CRIT requires face masks in public, Town of Parker rejects similar measure

The Colorado River Indian Tribes has implemented a mandate requiring people to wear face masks in public places, the Town of Parker has rejected a similar measure and the County Board of Supervisors meets Monday to decide County policy.

CRIT’s requirement applies to the whole CRIT reservation, including popular stores and fast food outlets like Walmart, Safeway, McDonald’s, Subway and Taco Bell.

“Given the rapid increase in positive COVID-19 cases it is time to take these additional steps to slow this surge of COVID-19 cases on the reservation,” said a statement by the Tribes. “Individuals shall be required to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth, which does include cloth masks or coverings, while in a public setting.”

The CRIT order means that reservation business must enforce the wearing of face masks by all staff and customers. The only exception will be for children age 2 and younger, and those with developmental disabilities or other medical conditions that prevent the wearing of a mask.

All CRIT employees have been mandated to wear face masks while working since June 3rd. A “substantial supply” of masks have been obtained by the Tribes, according to the statement, which will allow CRIT to supply members of the Tribes with masks.

“In order to assist our members with complying with this mandate CRIT will be providing face masks to tribal members beginning the week of June 22nd. CRIT Departments and Enterprises are responsible to ensure they maintain adequate supplies of face masks for their staff, clients, and visitors through their own supply chains.”

The Town of Parker Council met Friday for a special meeting to discuss a similar measure. The Council voted to “strongly recommend” that people wear masks in public, but opted not to make it mandatory. Various council members spoke about it, citing the lack of enforceability by Parker Police Department, and suggesting that the measure would be an overreach.

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday with a similar measure on the agenda.

This article will update with any decisions of the Council and the County.


  1. Joe Sena

    Nope. Looks like havasu is getting my tax DOLLARS

  2. Melissa Ann Hill

    Joe Sena yep..I’ll be going to havasu or bullhead ????????

  3. Debbie Hale

    I don’t have a problem wearing a mask. But like someone said in another thread: if you’re going to make it mandatory, then you’d better be providing the equip free of charge.

  4. Joe Sena

    Melissa Ann Hill and they way they raise gas prices by the hour around here.. I’ll buy it in havasu also

  5. Jonny Ferris

    Joe Sena one inconvenience for another lol

  6. Joe Sena

    Jonny Ferris not really… NO movies here. No restaurants here. No hardware store that actually has the stuff you need without getting ripped off

  7. Missy Fair

    Havasu is starting it to geez people always have to be negative you wouldn’t think that if it affected your family !!

  8. Kathi Jean Andrews

    CRIT is looking for Americans with Disabilities Act violations, complaints, and lawsuits. Masks are detrimental to many health issues and cannot be applied as one-size-fits-all. Yes, LHC works for me. I guess CRIT and Parker don’t need economic support. #StayFree

  9. Francine Harper

    Joe Sena could it be that we are in the middle of a pandemic?????

  10. Star Soldiers

    Great way to make criminals out of innocent people. Let’s use officers the way they were intended, not by chasing down people not wearing masks.

  11. Joe Sena

    Francine Harper you spelled PLANDEMIC wrong

  12. Norma Ray

    Any idea how this will be enforced?

  13. Mark Valenzuela

    They’re gonna have to have their PD posted up to enforce it at the stores. Weekenders won’t be complying with it.

  14. Nicky Martin

    Looks like I’m going to Havasu for groceries also

  15. Amanda Cormier

    Steve Stipe Sr did you see this???

  16. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    No biggy… Amazon has Trump MASK! See how long they require mask.

  17. Terilyn Gary

    So walmart cashiers were being nazis this morning regarding who they enforced their socalled policy on for buying their sanitizing products… ????????

  18. Terilyn Gary

    Janelle Wickizer Noble walmart has some cool 4th of july masks too

  19. Debbie Hale

    True about weekenders

  20. Šharī Řušs

    Woo – hoo, safe travels.

  21. Holly Monroe

    Well all my money will be spent in Havasu. Feel bad for the businesses in Parker.

