Arizona’s stay-at-home order will expire on Friday

The state of Arizona’s stay-at-home order will expire on Friday as the state implements ‘Phase 1’ reopening. The Colorado River Indian Tribes order remains in effect.

Dine-in restaurants, pools and gyms, spas, salons and barber shops can all now legally open their doors to the public with CDC guidance around social distancing. This Saturday, major league sports can resume limited reopening too, without fans at first.

Governor Doug Ducey announced Tuesday that his ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected’ order will be allowed to expire this Friday, and will be replaced by an order he calls, ‘Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger’. It contains new guidance for the next stage of reopening.

“Since the start of this pandemic, Arizona has taken a calm and steady approach to protecting health and slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Ducey. “It is time to move forward with the next steps of Arizona’s economic recovery — while continuing to make health and safety our number one priority.”

Ducey’s question and answer time with reporters was lively, with reporters asking who will be responsible for enforcing compliance with the new guidelines in establishments that are failing to implement them effectively. Ducey said that law enforcement agencies would be responsible, but emphasized that most establishments have been very responsible during the lockdown and enforcement should be based on education and a “lighter touch.”

Beginning Monday, La Paz County offices will be resuming normal business hours of 7am to 6pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, according to a County press release. Departments will be operating under the new guidelines given by the state and continuing to practice physical distancing is recommended.

The Arizona Department of Health Services released guidance for businesses and customers as more industries resume partial operations. This guidance includes:

  • Pools, with physical distancing and enhanced sanitation (GUIDANCE)
  • Gyms & Fitness Providers, with physical distancing and enhanced sanitation (GUIDANCE)
  • Spas, with physical distancing and enhanced sanitation (GUIDANCE)
  • While never formally closed, many places of worship opted to temporarily change or suspend services in order to follow physical distancing guidelines. As they resume operations, the Arizona Department of Health Services released GUIDANCE for enhanced physical distancing and safety precautions.

Read the Governor’s executive order HERE.


  1. Wendy Mcinerney Williams

    Carrie Mock tome to book a river house !

  2. Kathi Jean Andrews

    Wow, how magnanimous of our ruler!

  3. Carrie Mock

    Wendy Mcinerney Williams book it- we are free all July!!

  4. Jennilee Martin

    Everybody stay home… We still have our own stay at home orders here in parker and are still on a curfew

  5. David Davis

    What dougie ducey doesn’t realize is theres a great document that makes it legal for us to go where we want and do what we want. Without his permission.
    It’s called the United States constitution.

  6. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    David Davis To make your argument valid, you would have to file suit in Federal Court and let the Federal judiciary decide whether he had the Constitutional authority or not. This process is laid out in said Constitution, it’s called “redress of grievances”. Otherwise, as a matter of law, all laws are Constitutional UNLESS ruled otherwise on a Court of law. You must comply with the entirety of the Constitution. Your may not decide for yourself what is or is not Constitutional, otherwise you would certainly be guilty of an unamerican activity bordering on insurrection and anarchy. Read the Constitution and learn things.

  7. Randy Sossaman

    David Davis then go do it

  8. David Davis

    Randy Sossaman I already do, thanks.

  9. David Davis

    John Stephen Lane Sr. Well counselor, thank you for your opinion. Even with the snotty tone.

  10. Beverly L Bonney

    I understand CRIT is still planning to enforce no entry in the river, correct?

  11. Mike Drum

    Whoop Whoop! Cocktails are flowing!

  12. Charles Peters

    John Stephen Lane Sr. Ducey did not have law. He made a ruling. Not binding as the legislature did not pass a law.

  13. Quinton Cobb

    John Stephen Lane Sr. So what you’re saying is the Constitution says the Governor has the right to enforce his own laws and policies?

  14. Gregory Hanson

    Was there even anybody actually staying at home down here by the river?

  15. Sue Laskowski Essex

    David Davis don’t be stupid be safe . For yourself and your family

  16. Sherri Ann Swick

    Gregory Hanson yes the people who live in Parker that couldn’t go to work, some of us stay home for our safety of our family

  17. David Davis

    Sue Laskowski Essex dont be a sheep.

  18. Jennilee Martin

    David Davis oh geez … Stop with all that … I can go where I want … Stop and realize it’s for the benefit of all people … You sound like a spoiled child when they are told they cannot do something

  19. Jennilee Martin

    Beverly L Bonney as far as I seen yes until May 31st

  20. David Davis

    Jennilee Martin baa baa! Again, dont be a sheep. Hows that stay at home order working for the tribes? Is it REALLY working? Nope.
    Tell you what, you go hide and I’ll continue to live my life.

