First case of COVID-19 on CRIT reservation

CRIT has its first case of COVID-19 on the reservation, according to the Colorado River Indian Tribes Department of Health and Social Services.

The first presumptive positive case resulting from an individual seeking medical care at the Parker Indian Health Center was announced Friday night. The individual is a resident of the CRIT reservation.

The Department of Health and Social Services will work in conjunction with Parker Indian Health Center to identify and notify any contacts the individual may have had recently. The Department asked anyone who has symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, headache, myalgias (body aches), chills, repeating shaking with chills, and new loss of taste or smell to contact the Parker Indian Health Center or their primary physician.

CRIT’s stay-at-home order was extended recently until the end of May.


  1. Omero D. Blake

    I’m so confused… I thought the first case was the employee from the hospital. Can someone please explain?????

  2. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Omero D. Blake she was an employee not a member

  3. Omero D. Blake

    Nicole Bierbrodt then the headline “First case of Covid-19 on Crit reservation” is misleading.

  4. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Omero D. Blake how is it misleading if she was an employee and not a tribal member? From what i read when she was recovering, She doesn’t even live here (the employee)- she travels back and forth for work. The headline makes perfect sense if they’re referring to their first case in a tribal member. Maybe don’t be so critical of the title of the article and be more concerned for the people who are ill… ????

  5. Omero D. Blake

    Nicole Bierbrodt I think you’re reading too deep into my statement. Take a step back and re read what I said. I wasn’t being rude or anything. We appreciate your response though. The opinion of everyone is allowed to be different, thankful to live in this great county of ours. Sorry if what was said was received in an offensive manner as it was not meant to be. The world we live in….

  6. Omero D. Blake

    Pretty sure the hospital is on the reservation but eh that’s here nor there

  7. That employee was not from the Parker area.

  8. Greg Vrieling

    The Tribe is gonna get some of that Government COVID-19 $$$$

  9. Rollie Smith

    Presumptive it could be the flu as I know two people I thought they had it and then got tested and turned out negative

  10. Halajian Shane

    Casino’s closed they have to bring revenue in some how might as well jump on the covid wagon

  11. Dawn Howard

    Omero D. Blake right? 2 from IHS

  12. Dawn Howard

    Omero D. Blake all the news has been misleading the whole time! Right?

  13. Laurie Tomasino

    Why presume when tests are available?

  14. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Testing will confirm whether it’s Covid-19. Y’all know about testing, right. 60,000+ dead and rising and there are still people who want to quibble. I could care less about those who don’t give a damn about their health. I do give a damn about the infected who don’t give a damn about who they infect and possibly murder. I say murder because we all have a choice. We presume we are infected and asymptomatic and choose not to follow the CDC guidelines and infect another, that is a personal choice and with that choice comes personal responsibility.

  15. Loren Jim Loudon

    The Obama leg humpers are inflating the numbers.

  16. Gil Harper

    If presumptive why even report?

  17. James Smith

    Lol good thing these idiots are keeping everything closed longer for “all those cases of covid” smdh!!

  18. Tommy L. Drennan

    “A presumptive positive result is when a patient has tested positive by a public health laboratory, but results are pending confirmation at CDC. For public health purposes, a presumptive positive result using the CDC test is treated as a positive.”

    From the CDC material for those who are now confused.

  19. Omero D. Blake

    Tommy L. Drennan thank you for clearing up the confusion and thank you for all you do!

  20. Andrew Elliott

    I think everyone needs to just take a deep breathe and relax,okay use common sense and wear your mask,I’ve seen that the majority of people in and about Parker aren’t taking this serious enough! Hey summer is here already for us,so if y’all want to enjoy our beautiful cool river use common sense please,1 death is to many. If you feel sick go to the hospital if you think you need to.if not than stay in your house atleast 10 days or so,until you are completely better,and than a few days more to make sure,please wear your mask whenever your around anyone even your pets as well,they say this and they say that all the while the truth is not known yet be assured if that. To have your own opinion is a good thing,don’t ever let anyone denounce you as not having your right to your opinion,hey FYI just because you don’t agree with another’s opinion doesn’t mean ours is the only one that counts,last time I check we still live in America and we all have the right to voice our own opinions,that’s the key to why our country is the best in the world,don’t ever forget that. Stay tough,Stay strong and relax a little all this stress isn’t good for any of us! Use common sense and we will overcome this,it’s just another ploy against us,we will be alright. God Bless all of you,take care be safe,peace.

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