Gun store owner dies by suicide after illness, following negotiation with police

UPDATED to add details about Mr. Shepherd’s illness and quotes from his wife Theresa.

An owner of a Parker gun store died by suicide in front of local law enforcement officers after negotiations with police following a long illness.

Kevin Shepherd, who ran Gold Pan Dan’s Guns and Gold on California Avenue in Parker, AZ with his wife Theresa King, the owner, was reportedly holding a gun and threatening to shoot himself when Parker Police Department arrived at the store on Sunday evening.

After around an hour of negotiations between Shepherd, Parker Police officers and La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputies, he shot himself and succumbed to his injuries, reportedly dying on scene.

Shepherd had been ill for some time. He had congestive heart failure, had had one leg removed several years ago and a threat of losing the second, and had been in a lot of pain recently, according to Theresa.

“He was dying,” she told Parker Live. “He just couldn’t take the pain anymore.”

Shepherd had been at the store, earlier called ‘Guns FX’, for several years. An incident in 2018 left staff with a significant cleanup job after a vehicle involved in a high-speed chase crashed through the front of the building and smashed the store to pieces.

On Sunday night, police had the area taped off for over an hour as they negotiated with Shepherd.

Kevin Shepherd is survived by his wife Theresa, who has opened the store to the public again, 6 children and 19 grandchildren.


  1. Karen Long Motz

    How tragically sad, he took his life. Prayers to his family, friends and first responders. ????

  2. Debi Bingham-Tschida

    OMG sending prayers ????????????

  3. Debbie Gilbert

    That is tragic news. God bless his family. My heart goes out to the officer’s too. ????

  4. Shay Gaudette

    Aw man ! I go here all the time . These folk were great people ! That sucks !

  5. Laurie Wise

    My daughter just told me. I am very sorry to hear this.

  6. Heather Jo

    I am shocked! My condolences to Teresa the store owner!

  7. Teresa Braden

    So very sad, Prayers to the family

  8. Shane Chavez

    He was great I could talk to him for hours about anything. I haven’t had a chance to visit in weeks. He will be missed.

  9. Mark Valenzuela

    Prayers for Kevin’s family.

  10. Vivian Wilson

    So sorry condolences to your family

  11. Katie Belflower

    Prayers from our family to yours.

  12. Jackie Perra

    Nooo.. lost my brother that way a year ago.. this ???????????????????????????????????????????? man was so sweet

  13. Annie Liles

    So very, very sad. Sending prayers of peace and comfort to his family, friends and the first responders.

  14. RIP, Kevin. Prayers to Teresa

  15. Dawn Howard

    So very sorry. He was in and out of the hospital. Sweet man. Must have been sick of being sick. So so sad. Prayers for the family left behind ????

  16. Brian Stroud

    Rip Kevin. I understand though. That high speed chase last year really f’ed them financially which didn’t help. Prayers

  17. Kayla Martinez

    Noooooo!!!!!!! ???????? Very sweet man, it was very upset and lost after that high speed chase. Lost alot of money. Poor sweet man, condolences to the family! ♥️????

  18. Randy Sossaman

    Nice guy I gave him extra insulin for his dog!! ????????????????????????????????

  19. Garrick Paddock

    Heart breaking… he was a great man. My thoughts are with his family through this difficult time.

  20. Patti SG

    So sorry to hear. He was a nice guy. Condolences to his family. ????????

  21. Robin N Elvira Aspa

    I had the privilege talking with Kevin the last time he had gotten back from the hospital out in phnx. He had a love and passion for his business while chatting with him he told me he had and lived his life to the fullest,had no regrets and was taken care of by a good woman Theresa. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends. From the aspa’s

  22. Jan Kastner Scott

    Prayers to family and friends

  23. Samuel Quezada

    I was literally there before this happened…

  24. Pete Kristy Manville

    What high sped chase ? Confused at what happened

  25. Our prayers go out to his wife and family. Kevin will be missed by all. God Bless.

  26. I have known Kevin for years. I would always drop in and chat with him. He was an amazing friend full of knowledge. Yes he owned the gun store but his real passion was his collectables
    He loved all his cards, jerseys and coins. I feel horrible for Teresa and thier amazing children.. My heart is broken and I want to let his family know that we are here for them!

  27. Sending prayers and condolences to his wife and family! May he rest in peace!

  28. Fair well my friend. Have a safe journey. YOU WILL BE MISSED !!!!!!! You helped me out a lot.Learned a lot from you. You were a very wise MAN. ????????????????❤❤

  29. Teresa ,Andy and I send our condolences may he forever rest in piece ! If you need anything don’t hesitate to call us God Bless.

  30. Rita Hopple

    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to the family.

  31. Rita Hopple

    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to the family.

  32. Rita Hopple

    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to the family.

  33. Rita Hopple

    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to the family.

  34. Prayers for his family. Whatever the turmoil was- May he have found peace now. Sad

  35. Wow didn’t expect to read this. Was just there Saturday. I’ve been customer since they opened. Kevin was always super friendly and an honest guy. He had a lot of health issues which have been getting worse as of lately which I’m sure played a roll. I’m sure he was mentally drained dealing with it. I feel bad that it had to end this way. Praying for his wife Theresa and their kids.

  36. Wayne and Enola Gay warrington

    so sorry for your loss. My husband bought me a Ruger 22 rifle for my birthday and Kevin was very helpful with our purchase. He will be missed these new comers.

  37. I’m new in town, and Kevin made me feel very welcomed…I only got to chat a couple times, but I will be a lifetime customer…God bless you Kevin, and rest in peace……..,

  38. So very sorry to hear about Mr. Shepherd. We always dealt with Theresa and only saw Mr. Shepherd once in the store. We were aware of his illness and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. God bless you!!!!!!!

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