  22. Carissa Hartless

    Joe Sena y’all would really rather drive all the way to Havasu for something you can get down the street than to just wear a mask? That’s just silly but ok

  23. Melissa Ann Hill

    Joe Sena it’s completely ridiculous.. I myself have read 10+ studies on masking and how not only does it not work for this virus, but can actually be harmful for the healthy. People need to realize positive cases does not mean death or even illness. Stop letting the numbers drive up your fear! The numbers aren’t even accurate, and stress is not good for immune systems. So many are testing positive but having NO symptoms at all. I know a few here locally. Others I know here hardly left their homes, masked religiously, constantly sanitizing…and they STILL tested positive and got very sick. ????????‍♀️ How many deaths have we had here on the reservation from this virus? How many in the county? How many were young and healthy? Individuals need to be responsible for their OWN health. It’s a just needs to run its course..we can’t hide from it forever. All we can do is protect the elderly and immune compromised

  24. Fred Powell

    There’s no scientific proof that masks really work but washing your hands and not touching your face along with distancing does, but if you fell safer then wear yours but don’t force ME

  25. Šharī Řušs

    Mass exodus from Parker, oh no.

  26. Carissa Hartless

    Wow you are all acting like children, you would rather drive all the way to Havasu for a gallon of milk than to just put on a damn mask for 5 minutes? Really? Go on then, go waste your gas. Good, finally no line when I go to Walmart, thank you!

  27. Joe Sena

    Carissa Hartless apparently you DIDN’T read ALL my comments

  28. Shelly Somishka

    Nicky Martin We want you to wear a mask here too

  29. Pat McAfee Tanges

    Oh boy! Less people for me to contend with at Safeway! I always wear a mask and sometimes it’s only me and the Safeway personnel in masks!

  30. Kachelle Carter

    Carissa Hartless My exact thinking. If they have so many complaints about Parker why do they choose to vacation/visit??

  31. Lindee Woody

    I truthfully don’t understand why everyone is overreacting to this. If you shop or do business on tribal land, wear a mask. If you feel uncomfortable or victimized by wearing a mask just shop someplace else ????

  32. Melissa Ann Hill

    Carissa Hartless our choice ????????‍♀️

  33. Craig Baker

    Carissa Hartless yes I would

  34. Beverly L Bonney

    I really don’t care about the mask wearing, what I really want to know is WHEN CAN I TAKE A DIP IN THE WATER in front of my OWN PROPERTY?? Fine they don’t want boats, jet skis, kayaks or SUP boards…but for Pete’s sake, can’t we just lounge peacefully in front of our own homes IN THE WATER???? Losing my mind over here????????????

  35. Carissa Hartless

    Melissa Ann Hill you’re right it is, safe travels

  36. Carissa Hartless

    Craig Baker by all means please do, like I said less lines at the store for me

  37. Raelee Cornelius

    You know this is goin on all over az , california and a whole bunch of other states? Could even happen in havasu where yall wanna go instead . What then?
    It’s not like crit or parker are the only ones in the whole state making this decision. Jeez. Get a mask and wear it . Unless there is some medical condition a d you cant. It’s really not that big of a deal. Whine whine whine.

  38. Trevor Hansen


  39. Lindee Woody

    Mario De Leon no shirt, no shoes no mask no service.

  40. Holly Monroe

    Kachelle Carter why do you assume its only visitors or vacationers? I am a full time reside t and yes I will be going to Havasu. You can have Parker to yourselfs with your paranoid face masks on. It is my right to decide what I wear and dont wear. They have not been shown to do any good. This is, or should I say was a free country.

  41. Sean Young

    Kathi Jean Andrews ummmm….. this is all covered under the commerce clause of the constitution, they face absolutely no lawsuits from this

  42. Marcella Van Fleet

    Simple solution: if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go to public places on the reservation. ????

  43. Mario De Leon

    Lindee Woody ????????????????????????it really isn’t that hard I have breathing issue and I wear a mask!

