County Attorney Rogers fires former Chief Deputy Karen Hobbs

La Paz County Attorney Tony Rogers has ended the employment of his former Chief Deputy, Karen Hobbs, who is alleging wrongful termination saying he fired her because she’s running against him in the election.

Speaking to Parker Live on Monday, Hobbs said she got an email on Friday morning from Rogers saying, “Your help is no longer needed,” terminating her employment at the end of the same day.

Hobbs had taken out papers the previous Monday to run against Rogers for County Attorney in the upcoming election. She says she had taken some vacation days in order to collect the required number of signatures, which she has now submitted to the Elections Department, making her an official candidate in the race. As of Monday, there were no other candidates except Rogers.

“I’ve always supported the office, worked for the office, been dedicated to the office,” she said. “Things were a little tense after I ran for Superior Court Judge last time, but I’m not going to be bullied into not running, it’s open to candidates and I feel I would do a good job and can contribute.”

The 2018 election for Judge of the Superior Court was close, with just 24 votes separating Hobbs and Jessica Quickle, who won the election. In the weeks beforehand, Judge Matt Newman had issued some news-making rebukes to Hobbs in open court over her handling of the Kitage Lynch triple homicide case, which was dismissed, and over lack of evidence against another murder suspect, Marcos Ricardo Ruiz-Zazueta. Last month, Rogers said his office is now ready to bring Lynch to trial again. Hobbs had also been accused of misconduct two years earlier, when Sheriff John Drum filed an ethics complaint over her handling of the homicide case against Sean Ackerman, a move Hobbs called “dirty tricks done dirt cheap”.

But Hobbs was also honored for her work on behalf of drug-endangered children, and named ‘Prosecutor of the Year’ by the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Most employees of La Paz County, including Hobbs, are employed “at will”, which under Arizona state law typically means they can have their employment terminated for any reason or none, except for ‘unlawful’ reasons such as discrimination on the basis of prejudice. But according to Rogers, Hobbs has alleged wrongful termination and proposed a settlement to the County.

“While I can confirm that Karen Hobbs is no longer employed at the La Paz County Attorney’s Office, Mrs. Hobbs has already alleged wrongful termination and proposed a settlement to the county,” Rogers told Parker Live. “Therefore, because this potentially involves litigation, I cannot comment further.”

Last May, Hobbs was replaced as Rogers’ Chief Deputy by Ryan Dooley, who now holds the position. Hobbs will be on this year’s Republican primary ballot for County Attorney.


  1. Jason Ball

    I hope Rodgers gets voted out.

  2. Martin Sudicky

    Why fight for a job in that poor excuse of a town….is that the best she can do? Move on with ya bad self!

  3. Susan Olsen

    I think Parker is a pretty cool town. Beats the big city for sure !!

  4. If you are employed in the same agency that the incumbent is running.. you have to quit in order to run.. Nothing new!!

  5. Candy Escorza

    You have to quit if you’re running against the incumbent and you work for the same department. Nothing new!!

  6. John Wright

    Candy- Are you saying there’s a written policy saying this?

  7. Buni Harvey Hooper

    Susan Olsen Agreed but she’s running for county tho not town

  8. Susan Olsen

    Buni Harvey Hooper Oh ok good to know Thanks Buni..

  9. Buni Harvey Hooper

    Susan Olsen so many people get mixed up in differences of Tribal, County an Town Government… it is unique division for sure ????

  10. Dana Terrill

    BS. That’s not how it works in bigger counties.

  11. Hell yes!!!!! The county will be better off without her letting hundreds of crimes go unprosecuted while she can prey upon people that aren’t even guilty.

  12. What In heven erth dos Miss hobbs think trying to work their and run agenst TonY Regers to try to take His job right under his nose.

  13. Paula Hunter

    This made me spit my coffee this morning. Incestuous Politics. It continues…..

  14. Paula Hunter

    Btw folks. Sam Vederman ALSO FIRED HER!!!

  15. Nicky Martin

    Candy Escorza congress doesn’t

  16. Candy Escorza

    check the county policy John Wright. That’s how it has always been done. Not that this is the case for firing but if she was going to run against her “boss” then she would have to quit.

  17. Candy Escorza

    Nicky Martin I wouldn’t know since I’ve never ran for Congress or been employed in a congressional position. I’m saying this is the case for La Paz County.

  18. BRing back Buckeloo or brennen

  19. I believe what candy escorza is saying is correct!

  20. Lona N Nopah

    La Paz sounds more or less “Mayberry” lol in its own lot..

  21. Rodgers and Hobbs are both DIRTY and should both be removed!!

  22. Mester lawrence – how you make statment like such you mesT be sewer grapeS

  23. Lawrenc – Do tehy need mr Cleen

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