Brooke Water to become part of EPCOR this week, new rates

The water utility serving the Upriver area north of Parker, AZ changes ownership officially this week, bringing with it improvements and 25 percent higher rates to match.

The Arizona Corporation Commission approved the ownership transition on July 22nd, which means Brooke Water is now part of a much larger corporation, EPCOR. The company already owns many water utilities in the United States and Canada. The ownership transition should be complete on or about August 20th.

The transfer brings with it better service and investment in the water system, but increased rates for several years at least too, according to filings with the commission.

Among the improvements discussed, EPCOR will bring better, 24-hour customer service with agents in the United States and system management in Arizona. Low income households, deployed service members and disabled veterans will have programs to help with payment. And the company plans to update and fix the system itself, with investment over several years that will eliminate the problems that gave rise to many past complaints.

New rates are also set for Brooke’s roughly 2000 households in Holiday Harbor, Lakeside, Marina Village, Moovalya Keys, Parker Dam and Rio Lindo.

For most customers with normal usage (from 1″ to 6″ meters), monthly water bills may be expected to be about 25 percent higher, from the old rate of $3.93 to the new rate of $4.92. Brooke sent out a full rate sheet showing the full rate schedule (see below). The increases are expected to be higher for several years but ultimately comparatively lower within the next decade. New rates will be reflected on customer bills starting in the August-September period.

“We want to THANK all of our customers over the last more than 25 years for their support and assistance in operations of the utility,” Brooke said in a statement. “We also want to thank the various employees, service people, vendors, suppliers, and La Paz County personnel that have made a contribution to our efforts. We believe the transition to and ownership of the utility by EPCOR is a positive event for our customers. The resources available from EPCOR and the scale at which they operate in Arizona should accrue long-term benefits to all customers and assure sufficient supplies of high quality potable water for decades to come.”


Approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission in Decision No:77690 Rates and charges effective for all billing cycles beginning on and after: August 1, 2020

MONTHLY MINIMUM CHARGE 5/8” X 3/4″ Meter $ 25.35 3/4″ Meter 33.75 1” Meter 36.75 1 1/2″ Meter 51.00 2” Meter 118.50 3” Meter 156.00 4” Meter 316.88 6” Meter 633.75

SERVICE CHARGES: Establishment $30.00 Reconnection (Delinquent) $35.00 Meter Test (If Correct) $25.00 Deposit * Deposit Interest ** Reestablishment (Within 12 Months) *** NSF Check $25.00 Deferred Payment, per month **** 1.50% Meter Reread (If Correct and Not Error) $20.00 Late Charge Per Month (per A.A.C. R14-2-409(G)(6)) ***** After Hours Charge (at customer’s request and in addition to Service Charge) $55.00 Cut Lock / Utility Damage Fee Cost Moving Customer Meter (At Customer Request) Cost Service Line or Meter Upsizing (At Customer Request) Cost

* Per Commission Rule A.A.C. R14-2-403(B). ** Months off system times the minimum.A.A.C. R14-2-403(D). *** Months of system times the monthly minimum A.A.C. R14-2-403(D)(1). **** Per Commission Rule A.A.C. R14-2-409(G)(6). ***** Greater of $3 or 1.50% of unpaid balance

COMMODITY RATES (per 1,000 gallons) 5/8” x 3/4″ Meter (All Classes) First 2,000 gallons $ 3.32 2,001 to 8,000 gallons 4.92 Over 8,000 gallons 6.24

3/4″ Meter (All Classes) First 2,000 gallons 3.32 2,001 to 13,000 gallons 4.92 Over 13,000 gallons 6.24

1” Meter (All Classes) First 23,000 gallons 4.92 Over 23,000 gallons 6.24

1 1/2” Meter (All Classes) First 50,000 gallons 4.92 Over 50,000 gallons 6.24

2” Meter (All Classes) First 80,000 gallons 4.92 Over 80,000 gallons 6.24

3” Meter (All Classes) First 85,000 gallons 4.92 Over 85,000 gallons 6.24

4” Meter (All Classes) First 160,000 gallons 4.92 Over 160,000 gallons 6.24

6” Meter (All Classes) First 325,000 gallons 4.92 Over 325,000 gallons 6.24

In addition to the collection of regular rates, and charges, the utility will collect from its customers a proportionate share of any privilege, sales and use, tax as provided for in A.A.C. R14-2-409(D)(5).

All advances and/or contributions are to include labor, materials, parts, overheads, and all applicable taxes.

SERVICE LINE AND METER INSTALLATION CHARGES: (Refundable pursuant to A.A.C. R14-2-405) Meter Size Service Line Meter Total 5/8” x 3/4″ Meter $445.00 $155.00 $600.00 3/4″ Meter 445.00 255.00 700.00 1” Meter 495.00 315.00 810.00 1 1/2″ Meter 550.00 525.00 1,075.00 2” Turbine Meter 830.00 1,045.00 1,875.00 2” Compound Meter 830.00 1,890.00 2,720.00 3” Turbine Meter 1,045.00 1,670.00 2,715.00 3” Compound Meter 1,165.00 2,545.00 3,710.00 4” Turbine Meter 1,490.00 2,670.00 4,160.00 4” Compound Meter 1,670.00 3,645.00 5,315.00 6” Turbine Meter 2,210.00 5,025.00 7,235.00 6” Compound Meter 2,330.00 6,920.00 9,250.00 8” At Cost


  1. Joe Sena

    No change, except for HIGHER PRICED WATER

  2. Jason Ball

    They charge us more for same dirty river water. YAY ????

  3. Jeffrey Sapp

    Had them in at one of my other houses and they raised the prices slowly over time until the the water was more expensive than any of the places I had. Customer service was horrible also!

  4. wILL they kepT giving WE peEple CrrappY waters

  5. Pat Michaels

    A Canadian company that raises rates ten times more than you usually pay.

  6. Jackie Austin

    2020 just keeps getting stupider!

  7. Laura White

    Can’t wait to move out of Parker

  8. Lloyd Allen

    Had them before. Family of 4 with a pool and water bill was over 400+ a month. ????

  9. Parker you are a bunch of baby’s quite complaining and do something instead of sitting on your back sides waiting for someone to take care of you. Run for office make a change quite bitching and be a productive member of that poor city for once!

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