  44. Where’s your Gov?

  45. Kachelle Carter

    Holly Monroe there’s more cases in Havasu so by all means, go. ????????

  46. Lindee Woody

    Holly Monroe food city is not masks mandatory. You can shop there. ????
    PS, I wear a mask every time I go into a place of business. Not because I’m paranoid 🙂 but because if there’s any way at all possible to help this spread I’m all for it

  47. Holly Monroe

    Kachelle Carter your masks arent going to keep you healthy. Good luck with that if you think they will.

  48. Kachelle Carter

    Holly Monroe I’ll be praying for your safety. ????????

  49. Angel Bustrum

    Debbie women need pads and tampons, but yet we don’t get that free of charge ????

    They have $1 bandanas at Walmart.. I’m sure everyone can afford to splurge a little and spend a buck..

  50. Lisa Croley

    Well. Not going to Parker any time soon.

  51. Bobbi J. K-Abbl

    Beverly L Bonney you cant get in the river??

  52. Beverly L Bonney

    Bobbi J. K-Abbl $1,000. Fine

  53. Bobbi J. K-Abbl

    Beverly L Bonney on the Parker strip?

  54. Sandra Stahlke

    i’m from Parker and now live in Florida. Here you either wear a mask or you don’t get the service. I work in an imaging facility, I don’t care if you come in and have COPD, asthma or whatever else messes with breathing. No mask no service ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️.

  55. Beverly L Bonney

    Bobbi J. K-Abbl Big River

  56. Bobbi J. K-Abbl

    Beverly L Bonney oh thanks! We are planning to come Sunday and I kinda need to know what’s going on. We plan to stay a week. ????????‍♀️????.

  57. Debbie Hale

    Angel Bustrum as much as it would be horrible if women didn’t wear feminine hygiene, it’s not a mandatory by some law, to wear, LOL (would be gross though). I get your drift. And yes, masks are cheap….but if you’re going to implement a law, maybe they better think about offering the supplies (at least once free….you loose the freebie, then yes, it’s you’re problem). They’re going to give free masks to Tribal. They must see the wisdom in starting everyone off with a nice new clean mask.

  58. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    Omg! Most places I’ve been require masks. Put it on, do your shopping go home. Make a big deal out of a simple thing. Maybe it’ll keep you safe.

  59. Melissa Ann Hill

    Laurie Tomasino the masses don’t question these things. They just “do as they’re told”

  60. Carissa Hartless

    Holly Monroe that’s awesome you’re a doctor now because you read stuff, do you know how many people die in car accidents every year? Almost 40,000 in the US, yet you are still willing to take that risk and travel 80+ miles to get groceries? Is it really so hard to put a mask on for a few minutes a day to run to the store for milk? Just saying

  61. Jacob Foreman

    The WHO came out and said asymptomatic spread of Covid-19 is extremely rare! Unless you in close proximity with those who have it your not likely to get it.

  62. Holly Monroe

    Hahahaha so now we should stop driving too? If you have to live your life afraid of everything than can happen to you I feel bad for you. I dont live in fear and I make smart choices in my lifestyle which dont include counting on a piece of fabric to keep me healthy.

  63. Angel Bustrum

    Debbie lol yes I appreciate the fact ladies wear pads or tampons ????

  64. Shelly Somishka

    It’s a simple google search… Do masks help prevent covid-19

  65. Joe Sena

    Carissa Hartless so what movies do we have in parker, that’s right… NONE… what restaurants do we have in parker that isn’t the same ole thing that you can eat INSIDE… that’s right, NONE

  66. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    This was copied and pasted from an OSHA certified person:


    [EDITED BY Parker Live. I will not allow the blatant spread of disinformation on this site. The claims about what OSHA allegedly says about masks is FALSE. – JW]

    *Occupational Safety & Hazard Association sited.
    The top American organization for safety.
    They regulate and educate asbestos workers, surgical rooms, you name it.
    If your mask gives you security wear it, just know it is a false sense of security!

