On busy river weekend, 3 boats crash into same dock

Three boats crashed into the same docks at Rio Lindo Shores on an unusually busy weekend on the Parker Strip. Two of the crashes happened on Saturday, the third on Sunday. The docks are located directly between two popular riverfront bars and directly across from a popular beach.

UPDATE: Parker Live spoke to La Paz County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Donald Schlect who provided more information on each of the incidents, which has been added below.

In the first incident, a jet boat with an open motor was traveling southbound and turned prior to Fox’s, running into a pontoon boat parked at the dock, punching through the side and up onto the deck. It landed with its hull sitting on the front seating of the pontoon. The driver was the solo occupant.

“There was a lot of boat traffic, and the driver had a foot throttle, he was making his turn, hit the chop, which hit the throttle,” said Schlect. “There were no serious injuries and alcohol was not a factor.”

The second incident involved a red boat with an outboard motor crashing into the dock and landing up on top of it. The operator was airlifted to hospital with their injuries.

“He was the single occupant also, hit a wave or lost control, and he was ejected from the boat and had head trauma,” Schlect said. “He was airlifted to Abrazo West in Goodyear.” Alcohol is suspected as a factor but not confirmed, and the Sheriff’s Department is awaiting results of his blood test.

The following day, a third incident happened at the same docks when a mid motor ski boat landed with its nose on the dock at a steep incline and its back end in the water.

“Two occupants in an older Mastercraft,” Schlect said. “Traveling north, it was pretty choppy and rough and they’re not sure what happened, they put it on the dock. Neither of the occupants were hurt but two people on the dock were involved, one pushed the other out of the way to avoid being hit, and there may have been a minor injury there.” The driver was taken to jail for Operating Under the Influence of alcohol.

Schlect told Parker Live that besides alcohol, there were multiple other factors in the crashes.

“It was very crowded this weekend, something we haven’t seen in quite a while,” he said. “We have had several major accidents at that location over the years, the docks get hit quite a bit. It’s between the two bars and the sandbar opposite, plus there’s a change in the current there and some chop.”

The Sheriff’s Department Boating Division is speaking with the U.S. Coastguard about the process of trying to establish the area as a no-wake zone, which would reduce speeds around that bend on the river. Schlect says he believes inexperienced boaters may also have been a factor in at least one of the crashes. The effects of alcohol can be amplified up to 10 times in the heat, he added.

Multiple agencies responded to all three incidents.

Watch an OUI arrest with the Sheriff’s Department HERE

Extra photos from readers:


  1. Mark Westfall

    Same neighborhood…. different docks! Rio Lindo

  2. WendyandJason Berkes

    So frustrating. I wonder if it’s just the boats fault or was other boat/wave runners have some connection to this. I know that we’ve had wave runners or jet skiers (most likely non experienced) almost make us crash. This section of the river has always been busy.

  3. WendyandJason Berkes

    Mike Coffey only 1 was a wake board board.

  4. Mike Coffey

    Pretty sure the red boat got out of shape because of the rough water too… maybe not directly, but the water has been wrecked lately from the wakeboard boats…

  5. Connie Greenstreet-Gonzales

    Ron Lowe see these are the three accidents

  6. Brian Stroud

    that is a rough section of the river to begin with(currents, turns, rocks, whitewater turbulance) add extra boats, waverunners, and alcohol / inexperience drivers, this is what you get

  7. Scott Homan

    Mike Coffey
    That’s actually a tournament ski boat..mid motor, no tower… not a wake board boat. The first two were due to excessive speed and over driving.

  8. Brandii Scott

    Maybe people should take that as a hint to stay home.. ????????

  9. Mary Parker

    Parker Colorado has bumper boats.
    Maybe they learned to drive their boats there….

  10. Shay Gaudette

    Who ever owns the 3 , shouldn’t be allowed to drive a boat. Most likely this results from “first timer” boat owners. I follow a few pages, where people are buying their first boats. The throttle /gas is sensitive. Little touch is a lot vs a car/truck.
    It’s like when people buy their first gun. Stay the fuck away ????

    There will be more accidents like this . 3 in 3 days and not even summer yet !

  11. Kristin Monsoor

    Marlee Hill I saw that! What the heck!!!

  12. Marlee Hill

    Kristin Monsoor seriously!!!

