Bars ordered to close again, school delayed, County cases quadruple during June

Amid a spike in cases of coronavirus, bars are being ordered to close again by state order. A look at the data for La Paz County tells a sobering story: cases quadrupled in the County during the month of June.

Total cases of coronavirus in La Paz County over time
At first, La Paz County got off relatively lightly. For 6 weeks after the Board of Supervisors first declared an emergency on March 19th, just 2 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed in the Parker area. And for another 3 weeks after that, Parker area cases were confined to the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation. At the end of May, the coronavirus had topped out at just 69 confirmed cases countywide, many of them connected to a single rural workplace near the town of Vicksburg.

But just 4 weeks later, the count is at 330. 229 cases are on the CRIT reservation. Five individuals in the County have died from complications of the virus. The latest person who died was over the age of 65 with no known underlying medical conditions, according to the La Paz County Health Department.

The spike is part of a region-wide surge across California and Arizona, a ‘gasoline on the fire’ effect that seems linked to the states’ reopening of businesses, restaurants and bars. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey lifted his stay-at-home order on May 18th. But now, on Monday, June 29th, he has issued a new order shutting down bars again for a month, except for pick up, delivery and drive-thru operations.

Ducey is advising Arizonans to wear masks in public places. Evidence suggests that masks slow the spread of the virus significantly. The big resolution to the virus – vaccination – is still several months away at best, so masks may be one of the few levers left for authorities to pull, short of shutting down all but essential businesses as it did earlier in the spring.

“As a state, we can’t be under the illusion that this virus is going to go away on its own,” said Ducey in a press briefing Monday. “Our expectation is that next week our numbers will be worse.”

In addition to bars being ordered to close again, gyms, movie theaters, waterparks and tubing operators are being ordered to close again too, with a targeted reopening date of July 29th. The Parker Tube Float has been cancelled.

Arizona schools will also be delayed in reopening, with a new target date of August 17th as the first day of school for the 2020 school year.

Some good news: Although confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, the rate of new hospitalizations and the rate of COVID-19 deaths has tapered down from a high in mid-June. The data shows that older people, who are the most vulnerable, are not getting it as much, and younger people are a majority of the new cases.

Parker Live’s timeline of COVID-19 in La Paz County can be found HERE

Read Ducey’s new executive order HERE


  1. Alia Marie Hauter

    Mask up already. Gwaaad ruining summer ????

  2. Jesus N Michele Mariscal

    Does this include the bars upriver?? Does this mean the river tubing??

  3. Michael Musser

    Closed no tubing group at all no out door groups or 10 people eather

  4. Dawn Howard

    QUADRUPLED BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BEING TESTED! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Guess we will just stay shut down .. the virus isn’t going anywhere!!!

  5. Parker Live

    It will include all bars in Arizona. The executive order cites “tubing operators” like the businesses on the Salt River, so it doesn’t apply to individuals tubing on the river themselves.

  6. Heather Smith

    Jesse River Tina River Ryan Fallon

  7. Jesus N Michele Mariscal

    Parker Live ok thank you ????????

  8. David Gabler

    Turn people around at the border. You should have known better. People are leaving California and surrounding states bringing it in.

  9. Heather Smith

    Tina River I’m irritated

  10. Greg Hummel

    The URL is to an image hosting site I had to use.

    They apparently don’t allow image upload on this page.

  11. Tammi C. Tosti

    David Gabler BS. People will not stop coming from Cali so get over it.

  12. Tonya Jordan Cervantes

    Alia Marie Hauter you wear a mask when it’s 111° outside

  13. Pam Reed

    This is so sad. Not stopping the damn riots or protests but want people who need to work go sit back at home again this makes me sick

  14. Isaac Sharpe

    Lol of course it does.

  15. John Anderson

    Tina Frances Wilson errrrrrr

  16. Robin Schilling

    Tubing like floating down the river

  17. David Gabler

    Tammi C. Tosti ok. So Parker had like two cases what two months ago. Y’all were on lockdown and ran to AZ. Parker is a small town and it could have been contained. But no you all couldn’t listen to your governor and stay the fuck at home.

  18. Laurie Tomasino

    Brandy Walker it’s all BS, they know it too!

  19. Alia Marie Hauter

    Tonya Jordan Cervantes i have a shield/sleeve, waaay more comfortable and cooler. And yes, I wear them when in stores and if I’m around a lot of people. Of course we take them off when eating or drinking and of course not on the river with my friends and kids.

  20. Robert McCormick

    Most testing = more results closing down businesses is just wrong, were gonna close for viruses now, whats next.

  21. Tonya Jordan Cervantes

    Alia Marie Hauter well good for you. Fortunately for both of us we do still have freedom in this country.

  22. Mishelle Beagle

    Wouldn’t trust anything from where anyone can post anything from anyone. Not the CDC.