  67. Carissa Hartless

    Holly Monroe I think you’re missing my point, but at the end of the day it’s your choice. I feel it’s a silly choice on your part, but you do you and safe travels

  68. Randy Sossaman

    Holly Monroe you’re a idiot

  69. Randy Sossaman

    Holly Monroe next time you need medical attention like surgery tell your surgeons to not wear a mask because they don’t help!!!

  70. Carissa Hartless

    Joe Sena my life doesn’t revolve around movies and eating out so I don’t really care. I enjoy watching a movie at home with my loved ones and a nice home cooked meal, the times we do eat out, we 99% of the time get it to go and eat at home

  71. GD Tucker

    all this low-key hate and racism venting out…just a shame.

  72. Raelee Cornelius

    You can make masks w a shirt. Pinterest has lots of ideas

  73. Bobbi J. K-Abbl

    Beverly L Bonney we are usually in Rocky Point Mexico this time of year but they are not allowing anyone in the ocean…. so we decided Parker. Would hate to get there and not be able to enjoy the river.

  74. Carissa Hartless

    Connie Tucker Sommerville yeah I keep seeing this post and it’s funny how it starts by saying “this was copied and pasted from an OSHA certified person”…ok so who is the person, has an actual OSHA certified person come forward and confirmed this information? Just wondering. Has OSHA confirmed this?

  75. Joe Sena

    Carissa Hartless ok fine.. obviously people have DIFFERENT lifestyles.

  76. Holly Monroe

    Randy Sossaman has nothing to do with the general public running around like the sky is falling.

  77. Nicky Martin

    Shelly Somishka I don’t care what you want. If they’re not making you wear one inside the stores I’m going there.

  78. Debbie Hale

    I made ours, and gave a lot to other people. I’m just stating the fact that if you create a law, and someone is so destitute that a few bucks isn’t in their budget, a free item should be supplied prior to them being punished for breaking a law. People who don’t like wearing masks can use it as leverage ( until a good person shuts them up with their own brand new mask) to not wear it at first. People aren’t dumb….give them an inch they’ll take that mile.

  79. Ummm….????‍♂️ I have a medical condition & cant wear one. Wtf u gonna do?….cuff me up drag me downtown hold me all weekend in some cases & call my doctor. Or do I have to carry my medical records everywhere now? ???????????? How will they enforce this?

  80. Dawn Howard

    Fred Powell thank you! Exactly ????

  81. Dawn Howard

    Shelly Somishka Dr Google huh? Lol. Gimme a break. Go to OSHA someone who knows what they are talking about

  82. Dawn Howard

    The CDC says one thing, OSHA says this:


    [EDITED BY Parker Live. I will not allow the blatant spread of disinformation on this site. The claims about what OSHA allegedly says about masks is FALSE. -JW]

    I’ve been saying this from the beginning, I also received extensive training in the use of face masks and respirators for my job with the city of Anaheim. I don’t wear a mask unless required by where I’m going. Please people read as much as you can and make up your minds for what works for you and stop trying to control and shame the rest of us that can see the danger to ourselves by blindly following orders from people that don’t know better. I respect people’s choice to wear a mask and I would like the same respect for my choice to not wear one.
    But as the article states, consider that you are rebreathing all the stuff your body is trying to get rid of. In my opinion you are weakening your system so that if you do come in contact with the virus you will have a harder time fighting it off. This is just my opinion based on my training and understanding of what’s going on.

    I’m wearing my mask at work. But according to OSHA it is a false security.

  83. Mark Melick

    I guess I will drive into Havasu to spend my money then.

  84. Kenna Piercy Russell

    Bobbi J. K-Abbl depends on where you are staying. CRIT has closed down all of their parks. You can get on the river from BLM land but everything is closed south of spillway dam.

  85. Lily Tiger

    take your slobbery cooties to Havasu – we don’t want them here… ????