  13. Mike Coffey

    pretty sure you missed my point… But thanks captain obvious… lol

  14. Tracy Jones

    Jackson Patrick Cassibry this is why we stay off the river on weekends!

  15. Tina Ceballos

    Max Paz I know crazy huh

  16. Sandy Brassard

    Those same “waves” have been on the River forever – no excuse there.

  17. Lona N Nopah

    Your monkey not mine (problems)… told them to stay home now there looking for someone to blame , easy as :should of stayed home , would not have happened, simple as that ..

  18. Lona N Nopah

    Your monkey not mine (problems)… told them to stay home now there looking for someone to blame , easy as :should of stayed home , would not have happened, simple as that ..

  19. Mike DeSouza

    Maybe people shouldn’t drive faster than conditions allow for ????‍♂️

  20. Jackson Patrick Cassibry

    Tracy Jones I don’t know if I told you but my first trip ever to Parker September of 1999, 3 guys died from running up on some rocks in their $200k speedboat at 10pm, wasted drunk leaving the roadrunner the night before I got there. I still have pics somewhere of the boat up on top of the rocks

  21. Tracy Jones

    Jackson Patrick Cassibry I hear so many stories like this! We play it safe.

  22. Scott Homan

    Mike Coffey
    Your Welcome

  23. Josh Gibbs

    It’s a bad spot on the river. People hot dog it past foxs and the water is turbulent there where it falls off a shelf. Lot of currents. It’s also a blind corner. Slowing down is a great solution ????

  24. Madison Rosinski

    hot doggin’ it down the river

  25. Justine Luigs

    Rena Hewitt oh man ????

  26. Mark Arocho

    WendyandJason Berkes it was a combo of speed and big wakes. It was very busy

  27. Parker Live

    UPDATE: Comments by the Sheriff’s Department added at the link. Factors included: OUI, inexperience, crowding, river currents. Sheriff’s Department is exploring the possibility of establishing a no-wake zone.

  28. WendyandJason Berkes

    Ashley Longtin Snook 3 accidents right around the corner from Fox’s

  29. Christopher M Dobbins

    Parker Live , better would be to ban surf boats.
    They are the #1 reason Parker is a mess right now.

  30. Ashley Longtin Snook

    WendyandJason Berkes yup so sad we were right there for the red one he was air lifted out… crazy

  31. Ronnie Ramirez

    Ballast boats gotta go!! No room for them.on the strip! End of.story

  32. Jim Carver

    Brian Stroud warmup for Memorial Day weekend!!

  33. John Lynch

    Ronnie Ramirez no, they need to be taught how to be courteous. Just like people need to be taught not to pull their kids in a tube in the middle of the afternoon on a holiday weekend. I have a “ballast boat” as you call them send routinely tell people to pull their head in. Its the drivers, not the boat.

  34. Rough water….allow more space & slow down!

  35. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Why are they here infecting us and upsetting the balance?

  36. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Parker Live like that will work without law enforcement there.

  37. Pam McBroom

    Sandy Brassard talking wake board waves????

  38. Really… how about slow and dont drink and boat.

  39. 1) Not the fault of a “wakeboard boat.” But a lot of wakeboard boat owners seem to be irresponsible and inconsiderate.
    2) Fox’s, Sundance, the “bend” in the river has been there for as long as I can remember.
    3) Who was diving each boat?Were they the owners or someone else?
    4) Alcohol, sun, boating, showing off in front of Fox’s and Sundance has ALWAYS been in the mix.
    5) It all comes down to RESPONSIBILITY.

  40. That area is very narrow, and across from Foxe’s you get run off water from the reservoir..That area has a strong toilet bowl type flow..And I am sorry if I upset anybody but the wakeboard boats belong on the lake..The waves they create are destroying and eroding the shorelines (EMERALD COVE)..Also, they come so close to the homeowners docks and the floating bars where the waves come over the docks and can sink boats and could knock children off as well..Been here since 2011 and these new SURF Boats are gonna kill somebody..A no wake zone before Foxes and after Sundance would be a very safe practice..Just my thoughts:))

  41. I own a wakeboard/surf boat with thousands of pounds of ballast capability. My boat being used for that purpose has ZERO place on the Parker Strip. That’s just common sense. Even while boarding on the lake I do my best to not impact other boaters and fisherman.

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