  23. Alia Marie Hauter

    Tonya Jordan Cervantes as do we all…

    I’m also currently on day 7 of quarantine to my bedroom, I was exposed by a girlfriend who wanted to go out to bars & clubs in Scottsdale and got coronavirus, she passed it to another one of our circle, I’m on quarantine till I get tested tomorrow. unfortunately she just went into the hospital yesterday. I stay home just in case I have it, I don’t know what I would do if I passed it to someone. That’s me exercising my freedom and love and concern and respect for my fellow Americans.

  24. Mike Rowe

    What about hotel and Blue Water

  25. Tonya Jordan Cervantes

    Alia Marie Hauter well you know you have been exposed so that’s responsible of you to stay home.

  26. Tammi C. Tosti

    David Gabler I happen to own property in both states David. And that little thing called the constitution gives me the right to go to any damn state I want. So telling me to stay the fuck home does nothing since I have homes in both states. ????

  27. David Gabler

    Tammi C. Tosti I’m all for the constitution Karen. California was one of the biggest hot spots for outbreaks and y’all should have known better. Keep spreading the Corona. Have you been tested? Or does that infringe on your rights too!!

  28. Brandy Frew

    Mike CRIT extended the stay-at-home order to July 31, 2020. That includes the casino.

  29. Tammi C. Tosti

    David Gabler no symptoms no test. And now Az is a hot spot as well. So maybe you should stay your ass at home and stop telling others how to live their life. And we should have known better? Really? God complex or just arrogant David?

  30. Greg Hummel

    Mishelle Beagle I created that URL from a picture I have in my file.

    I believe the charts are direct from this Google page. There is a toggle to switch from “new cases” to “deaths”.

  31. Emily Goodman

    Stephanie Goodwin I just saw this ????????‍♀️

  32. David Gabler

    Tammi C. Tosti cause you people wouldn’t stay home in California. How did the constitution work out for you when Newsom told you couldn’t go anywhere. Get fucked. Bet you probably spread it with your drunk sloppy ass all over the seats at Roadrunner.

  33. Justin Highelk

    Pick a home n stay there AZ had a travel ban

  34. Mike Lindberg

    Man I feel bad for the businesses.

  35. Tammi C. Tosti

    David Gabler you seriously have issues. And anger issues too! Bye Felicia! ???? see ya in Arizona!

  36. Tammi C. Tosti

    Justin Highelk apparently not since I can travel between both.

  37. Tammi C. Tosti

    David Gabler btw your the one with alcohol in your hand in a sloppy ass bar in your photo. ???????? I just think your a little jealous. All good David. I get it! ????

  38. David Gabler

    Tammi C. Tosti keep spreading the death. Obviously you only care about yourself.

  39. Lori Parsons Coon

    Tammi C. Tosti our very first case came in from California. So there’s that

  40. David Gabler

    Lori Parsons Coon obviously Tammi C. Tosti doesn’t care about the people of Parker. No tests but will be back to infect more people.

  41. Delores Leivas

    I’m surprised they didn’t re-close the Beauty/Barber shops again too

  42. David Gabler

    Tammi C. Tosti get ready Parker. She doesn’t care if she brings the covid19 to you.

  43. I love when people post so-called articles from sources named for the writer, edited by the writer, headlined by the writer and fact-checked by the writer. The secret to being right all the time must be never subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of others! But, hey, we have a media problem.

  44. Tineke Runkle

    They should have never opened ! Go drink at home!

  45. Ginger Arnold

    Bye Big River! Hope to see you next summer. ????????

  46. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    This is about canceling the 4th of July.
    I’m sick of this crap.

  47. Amber Laurance

    Anyone know if the Parker float has been cancelled??

  48. The Fourth of July will still follow the third of July. That’s how numbers work.

  49. Rod Rowzee

    don’t bother me i have my small plastic pool and lots of beer lol

  50. Rochelle Marie

    Delores Leivas ????. Don’t give them any ideas! Lol

  51. Delores Leivas

    Rochelle Marie Riiiiight!! I hope not, I need to work!

  52. Rochelle Marie

    Delores Leivas I FINALLY have an appointment to get my eyebrows done on Wed and if it gets cancelled so help me God, I’m flying to another state to get them done! ????

  53. Stephanie Ann

    Anyone know if you are allowed to swim at the state parks? Specifically buckskin.

  54. Jackie Perra

    Rod Rowzee got one for my pup too????????????????

  55. Lorrie Ann Muriel

    Amber Laurance yes it has.

  56. Diane

    My understanding is that they can still provide take out

  57. Quit bitching, stay home if your worried. Dont blame others. Look in a mirror and blame who u see wear a mask and face shield. I’m the only one wearing a shield in havasu or parker.

