Quartzsite teacher arrested on suspicion of sex with student under 15

A Quartzsite teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a student under 15 years old, according to Quartzsite Police Chief William Ponce.

An investigation on April 10th revealed that Garrett Sweetland, 24, and an unnamed minor were having a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, according to a release from the Quartzsite Police Department. Garrett is a third and fourth grade teacher in the Quartzsite Elementary School.

The investigation also revealed that the two committed sexual acts on multiple occasions, Ponce said.

Sweetland, who is also reportedly a soccer coach at the school district, was taken into custody on April 13th and booked on 10 counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

People with more information are encouraged to call QPD’s Corporal Tanakeyowma at 928-927-4644.


  1. Meli Williams

    That’s two accused out of that school. Yikes!

  2. Ruben Vega

    There are some really good teachers at both schools but the question is, is this actually a certified teacher or another one of the so called “long term” substitute teachers that are pretty much hired off the street by the administration after passing a simple test, with no certifications or degree to teach, sometimes with not even any work experience???

  3. Janni Hudson

    The boys in prison will take care of him

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