Primary election upset for Sheriff Risen

UPDATED to correct the general election sheriff candidates for November.

The voters have chosen to replace Bill Risen as Sheriff after primary challenger William Ponce got more votes in Tuesday’s election.

According to the unofficial election results posted by La Paz County, Ponce received 934 votes, Sheriff Risen had 582 and Frank Vidrine had 248. The results mean that Risen will not be Sheriff after his term ends in January, while Ponce will go on to run against Democrat Felipe ‘Philip’ Rodriguez and Independent Michael Roth in November.

District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor won the primary against challenger Jeff McCormick, District 3 Supervisor Holly Irwin won the primary against challenger Gay ‘Zak’ Zakrajsek and County Assessor Anna Camacho won the primary against challenger Dennise Jones.

David Plunkett is running unopposed in the election for District 1 Supervisor after DL Wilson decided not to run again. Minor and Irwin are unopposed in the general election. Tony Rogers is unopposed after would-be challenger Karen Hobbs did not gather enough signatures to run against him.

In the race for County Recorder, Republican Richard Garcia will face Democrat Mesena ‘Missi’ Tunnell-Gilbert in November.

In the Town of Parker Council, the highest vote-getters were Randy Hartless, David Lucas, Jerry Hooper and Rey DeLeon.

For Town of Quartzsite Council, Dennis Vosper and Beverly Cunningham received the most votes.


  1. Robb Cozby

    Sorry Bill… perhaps you should have been a little more empathetic to the people… I appreciate what you did while you were in, but now ya gotta go…

  2. Manuel Juarez

    Bill Risen was a freakin joke.
    La Paz needed Willie Ponce

  3. I was surprised by at the number of votes Ponce received over Risen… I thought it would be a closer race. The article notes that “Ponce will go on to run against Democrat Felipe ‘Philip’ Rodriguez in November,” and it seems to have forgotten there is an Independent also running for Sheriff, who many feel will be a bigger threat for the position than Democrat Rodriguez. It’s going to be a very interesting General election season..

  4. Bill Risen…….See Ya….

  5. I’m looking forward to new leadership in the sheriff’s office, someone who doesn’t have the temerity to allow every police vehicle to be parked in front of the department during business hours, someone who will actually enforce law, especially traffic laws, someone who will make decisions benefiting LPC residents, rather than state or federal government, someone with enough common sense to avoid squandering precious taxpayer dollars by hiring recruits who only hang around long enough to gain experience for employment elsewhere, and someone with enough fiscal responsibility to get rid of that helicopter that is nothing more than an amusement park toy used by county officials for no other purpose than joyriding at taxpayer expense.

    Oh, and one more thing, show your face every day, not just at election time.

  6. Melissa Diaz

    Maybe now supervisors evaluations won’t be swept under the carpet.

  7. The people went to vote. The power ôf the vote works.

  8. To bad the tribes don’t have elections to run out that chief Morris off the rez. What a joke he is to our community not building good relations other that working for himself!!

  9. Meester RoTh is a men wit GUts

  10. Nicky Martin

    I still ain’t wearing no fucking mask, or complying with the governor’s mandate.

  11. MASK uP Necky mortin

  12. Gil Harper

    Right on Rosen trump follower..I voted for him last time but he really let lapaz down.

  13. Lona N Nopah

    Nicky Martin, whaa-whaa.

  14. I personally authorize any adult male with a valid MAN card to conficate michael roth’s man card at any time after this notice is posted. He is a bitch watch YouTube and find out what he really is

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