Parker Tube Float is set for August

The annual Parker Tube Float, normally held in June, is set for August 1st, 2020.

“This Float’s For You” is the theme this year for an event that has happened every year since 1977, typically drawing thousands of people floating together down the Parker Strip. The new director of the Chamber of Commerce, Melissa Newton, says it’s been a challenge to plan it this year.

“We had a tough decision before us at the end of April and realized that due to current conditions with executive orders and COVID-19, that we needed to move back the date of the Tube Float from June,” she told Parker Live. “We believe in the event and really wanted to offer it in 2020 as it is a fundraiser that helps fund the Chamber and the Visitor’s Center in Parker all year long, but we also needed to take into consideration our community’s health and the health of the participants.”

Newton said that the Chamber decided on August in hopes that it would give them enough time to hold the event within the ever-changing guidelines. She said attendance may be affected by the global situation and the date change, but that the higher temperatures in August may be a good thing for the event.

“The route for the 43rd Annual Tube Float will be the same as it has been the last couple years,” she said. “Registration and parking will be at La Paz County Park, participants and their deflated tubes will be bused to Buckskin State Park. We will have air compressors available at the starting line for use and then the floaters can set off on a nice, cool float down the Colorado River ending at an After Party hosted by Pirate’s Den.”

The Chamber has partnered with Fluzzle Tubes for this year’s event, a brand of tube with sections that connect together, so that people can form a larger network of tubes as they float. Participants can order a tube before the event and arrive with it aired up and ready to go, making the morning one step easier.

As always, plenty of water, sunscreen and a secure place for personal belongings are a must.

“It takes an army of people to make each event successful, so if you are looking for ways that you can volunteer or sponsor, please contact us at the Chamber or at,” Newton told us. Online registration is live at the same website.

The first 300 people to pre-register for the event will receive a goodie bag and limited edition Parker Tube Float tank top.


  1. Jeannie Mason

    Kristen Smedley so down!!!!

  2. Jennifer Hile

    Carolen VanderPoel it would make it easier ????

  3. Gil Harper

    Parker Virus Float 2020!

  4. Jodi Lyn

    Keri Cesario lets go lol

  5. Keri Cesario

    Jodi Lyn we have no boat this time to help us lol

  6. Robb Cozby

    I can’t imagine how many people will overheat in 110°+ weather… should be about the first week of school here too… not really well placed imo

  7. Bruce Mc Diarmid

    Wow WARMER time of the year

  8. Shawn Smedley

    Kristen Smedley birthday trip

  9. Jodi Lyn

    Keri Cesario where’s dads boat

  10. Rhonda Cooper

    dang seems like la paz do anythin to keep the $$ comin in!
    this is so wrong
    they need to shut it all dwn till we get this virus under control!

  11. Marcia Raymondo Navarro

    Jenn Navarro good news for you. ???? ????

  12. Louis Silva

    They sent me an email saying our June tix will still be valid, and we changed our cottage resv. Woo Hoo!

  13. Keri Cesario

    Jodi Lyn he sold it ????

  14. Jodi Lyn

    Keri Cesario oh no why

  15. Jodi Lyn

    Keri Cesario gotcha… we don’t need a boat

  16. Jodi Lyn

    Keri Cesario just need Us our floats and uncle Tito and auntie tonic

  17. Joseph Walker

    Not as fun as it used to be….. Well locally speaking.

  18. Danae DeLey

    Marcia Raymondo Navarro my birthday weekend

  19. Hannah Viette-Oliver

    Its such a stupid event. So many people get sick, dehydrated and alcohol poisoning. It should be canceled all together. Especially since its an event that has about 1,000 entries. Not really a smart idea.

  20. Cyndi Koglin-Ahlgrim

    Carolen VanderPoel which float are we using? Or are we getting a new one? ????????????

  21. Carolen VanderPoel

    Cyndi Koglin-Ahlgrim ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ i think we still have our flamingo?…????

  22. Carolen VanderPoel

    ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ I think we still have our ????…

  23. Karen Oates

    Carolen VanderPoel Cyndi Koglin-Ahlgrim I think we still have one new flamingo ????

  24. Jennifer Hile

    We need customized it this year ????

  25. Robert McCormick

    Haters gonna hate, make sure police hand out littering tickets, besides that should be fun.

  26. Mary Hamilton

    Hannah Viette-Oliver your entry number is wrong. It’s more like 4,000 people pay and there’s 8,000 on the water.

  27. Carolen VanderPoel

    Jennifer Hile ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!

  28. Cyndi Koglin-Ahlgrim

    Carolen VanderPoel do we need a special bling machine??

  29. Hannah Viette-Oliver

    Why does that matter? I was just proving a point. The number I mentioned doesn’t matter, its still huge group of people in a crowded area. Still a bad event and a horrible idea.

  30. Kelly Oates

    We have both old & new flamingos ????

  31. Jackie Perra

    Floating POOP DAY????????????

  32. Jeffrey Alan

    Rhonda Cooper I guess we should shut down America and wait 2 year for a cure

  33. Denise Anaya

    Heather Banzuelo float was moved to August

  34. Jennifer Hile

    Kelly Oates we need a craft night with the cricut machine ????

  35. Mary Hamilton

    Hannah Viette-Oliver Well kid,You’re the one who brought up the number(s). ???? And, you didn’t prove anything. It’s merely your opinion. Just wanted you to have better numbers, although they are approximate.

  36. Rhonda Cooper

    Jeffrey Alan maybe just a better understandin of this virus? as u can tell sum ppl dont listen to simple task of washin hands!
    so yeah real smart idea to bring crowds of ppl to our part of world
    sorry if i want to keep my family and community healthy to live another day!

  37. Jim Johnson

    Wtf, I swear people just cannot just give it a year to fight the covid ????‍♂️ putting our community at risk for what? Drunk ass out of towners partying

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