  86. Chanel Sunshine Lapham

    Nicky Martin funny because that is what drew me out of Cali to AZ in the first place. No masks. Say no

  87. Lily Tiger

    they stop your slobber from reaching others.. it keeps your slobber and spittle in your mask and prevents the rest of us from coming into contact with your disgusting spew.. is that plain enough for you? Thank you for staying away.

  88. Lindee Woody

    Star Soldiers truly do you think that this should be that big of a problem? Why is this something that has to be enforced? There is zero need to enforce shoes and shirts? People just put their shoes and shirts on before they go inside a place of business ????????????????

  89. Jennilee Martin

    Debbie Hale your sadly misinformed … We do not receive anything free even from our own government …

  90. Lindee Woody

    Star Soldiers one of my co-workers just said “she’d rather go to jail than wear a mask”
    what the f***?

  91. Jennilee Martin

    Debbie Hale it not a law … Mandatory requirement to go into the store… Like shoes….shirt …. And pants

  92. Marilee Cornelius

    Holly Monroe wearing a mask is to keep OTHER people healthy, it’s not just about you.

  93. Denell Manuel-Vestermark

    Cindi D. Thornton I was in the nail salon, when they gave the owner the letter. Good thing our patios are mask free!

  94. Holly Monroe

    Marilee Cornelius right, you keep on believing that stuff if thats what makes you feel safe.

  95. Parker Town Council just voted to NOT mandate the wearing of masks.

  96. Debbie Hale

    Then there shouldn’t be a problem. Do people get in trouble for “mandatory” versus ” it’s the law”? Maybe it like “no shirt,no shors, No Mask , no service”???

  97. That’s what the article says Mr. Hartless 🙂

  98. Jennilee Martin

    Masks stop that breath Laurie haha … Look at some of the facebook pages of some of the positive cases here in Parker … Just be considerate of others

  99. Jennilee Martin

    Whose forcing you? You either do it or don’t go in the stores … Easy is it not … Don’t poke your nose either while your at it hahaha

  100. Star Soldiers

    Lindee Woody Exactly, it’s only a problem to those who have a problem. Freedom of Choice. Every business has a choice to allow people without masks in or not allow them in, just as shoes and shirts is also a choice by the individual business.

  101. Star Soldiers

    Lindee Woody Your co-worker is nuts. I’ll honor the mask rule inside businesses who require them. I respect their right to choose what is best for their business.

  102. Parker Live

    There are things we mandate by government order for people’s safety (seatbelts, meat standards, labels, electrical products etc.) and things we don’t. The debate is really about which category masks belong in during a worldwide pandemic. The onus is on people to say why masks belong to one or the other category.

  103. Lindee Woody

    Mark Valenzuela I have no idea why you would think that. are you referring to our visitors from California? There isn’t a store in California you can enter without a mask. Californians have been wearing masks since March.

  104. Cindy Ameelyenah

    Weekenders just don’t give a fuck, they don’t live here.

  105. Jennilee Martin

    Norma Ray they can use their towels …

  106. Timothy Bonderud

    Good luck .all about control .

  107. Karen Ward

    Beverly L Bonney ????????????

  108. Shelly Somishka

    Dawn Howard yes, check osha too…it recommends them as well…obviously you didn’t check their website

  109. Mark Valenzuela

    Lindee Woody I’m saying they can come out here and not know we have new rules.

  110. Amanda Brown

    Kathi Jean Andrews crits order specifically states the masks are not required for people impacted by a disability that makes wearing one difficult

  111. Amanda Brown

    Jacob Foreman I thought they retracted that statement?

  112. Meli Williams

    Jacob Foreman

    “A top World Health Organization official clarified on Tuesday that scientists have not determined yet how frequently people with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 pass the disease on to others, a day after suggesting that such spread is “very rare.”

  113. Carol Winans Lane

    If everybody could just get along! So sad!

  114. Tom Schwaesdall

    Lindee Woody they must lose them on there way here cause they don’t wear them here in az

  115. Nicky Martin

    Chanel Sunshine Lapham I left California because of all the liberal Freak’s and leftists policies.

