CRIT extends stay-at-home order, casino closure until end of August

UPDATE: Parker schools Superintendent Brad Sale responded to a question by Parker Live about how this would affect schools, saying: “We are currently working with tribal officials to determine how the stay-at-home order affects our schools and the ability to attend school in person. We will also be following the benchmarks that AZDHS will release next week. These benchmarks will have schools work closely with County Health to determine if/when school is safe to return to in person learning. Everything is fluid and we must exercise patience and flexibility. While schools are closed to in-person learning, PUSD will use distance learning, most of which will be held online.”

The CRIT Tribal Council has voted to extend the Tribe’s Stay-At-Home Resolution until August 31st.

Even though the number of new COVID-19 cases has been gradually decreasing, the Tribal Council “feels extending the Resolution is the best way to ensure the numbers continue to move in the right direction,” according to a statement released Thursday.

The extension of the Resolution applies to the BlueWater Resort and Casino.

Face mask requirements enacted in June will remain in effect until further notice.

Tribal Council Chairman Dennis Patch said, “While COVID-19 numbers have only recently become more manageable, now is not the time to let our guard down. In an abundance of caution we need to continue to shelter in place to protect the health and safety of Tribal members.”

All individuals (within the exterior boundaries of the CRIT Reservation) are required to stay at home except for essential personnel. Individuals may only leave their homes out of absolute necessity for their health, safety, or welfare—such as obtaining medical care, food, or traveling to an essential job function. Only one individual in the household should be sent out to conduct essential business, such as grocery shopping, except where assistance is required, or no one is in the home to care for young children.

Recreational activities remain suspended on the Colorado River Indian Reservation. This includes permitted and open access to the Colorado River, and orders temporary suspension for fishing, hunting, camping, and other recreational permits. This does not include individuals or family units from walking around their neighborhood, playing outside in their yard, running, or biking provided social distancing is practiced. This does exclude large groups playing group sports, contact, or not.

“CRIT thanks the community for its patience as well as caregivers and medical professionals for their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and their dedication in treating those who have been effected,” the statement says.

The restrictions will remain in place until August 31, 2020, or until Tribal Council, in consultation with public health officials, determines that the threat has decreased and these restrictions can be lifted.


  1. Debbie Mori Barba

    Sending a prayer for the CRIT members with Covid to get well, and to protect others from illness.

  2. Mike Kirschner

    Daniel Folts might be time to move

  3. Shaina Patterson

    Shelby Kenny omg wwwwhhhhyyyy

  4. Kyle Connery

    Kassy Joleen maybe next month?

  5. Kassy Joleen

    Kyle Connery gosh I hate this.

  6. Michael Davis

    Kyle Connery probably not this year is done

  7. Ernie Andrade

    It doesn’t surprise me that they extended it.

  8. Liz Gosliga

    Liz Lopez Simon!! ????

  9. Mike Kirschner

    Nicole Westman Bowles enough is enough
    Would like to find a place that will tolerate my garage lol

  10. Shelby Kenny

    Shaina Patterson Parker is open, CRIT land is closed and anything they own is closed.

  11. Randy Sossaman

    Are schools still going to open?

  12. Marco Barrett

    Yep cause they want that free government money I bet. Hell with them

  13. Loretta Flaherty

    Oh enough already. Let those who don’t care go without masks, let the rest of us LIVE. I’ve been self quarantined since December because I had an upper respiratory infection, then it started to get hot so since I can’t be out in the heat due to meds. By the time I was aboit to change a lot of things we had the shutdown. It’s obvious no matter what we do there are going to be people who die. At first I was terrified because they made it sound like you could get it SOOOO easy. 3 at risk people at home so my anxiety went nuts. I’ve gone out for less than an hour, maybe 6 times this whole time. I know many people who have done very similar. Introverts love isolation but my family is driving me nuts. I mean I really wish ppl would stop coming here for vacation or LEAVING here and bringing the shit back. A Havasu doctor of over 30 years just died from it because he’s been doing everything he can to keep it from ravaging Havasu as well.

  14. Cheryl Hanterman

    Loretta Flaherty so sorry, we all hope that this will get managed somehow hang in there, your doing GREAT!

  15. Glenn Smith

    Bunch of stupid people, this is all bullshit ,open your eyes sheeple

  16. Kerry Parker

    Beverly L Bonney this sucks. ????

  17. Loretta Flaherty

    Cheryl Hanterman aww thank you. I have a great support system but I’m still frustrated lol My birthday is in a cpl weeks so maybe I can go out haha

  18. Matthew Staple

    Well we understand stay safe ???? CRIT members and when you open up soon we will see and be back to the hotel.????

  19. Terilyn Gary

    Randy Sossaman kinda moot at this point since lotsa parents are opting for online school

  20. Kimberly Martinez

    CRIT wear masks!! Soooo not fair!

  21. Kimberly Martinez

    Sucks big CRIT balls…….

  22. Kimberly Martinez

    Matthew Staple no WE do not

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  24. Kathy Baker

    Randy Sossaman Parker Unified starts Monday distance learning and possibly a hybrid classroom on Aug 17

  25. John Hoser

    Why was my comment, and others removed?
    Don’t like the truth Parker Live?

  26. Parker Live

    John Hoser What are you talking about?

  27. Laura White

    Booooo open our dam river its hot as hell

  28. John Hoser

    I posted a comment on here yesterday that a few people liked, and I no longer see it, along with some others comments that seemed to have disappeared.

  29. Why not open the river for fishing doesn’t have limits of distance. Most of fisherman are line away from each other, than only being on a boat.

  30. Shelly Somishka

    John Hoser What are you hiding behind Brad Pitt’s gorgeous face, you don’t want people to know who you are?

  31. John Hoser

    Shelly Somishka… it is me…shhhh! ????

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