  21. Jennilee Martin

    Wow what a thing to say … I hope you or anyone close to does not gets sick … As long as David Davis is allowed to freely roam where ever he pleases he is happy but give him boundaries he becomes inconsiderate to other people …

  22. David Davis

    Jennilee Martin but I never said I was inconsiderate. I will gladly give everyone their space.
    I also hope that neither i nor ANYONE gets sick.
    Again, I refuse to live in fear.
    Have a nice night.

  23. Kimberly Rowland

    Beverly L Bonney our 2nd letter we received from them still states May 31

  24. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Gregory Hanson most of the locals were except for the ones that had to work. Pretty much the only people that didn’t listen were the people who come from out of town.

  25. Brian Hanson

    CRIT order, not Parker order.

  26. Parker Live

    Federal courts have upheld the orders as legal. The Constitution doesn’t give individuals unlimited rights. There are limits, especially with regard to public health.

  27. All many people including a lot of the protesters and the ‘will not comply’ AND me, have ever asked, is that ANY restrictions on or loss of our freedoms be carried out according to acceptable scientific guidelines. That has not happend since day one of this pandemic and as long as sheeples sit around watching their freedoms being ripped away from them, it will never happen. A bunch of wrong numbers that didn’t even pass the giggle test being plugged into a computer, with a bunch of numbers spit back out that again didn’t pass the giggle test—this passes for science now? this is what governers and others are USING to create their orders. THESE are the kinds of abuses that the constitution was created to protect us from.

    THAT is the point that many people are trying to make. But some people are going to cherry-pick what they want to believe, and they have personal prejudices and well so do I, I am sure; and ANY kind of disagreement or expressed concern translates, in their mind, to ‘pandemic denial’ and ‘you’re going to kill innocent people’ and blah blah blah it just never ends. ‘Show us the science’ is all we have ever asked. And it’s all we haven’t gotten.

    “Federal courts have upheld the orders as legal. The Constitution doesn’t give individuals unlimited rights. There are limits, especially with regard to public health.” This shows an absolute disregard for some of the concerns so many of us have. I’ve done just a little bit of traveling in my life, and I can say with vigor that this IS the best country in the world. But there have been issues in the past—Native American, African, Japanese we all know what happened. Don’t think it could never happen again– unless we stay awake, stay vigilant, stay strong.

  28. Eddie Rowland

    Beverly L Bonney yes, but they don’t enforce it.
    They send out letters

  29. Jackie Austin

    If you are sick stay home. If you have been around sick people stay home. If you are healthy and don’t live in fear then just practice safety and carry on!

  30. Charles Peters

    Parker Live I doubt that.

  31. Nicky Martin

    David Davis we need to replace him with someone more conservative

  32. Patrick Kraut

    Last weekend in Parker was beautiful – supported take out restaurants for lunch and dinner each day

  33. Sean Young

    David Davis read the commerce clause in the constitution

  34. Sue Laskowski Essex

    David Davis don’t be a ass

  35. Gregory Hanson

    Nicole Bierbrodt yep same here in Havasu. La Paz county did a pretty good job keeping covid at bay.

  36. David Davis

    Sue Laskowski Essex dont be a sheep.

  37. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Gregory Hanson we’re trying. The residents have done a great job of doing what they could to be responsible. Those that had to go to work did it with care and precaution. The only reason our shelves are empty is because the out of towners. I haven’t been able to buy paper towels for over a month now. My dad had to bring me toilet paper from Prescott a month ago when he came down.

  38. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Gregory Hanson i saw one guy from Cali so cocky comment on the post about the LA Times article “oh please you people wouldn’t survive without all of us river people coming down and spending all our big money there. Get over yourselves.” In response to someone telling them to stay home. I thought, you arrogant prick… our towns survive just fine with our locals. Sure your money doesn’t hurt… but we’d survive without you.

  39. Scott Dunlap

    Jennilee Martin except for tommy Drennan he can go and infect everyone right? Asking for a friend.

  40. Jennilee Martin

    Brian Hanson parker is within the boundaries but that has already been posted…

  41. Jennilee Martin

    Scott Dunlap lol officer Dunlap what is your question…

  42. Gregory Hanson

    Nicole Bierbrodt yea I read that also. Those people love to stroke their egos thinking we’d go bankrupt without them.

  43. Nicole Bierbrodt

    Gregory Hanson right. Our town survived long before it became their vacation spot.

  44. Martha Hurtado

    If the people don’t want to stay home then please do go into businesses that are open and we may have to go.

  45. Martha Hurtado

    Scott Dunlap why ask her, ask him he speaks very well for himself

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