  116. Johnny B Apodaca

    Nicky Martin Don’t forget your confederate flag and your maga hat.

  117. Linda Locke

    With the rise of CV19 cases in Parker and La Paz County and after a visit to Walmart & Safeway this morning at 11:00am, I think all businesses should enforce the mandatory MASK POLICY for employees and visitors to all public areas. Both were very crowded and 3/4 of the people (ie river visitors from out of state or out of area) did not have on masks. We don’t know where these persons have been!

  118. If you can’t wear a mask in a public area or place of business, you’re really going to be upset if things get worse and CRIT has to follow the same precautions as the Hualapi Tribe and Navajo Nation.

  119. Lori Leitzke Lusk

    You can make masks for free or wear a kerchief. For people who are high risk it would be nice of you to think of someone other than yourself and how inconvenient a mask is for a short time.

  120. Lindee Woody

    Tom Schwaesdall this is true

  121. Debbie Hale

    Jennilee Martin, hmmmmm, here Is something taken from the article (I didn’t make it up):“In order to assist our members with complying with this mandate CRIT will be providing face masks to tribal members beginning the week of June 22nd…..”. Unless you’re referring to other governments….yeah we don’t get free stuff. OH wait! We got stimulus checks 🙂

  122. Randy Sossaman

    GD Tucker racism?? Only one being a racist is you buddy

  123. Jennilee Martin

    Debbie Hale it didn’t say free masks …

  124. Jennilee Martin

    Debbie Hale no there shouldnt be a problem … No mask… No entrance …easy

  125. Lorrie Ann Muriel

    For those in this thread that proclaimed they’d be taking their business to Havasu or wherever… best check the policy of the store of your choice before going. The resolution by the Governor put the onus on businesses to decide their mask policies so you may find some businesses in other cities require masks. ???? ✌????

  126. James Smith

    Kachelle Carter there is more cases anywhere the population is higher…..its still an irrelevant virus

  127. Kim Andrews

    Parker Live good article.

  128. James Smith

    Jennilee Martin it kinda does…

  129. James Smith

    Lisa Engel-Delancy you mean like the whole world making a big deal out of the simple virus??

  130. Terilyn Gary

    Ya like no one ever wanted stores to provide them with a shirt or shoes for service

  131. Jennilee Martin

    James Smith I kinda think … Nothing in this world is free…

  132. Samantha Stanley

    Janelle lol as long as you’re wearing that mask… smh ????????‍♀️ so childish

  133. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    James Smith someone I know just died from this “simple virus” yup it’s a big deal!!

  134. James Smith

    Lisa Engel-Delancy people die from almost every virus its still not that deadly or contagious

  135. Laurie Tomasino

    Parker Live when words like ‘appears’ and ‘suggests’ are use in a study it means they don’t know so this is nothing more than rhetoric, nice try though.

  136. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    James Smith ok when you lose someone to it I’m sure you will change get your mind. Stay safe.

  137. Laurie Tomasino

    Lily Tiger sorry I’m not ill and I don’t slobber.

  138. James Smith

    No everybody dies and its mostly the elderly

  139. Laurie Tomasino

    Shelly Somishka it says that right on the package that it doesn’t. And for those who think by wearing them they’re not spreading their sickness, if they’re sick they should stay home!?

  140. My goodness there are a lot of people in this town who know someone who works OSHA. It’s odd that this individual does not put their name on what they write or choose to disclose the publisher of their material.

  141. Rena Holdsahummingbird Trevino

    I hope you doooo. Unity needs to be in this Land when theirs Unity many will prosper in all things.

  142. Shelly Somishka

    Laurie Tomasino The package of?

  143. Rena Holdsahummingbird Trevino

    WHEN YOU HAVE SOMEONE YOU LOVE DIE FROM IT then post all your complaints

  144. Mark Tate

    Asymptomatic vs presymptomatic are different things though

  145. Leah Morris

    With most of my family working in healthcare in our community, I’m taking that middle finger to mean “F” them. And to all the heathcare providers out there who will provide care if YOU or your family members become infected. It takes a special person to sacrifice and put the health of other people above the associated risks of getting COVID and possibly passing it on to their families. But you sound like a selfish individual, so you wouldn’t understand.

