individuals possibly exposed

  81. Terilyn Gary

    Sophia Alvirez Delashmit the two positive cases in lapaz were exposed in other states

  82. Terilyn Gary

    Dawn Ligman-Williams maybe they were quarantining the past week or so… if the numbers double in the next few days (prob their family members) then double again then it may be out (nonfamily community members)… if doubles then holds off then likely contained…

  83. Terilyn Gary

    we shouldnt panic… keep social distancing and following universal flu precautions… it seems to spread similar to the flu

  84. Terilyn Gary

    John Spindler good grief!

  85. John Spindler

    Terilyn Gary good grief to me? why? because I have common sense and know that not everybody from out of town is carrying a virus LOL oh well I guess if Common Sense were so common everyone would have it right however say stupid s*** be prepared the responses

  86. Terilyn Gary

    John Spindler no, good grief, cuz you were blaming everything but failing to acknowledge their personal responsibility… coming from a state that was on lockdown due to a highly contageous viral outbreak and not acknowleding their personal redponsibility considering where they were coming from…

  87. John Spindler

    Terilyn Gary the only people failing to recognize their responsibilities in this is the town of Parker and any other Town whose government have not shut them down you can’t blame people from coming if you’re sending advertisements saying you’re open for business I’ve received many in the past week or so talking about this bar is open for business come see us that far as open for business come see us though this restaurants are open for business we can eat inside come visit us yeah blaming everybody that’s coming because you’re government and shop owners sre inviting them

  88. Terilyn Gary

    John Spindler ya that’s upriver. that’s a different lifestyle than us down in parker worried about not being able to buy any toilet paper

  89. Jennifer De Jordy

    Terilyn Gary upriver is no different than town. Lol

  90. John Spindler

    Terilyn Gary really that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard I didn’t know there was a border or a wall that separates up River from the town of Parker LOL and with that comment all your other comments have been invalidated thanks for stopping in

  91. Heidy Ussery

    Terilyn Gary hope they jump on it fast

  92. Judy Agelson Gorsuch

    Terilyn Gary I know there are exceptions but some places could close (they are just greedy and care about making the almighty dollar instead of the welfare of their workers) and the government is giving unemployment and extra money to employees whose companies won’t abide by the rules. I know everyone can’t stay home but if you have the option please stay home.

  93. Sophia Alvirez Delashmit

    the whole damn virus came from China! Lol

  94. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    John Spindler drugs are bad….. don’t do them!
    Gambling is bad, you can lose your money!
    Unprotected sex is bad, you can catch something.
    The VIRUS is bad, don’t spread it, people will die!

    You can’t blame the drug dealers, casinos, prostitute, or Parker for your actions.

    OWN IT!

  95. Terilyn Gary

    John Spindler lol… go back and read ur post rather than just bring up alot of irrelevant nonsense

  96. John Spindler

    Janelle Wickizer Noble for my actions? Ive tested negative thank you! How do you know the people in the camper diddnt test negative too? YOU DONT so stop disc riminating people that you have no idea of their health,

  97. John Spindler

    You forgott YOURE comments which is discrimination and WE ALL KNOW THATS BAD! but obviously not on this page, Whats irrelevant about the ENTIRE WORLD shutting down EXCEPT parker? Its pretty relevant when people have been locked up in their homes for weeks and get that invite from parker saying oure towns open for business as usual come visit! then you cry when people actually come! DONT FORGET ONE THING people from california and travelers in general keep youre town afloat! its called being racest when we group one spacific race together and say their all bad, AND THATS BAD, but by youre standards thats okay but the FACT of the matter is you dont know shit about me them or anyone else in the trailer next to you!

  98. Mister John sPindlir you seem to hav goodly smart words and Iwant you to keep speekin out to us people THE virUs came from CHyna yes not Cali

  99. Gest of the park

    Janelle wickizer Noble,if you feel that way Leve the park . you are full of it……….

  100. Think about this one, I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention to how many cases are in other country’s but I have and what I have noticed is there are no cases in North Korea. That makes me wonder, what if they actually planed this virus in China so they would get the blame. Then when the entire rest of the world is suffering, dying, and locked down in there homes. When the president is no longer watching what there doing, they come along and KICK OUR ASSES. They have tested two different weapons on the last week, and from what I understand there leader what ever his name is, pretty much a phyco. Sound like something he might just do. Just something to think about people. The thought just popped into my mind the other day for no reason. That happens sometime and about 70% right on average. Don’t mean to start any shit just think that we need to stop bickering amongst our selves and pay attention to what is going on around us as well. Not trying to piss any one don’t mean you guys are not psying attention just bringing a different angle into view that’s all. You all stay healthy and safe.

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