  58. Jason Ball

    Wear a mask ???? and stay home if you want to reopen. Or be stubborn and let your local economy collapse. Y’all better start taking this virus ???? seriously and stop getting virus advice from the big orange clown in the White House and Gov. Ducey!

  59. Connie Lafreniere

    Parker Live just heard if the bar serves food and it’s 40/% of there revenue the bar/restaurant can stay opened

  60. Connie Lafreniere

    Kelly Hawkins just heard if the bar serves food and it’s 40/% of there revenue the bar/restaurant can stay opened

  61. Connie Lafreniere

    Pam Reed yes. That’s the kicker now protesting is considered essential are all these Governors gone weak

  62. Katrina Marie Savage

    David Gabler spreading death? Lmao the whole
    .1%???? Good god!

  63. Terilyn Gary

    Ginger Arnold Calis closed too… as though that means anything

  64. Janice Ward

    Jesus N Michele Mariscal yep!

  65. Ron Bales

    Jason Ball you’re ignorant!you stay home if you’re so scared of the kung flu!!!

  66. Ron Bales

    Tineke Runkle you should stay home and let the rest of people live! You wouldn’t be running your mouth if you depended on this for your income

  67. Nelson Barter

    Nicholas Morin At least it doesn’t impact individual tubing!????

  68. Sammy Fernandez

    the best way to send and keep a flu around is to mail it.

  69. Sammy Fernandez

    why is the post office still open?

  70. Sammy Fernandez

    why don’t we know how many are positive in the military? are they exempt?

  71. Sammy Fernandez

    8 months till slow reopen

  72. Sammy Fernandez

    and don’t forget to lick your stamp on your mail-in-vote.

  73. Pam Reed

    Connie Lafreniere not weak just un-American to say the least. They are trying to destroy our country all in the name of power. Bottom line they are trying to blame this all on Trump because they hate him so much they will destroy and let innocent people die trying to get rid of him. Very sad people will be losing there jobs again

  74. Amber Laurance

    Lorrie Ann Muriel ok I thought it would be but just wanted to check. Dang was so looking forward to it hopefully next year

  75. Tracee Quillin Trowbridge

    Here’s a shocker everyone!! We have a friend who signed up to go get covid-19 tested………..last minute he decided to cancel and not go get tested. Then he received a letter in the mail saying that he tested Positive!

  76. Amanda Bremer

    Tracee Quillin Trowbridge I’ve also heard of this happening to someone! ????

  77. Kim Simons

    holy moly, this sounds bad, so the numbers are screwy for sure.

  78. Clarke Donna

    But they’re opening the river for thousands of people

  79. John Hoser

    CRITS own members are all over town without masks on, hanging out in parks, partying.
    So who do you think is spreading it around town?

  80. Julie PD

    Tracee-I have seen the same thing over and over. Infuriating.

  81. Sammy Fernandez

    why are the post office still open?they should be closed .

  82. Doug MacDonald

    Shuting down CRIT land along the river only for us that live on the river, yet, everyone else goes to the sand bar and cliff diving (on Indian Land) across from Bluewater casino???
    Should run a “do not enter” tape across river where the ‘no wake’ boyues are…if we can’t enjoy the river, people from BLM land areas shouldn’t come down and play in our backyard either!!????????????????

  83. Sammy Fernandez

    everybody must test but military.

  84. Sammy Fernandez

    if your military you don’t have to test.

  85. Sammy Fernandez

    close post office to stop the spread.

  86. Douglas Cindie

    ironic that they canceled our celebration of Independence and freedom by locking us all down

  87. Ray Albright

    Close the frigin River and lake!!!

  88. Kelly Ogilvie

    Pam Reed spot on!!!! anyone who doesn’t see or believe this is mentally challenged.

  89. Kelly Ogilvie

    Stephanie Ann absolutely yes!!!

  90. Kelly Ogilvie

    Clarke Donna yep because the river is a Federal water way and you can be in or on the water legally and responsibly and it’s a great source of outdoor recreation for families boating, skiing, paddle boarding, floating. All of that can be done safely & responsibly.

  91. Kelly Ogilvie

    Robin Schilling individuals can still be on a tube they are closing tube operators like at Salt River and the Tube Float in Parker because it’s a gathering of over 10 people.

  92. Clarke Donna

    Kelly Ogilvie so I s the ocean

  93. Clarke Donna

    But if they open for one the let people who want go to work

  94. Kelly Ogilvie

    Clarke Donna yes the ocean isn’t closed either. You can go boating and fishing too.

  95. Melissa Diaz

    Connie Lafreniere for take out orders only

  96. Sammy Fernandez

    court order Isolation or Quarantines WAC 246-100-040(4)under chapter 7.21 RCW What this means is you will be incarceration(jail) and/or Find up to 2000 dollars a day.

  97. Sammy Fernandez

    stop the spread shut down post office

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