  146. Jerry Griffin

    Medical conditions exempt
    Um…????‍♂️I have a medical condition & can’t wear one. Wtf are they going to do? Cuff me up drag me downtown keep me locked up for the weekend in some cases call my dr. Or do I have to carry my medical records around everywhere now? Really how can they enforce this

  147. Jason Ball

    I just love watching the educated and the stupid argue.

  148. So can I get the exact specifications for the masks, like maybe a minimum particulate capture requirement?. proper facial sealing requirements ?, Won’t beards have to be shaved to achieve proper & maximized sealing?.

  149. The Tribes are just trying to help slow this Damn virus, yeah the mask dont help 100% but it does some and ir gives ppl a piece of mind. Quit bitching it about it ppl don’t like that them leave go else where instead of complain, complain, complain. And the Tribes CAN close off the entire reservation if they feel that’s a way to prevent this from getting any worse. Remember the Town of Parker is within the reservation. If you think they can’t close the reservation it is stated in the federal regulations and from a recent (maybe a month or two ago) memorandum from Secretary of the Dept. Of the Interior about a sovereign nation can restrict access (federal road ways) onto their reservation, it has already happened, look it up. In many places in California they require wearing masks going out to storea, etc., so again I don’t see why ppl keep on complaining about the issue. I have a dear friend, whose mother is in the hospital and has the virus and fighting everyday to get better, how would it feel if the tables were turned and your family was fighting to survive? Most would be singing a different tune. It’s out of respect for each other that we try and work together about this instead of being so against it. Everybody stay safe and god bless.

  150. Tom Moore

    I won’t wear a mask. Refuse to. I’m in havasu every day anyways so it doesn’t bother me one bit to buy in havasu.

  151. Debi Craig-Schmitz

    Lance Craig Ronnie Schmitz ????

  152. Laurie Tomasino

    Rena Holdsahummingbird Trevino with all due respect, how many you know whom have died from covid….not WITH but FROM?

    BTW the deaths from/with Covid in AZ is 1312 since the start…the population in AZ is approx. 7.4 million people…do you know how to figure out percentages?

  153. Wess McCoy

    Linda Locke Walmart didn’t have requirement posted ?

  154. Angel Bustrum

    There is a lot of crying on this post when you know damn well most of you won’t drive all the way to Havasu to get groceries… either wear a mask or don’t and to be honest, I really don’t think crit gives af if u come to their stores or not ????????‍♀️

    Crit has every right to take precautions to prevent the spread, if they want..The land is there’s to decide what they want to enforce or do with it. Arguing on Facebook isn’t gonna change their mind.

    Ps. Wash ur damn hands ????

  155. Rena Holdsahummingbird Trevino

    Laurie Tomasino Miss Laurie Troller,why would I even write those words if I didnt feel the impact ????

  156. My recommendation is not to boycott the store, but just to buy only what is necessary. This is a great time to start that diet, to go through your freezer, fridge and pantry and use, reuse, or donate or exchange. downsize your portions (if appropriate) get rid of junk food, cut back on alcohol and tobacco products. Can you freshen up your clothes a little bit instead of buy new ones. Play board games or read books or walk. If enough people do this for just a little while, , it WILL make a difference.

    Fight for your freedoms today. Or they will be gone tomorrow. And you won’t get them back without bloodshed. And you’ll be sorry. but it will be too late. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT A MASK!!!

  157. Bob Mayers

    I do have a problem with that how am I gonna drink my wine wine wine LOL

  158. It is enforced no different than no shirt/shoes. The business has to be mask police. You will not go to COVID jail. Now CRIT shutting entire access to river when there are likely no tribal members down towards Blythe on the CA side = LAME. They should reimburse rents paid to those that pay rent but cannot use their rental. POWER/CONTROL move. Closing businesses or enforcing strict guidelines where members frequent = SMART. Most masks do not work unless you are drooling/sneezing. Have a nice day!

