First COVID-19 related death in La Paz County

A first person in La Paz County has died after being infected by the coronavirus.

The La Paz County Health Department was notified yesterday of the fourth positive case in the County. This individual was from the Quartzsite service district area and was admitted to a local hospital. The individual later died. This person was over the age of 65 and had other underlying health conditions.

The four positive confirmed cases in La Paz County have resulted in two fully recovered, one currently hospitalized outside of the county and the unfortunate loss of the fourth individual. The La Paz County Health Department is continuing the process of interviewing close contacts of the individuals and recommending each person monitor for symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days, based on risk exposure.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Holly Irwin said, “We are saddened to hear of the first COVID-19 related death in La Paz County. Our hearts go out to the victim, family, and friends. We empathize with this tragic situation and encourage our communities to remain vigilant in our efforts to support and protect one another.”


  1. Luis Ibarra

    “Covid related” aka person was 350 lbs with diabetes, asthma, Parkinson’s and 101 years old. Yes I wrote this without reading the article.

  2. Billie Madewell

    Luis Ibarra that’s exactly what I said!!!! Comorbidities need to be listed as well before everyone starts panicking even more than they are!!! Covid is not killing healthy people.

  3. Steve Loritz

    They are doing a great job freaking the sheep out , wake up it’s all about the money ????

  4. Ruben Reveles

    ????people like this are the reason why this shit is going to go on longer than it should????

  5. Luis Ibarra

    Ruben Reveles just to be clear keyboard warrior my family and I are abiding by the rules wearing mask and maintaining distance. The concern is the media and health professionals labeling Covid 19 as the reason for death when the person had multiple underlying issues affecting their general health and well being.

  6. Jack Ritter

    It’s all about the stats

  7. Vickie Evers

    Luis Ibarra Exactly and they never put that important part of it up front may just say there’s a death because of it and not the underlying reasons, They just want to keep everybody terrified…

  8. Ruben Reveles

    Luis Ibarra the same thing happens with HIV related deaths people don’t die from the virus it leaves them vulnerable to other diseases to which they die from.
    Saying that health professionals shouldn’t label a death Covid19 is irresponsible. It doesn’t matter if someone is fat, thin, ugly or good looking. if Covid19 accelerates someone’s death it should be labeled as such.

    We went though this already. HIV/AIDS didn’t exist in the 80’s because people weren’t dying from it. We need an accurate count to get this shit under control faster

  9. Parker Live

    Billie- Regarding your statement, “Covid is not killing healthy people.” It’s less likely to affect younger, healthier people, but this virus – which is not well known yet – is known to trigger an overreaction of the immune system that can, and has, killed people with no known health conditions. I agree with you that nobody need to panic, and we DID mention that this individual had pre-existing health conditions, but nobody who hasn’t already had COVID-19 is immune from a severe reaction to it.

  10. Luis Ibarra

    Ruben Reveles you are missing the point. The media is playing it out like everyone’s gonna die and fear mongering. Sick people are dying that were already sick. Instead the could say a person with HIV dies sick with Covid. An obese person who was 74 dies with Covid. A diabetic person with Parkinson’s dies with Covid. Instead it’s DEATH DEATH DEATH.

  11. Parker Live

    Vickie- You say, “They just want to keep everybody terrified…” No. Our job is to keep people informed. Read the article. It makes it clear that the person had pre-existing conditions. But if your response to that is to say, ‘Therefore nobody should care’, that’s an extremely stupid, irresponsible conclusion.

  12. Luis Ibarra

    Parker Live can you post pictures of the mountains, rivers, new businesses in town etc?

  13. Jillian DeHollander

    Luis Ibarra it’s not discriminating against the healthy either. Those have died as well

  14. Parker Live

    Luis Ibarra If you mean “report and engage with the news as a local news outlet like we’ve done for 11 years” then yes.

  15. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    Thank you for mentioning that two people have recovered from this horrible virus.

  16. Luis Ibarra

    Jillian DeHollander do you or anyone you know have a relationship with anyone young and perfectly healthy that’s died? If so please share so we can mourn their loss. Do not use google to complete this task.

  17. Parker Live

    Luis Ibarra Why on earth would THAT be the standard by which we decide what’s true? So something hasn’t happened unless you personally know someone who it’s happened to? Anecdotes are not data. Data means you learn from what’s happening in the WORLD, not in your own little circle.

  18. Jillian DeHollander

    Luis Ibarra I suppose just because YOU havent heard of it means it must not he true

  19. Parker Live

    Most people afflicted will recover.

  20. Lawny Reese Caracci

    It’s sad to hear news about this man’s or anyones loss of life. When we gonna see daily posts how many die every day from cancer,., or the millions suffering thru chemo treatments right now, I know quite a few myself. Still no cure for cancer but the world don’t go on lockdown. I’m washing hands, trying not to touch face, being more cautious of what I’m touching in public & wearing gloves where needed, if sick, stay home, don’t shake hands & Pray. . Why we gotta shut down. The fear, the anxiety, the stress of all this will most likely kill some of us & many more of us before the corona virus does. Need to all be more aware of our surroundings & know not to go out if sick & coughing.

  21. Praying right now for the person’s loved ones. I’m so very sorry for their loss, and I pray God will comfort them during this heart-wrenching time in their lives.

  22. Rebekah Ray

    R. I. P too the person who lost his life and his family my deepest condolences to you all.., ????????

  23. Darcy Vaughn Holt

    Parker Live Thank you for keeping us informed.

  24. Robert Reese

    Yeah OK where is the cancer cure and the last flu cure wake up it’s a joke now to people

  25. Dee DiTerlizzi, MA

    To all who are desparately trying to corral this pandemic into just another strain of flu for money media gimic, should take a look at Massachusetts stats. Thousands of across-the-board-age illness & deaths, hundreds of increasing cases reported DAILY, inability to feed families, food depleted from Food Banks daily & whole state unemplyment. Communities banding together to feed hungry people & kids for free, creating make-shift hospitals to accomodate Covid 19 influx, watching weak succumb & Veterans’ homes reporting inexcusable rising mortality rates per total residency everyday. If you don’t have these statistics, be thankful & vigilant you’re doing something right. It wouldn’t take much to cull tiny populations of communities where you are & leave small dust tornados behind where homes, RV parks & small stores once stood.

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