Arizona Governor extends modified Arizona stay-at-home order by 2 weeks

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey held a press conference Wednesday in which he announced the extension of the state’s stay-at-home order through May 15th, with some modifications.

Ducey said Arizona will be ‘phasing in’ a gradual economic return over the next number of weeks, balancing it with public health.

“I have a sense of urgency and I want to reopen,” Ducey said, “I just want to do it at the right time and I want it to be successful.”

Ducey said he wanted to avoid having to ask people to shut down again.

On May 4th, non-essential retailers will be allowed to partially reopen, offering delivery service, window service, walk-up service, drive-through service, curbside delivery or appointment, provided they establish protocols to ensure social distancing. On May 8th, those same retailers can accept customers into their stores, but with limited capacity and social distancing. Fitting rooms will stay closed.

Dine-in restaurants are being singled out for a special plan that will be released next week, working with the restaurant industry, in a way that expands dine-in options during the month of May. The best-case scenario is May 12th, according to Ducey, but it would be in coordination with the industry and under CDC guidance, with plenty of notice for restaurants.

“Our goal is to do this sometime in May. When you do walk in to one of those opened restaurants for dine-in, it will be a temporary, different experience with food service workers and service workers wearing masks,” Ducey said.

Bars that do not have sit-down dining will come later, he added. Elective surgeries will be back on Friday.

Watch the press conference

“I intend to reopen the economy successfully,” Ducey said, emphasizing that Arizona’s needs and factors are unique to the state. “We’re going to make the decisions in a responsible way so that we are successful in doing it.”

Travel restrictions to places with travel advisories are extended through May 15th also.

Ducey said the state’s leaders would be using both their heads and hearts to make decisions over the coming weeks.

The state has the capacity in the hospital system to deal with much more severe numbers of COVID hospitalizations than we have to date, according to Ducey’s numbers. The system is operating well under capacity, including total hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators.

Almost 70,000 tests for coronavirus have happened but much more testing is required, and a testing ‘blitz’ is happening this week.

Read the Governor’s full executive order HERE.


  1. Kelly Ogilvie

    Wow that was fast, he’s still talking on TV, lol

  2. Robin Gerlach

    With confirmed cases on the rise in La Paz County how in the hell is this good? Anyone…..?! I’ve got a very bad feeling.

  3. Robin Schilling

    But he said stores can start to reopen May 4th.

  4. GD Tucker

    All I heard were some clicks and beeps with a few very vague dates thrown in with a sprinkle of “Blitz Testing….”, And masks for restaurant workers.

  5. Jon Schaffner

    All of this for a death rate lower than the flu?

  6. Missy Fair

    This is Dumb shit for opening up

  7. Jim Messenger

    The virus is probably being brought in by the weekend warriors coming to the river from California.

  8. Suzanne Wehman

    He really should not have raised everybodys hopes!! That was irresponsible!

  9. Don Rountree

    Jim Messenger are they visiting to farms in the far east end of the county?

  10. Renee Juliani

    Robin Gerach -if u are that scared then stay home!!

  11. Robin Gerlach

    Renee Juliani I work every God damn day I am essential I am not afraid of anything just the idiots who refuse to stay at home social distance follow rules or use their fucking common sense!! This would have been over long ago had anyone listened instead they are behaving like selfish morons. I weep for the future of our existence when people cannot follow simple instructions.

  12. Renee Juliani

    I am essential as well(find this term to be very unflattering)! I work in an impatient hospice facility!! I am 51 years old. I practice what I preach!! I take responsibility for myself and those that I come in close contact with. I am not scared and do not want extra recognition with the phrase “essential worker” I am just doing my job!! I have not been encumbered any more or less than if I were dealing with the flu which I have found to be in my 30 years of service just as costly with lives taken as this media politicized virus!! I am not a sheep that chooses to follow the flock to its slaughter!!

  13. Robin Gerlach

    Renee Juliani ????????good for and the work you do honestly. Thank you for what you do. I do not use “essential” as a badge of honor its NOT it is simply my opinion that noone has used appropriate precautions or response to this I do not indulge in whether its media fueled or a “plandemic” I steer clear from political motives and discussion I do believe in my God given right to live free so this has really been a challenge for me to be constricted to rules and “orders” but I do respect authority and have done my best to adhere to the set of circumstances we have all been burdened with I am just sickened by witnessing so many people flaunt their absolute lack of moral obligation to respect any city state or local government ordinance or requests. It truly makes me sick to know If this was a true state of emergency and all of our lives could be compromised or threatened because no one is prepared to take it seriously or to follow instructions accordingly. I do not have the luxury of staying home nor do I want to it’s not in me to stay home because I serve the public But the public certainly does not worry about me and the fact that I have a family, children and grand children to go home to.

  14. Renee Juliani

    I respect your viewpoint!

  15. Shelly Somishka

    The current death toll from covid19 is roughly equal to what the SEASONAL flu deaths are. That’s not a good, considering that equals deaths from flu over the YEAR and covid19 in one month, during lockdown, get it?

  16. Sam A Camarata

    These deaths are not covid . Cancer, diabetes, heart attack,ect. That’s what the majority of these people are dieing from . 23 week pre mature baby died. So sad. They said covid.

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