  159. Joleen Gomez

    For all of you complaining about your rights, I guess you will not really understand until someone close to you gets the virus and then maybe then you will change your way of thinking. It is a shame that we have to mandate something so simple that can help save lives. I understand individual rights, however, you need to wear a mask for the sake of protecting others and not yourself. Just my little input. Everyone, please stay safe.

  160. Joleen Gomez

    If you disagree with me, you’re a douche..don’t care. Dont message me.

  161. Joleen Gomez

    Thank you!! Come to havasu! They dont give a fuck here! ????

  162. whether you’re pro or con mask wearing, we should all be smart enough to question possible government overreach.
    here’s a few random thoughts…
    why stop at masks? If it’s that bad why not more stringent laws, perhaps head to toe body coverings and/or “shelter in place”.
    what’s the cutoff for having to wear masks anymore? Until no one dies? a % or fixed amount of positive cases?, will this be a recurring theme for cold or flu strains?…which reminds me, we’ve seen contagions every year & all try to avoid getting sick without the use of masks, so why now so important?… grandma/grandpa were just as fragile then with developing pneumonia. The coronavirus, by the numbers, is really not that deadly compared to other flu-like strains. AZ is currently looking at around 1300 deaths for a population of 7.4 million, that’s .02%
    Now since we all know that argument of doing what we can, that wearing a mask may save someone then the next question would be why not more laws? The speed limit being cut in half would save lives…how many of you would go for that? Mandatory condom use? Outlaw liquor/tobacco? How about chastising someone that’s 300lbs plus at taco bell for eating themselves to death?…which reminds me of this question, why make facemasks mandatory then tell people they can remove them to eat and drink or remove them at all really? These are common sense questions that are not being addressed, which makes people wary. I’ll wear a mask if a business requires it : i choose to do business there but honestly a lot of you need to think about the past & remember that what the government says(even tribal) & what they’re trying to achieve is not always in the peoples interest.
    Now be nice to eachother, respect different viewpoints & stay healthy!

  163. Victor Stoddart

    Keep drinking the kool ade you sheeple

  164. Pam Axe Parks

    Linda Locke if you’re wearing your mask ???? you’re protected. The virus unfortunately is here for awhile you might as well learn to live with it… ???? Keep your hands washed & wear your mask ???? indoor public places. ????‍♀️

  165. Laura White

    How come crit don’t wear mask I’ve seen a whole family not wearing mask shhs

  166. Sammy Fernandez

    we will take your freedom if you dont obey you will be arrested and throwing in jail.

  167. Maybe they should start by cleaning up the nasty Walmart. The carts are filthy dirty. I know I wipe mine off. Every Walmart I’ve been too outside this state wipes the carts. The glass in frozen foods need wiped also. I was in self check out had to ask the girl to wipe it down after I watched s guy with no mask hack all over it. The girl didn’t even have cleaner had to go find some. Then she did a half ass job wiping it. I go to Albertsons in Blythe now. They keep it really clean

  168. Cheryl Hanterman

    Shouldn’t even be a second thought ????

  169. Cheryl Hanterman

    Parker Live hope the hospital is ready

  170. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    James Smith no it’s not only for the elderly. I know many are in the older group but its hit much in the 20-40 age group because their group doesn’t think its serious.

  171. James Smith

    Lisa Engel-Delancy its serious but also seriously talked up to be a bog bad virus when its not

  172. I’m a Parker resident ,and I had to come to Scottsdale for surgery. I was totally scared to come here. But to my surprise everyone is wearing a mask. I can’t believe how childish our Parker residents are acting to CRIT’s mandate. I’m in favor for the mask, because I am diabetic, over 65, hp pressure, as Asthma, and what ever. I like living and don’t want to get sick or die.

  173. Kelly Ogilvie

    Shelly Somishka boxes of masks.

  174. Danny Crayton

    Sheepeople do what they tell you.

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