1 person injured, 2 homes destroyed in accidental Hillcrest Bay fire

One person was seriously injured and two homes were completely destroyed in a fire last evening in the Hillcrest Bay neighborhood north of Parker. 20 firefighters fought back the blaze. Gasoline exploded in a garage accidentally and was determined to be the cause.

Picture: La Paz County Sheriff’s Department

“We were pretty concerned when we first got there that we would lose even more than we did,” said Buckskin Fire Chief Troy Maloney, speaking with Parker Live. “There was exposure to five other homes. They were in a lot of jeopardy.”

The call came at 6:10 pm, when Buckskin’s 1102, 1101 and 1100 units responded to initial reports of a brush fire in Hillcrest Bay. The neighborhood is located just off State Route 95 near the Bill Williams River Bridge. But when the first truck got there, instead of a brush fire, the firefighters discovered that two structures were burning.

“[They] upgraded the incident to a working structure fire and made an offensive attack,” Maloney wrote in his Significant Incident Report. “1101 stopped at Station 211, split their crew and responded both 1101 and 1132. An off-duty BFD Captain responded to Station 11 and brought 1131 to the scene.”

A request was made for additional units: an engine from Parker Fire Department, a tender from CRIT Fire Department and an engine from Lake Havasu City Fire Department. CRIT Fire did not have a tender available but provided district coverage for Parker Fire. Lake Havasu City and Desert Hills Fire Department responded.

Shortly thereafter, bystanders told the responders that a person was there with severe burns. American Medical Response was requested to respond to the scene and a medical helicopter was put on standby. AMR began care when they arrived, and transported the patient away.

“There was a man in his garage working on an automobile,” Maloney said. “There was a gas explosion and it started a pretty big gas fire in the garage which is what spread. That individual was flown to Maricopa Burn Center with non- life-threatening injuries, but the injuries are very serious. Burns on the extremities can really impair movement; his hands and legs, it’s very serious.”

Video: La Paz County Sheriff’s Department

Two additional Buckskin units, 2201 and 2203, two engines from Lake Havasu City with a Battalion Chief, and an engine from Desert Hills assisted in protecting the surroundings structures and held the fire to the two original structures. La Paz County Sheriff’s Department also responded to the scene.

The fire personnel were there until 3 am, with one unit staying throughout the night to watch for re-ignition.

Maloney told Parker Live that there were some factors that made the incident more challenging, including the close proximity of homes to one another in the neighborhood and the lack of fire hydrants.

“Lack of water supply was a major issue in this event,” the report states. “Water had to be shuttled from Havasu Springs Resort. The exposures to the west sustained heavy damage to a boat and several PWCs and minor damage to a garage. A total of two homes were completely destroyed.”


  1. Rob Franck

    That was next door to our house.

  2. Annie Liles

    Prayers for the gentleman that was injured and his family, and to both families that lost their homes. What a terrifying incident.

  3. Annie Liles

    That must have been very frightening for you and your family. Glad they got it out and your home was saved.

  4. Rob Franck

    Annie Liles we weren’t there but thank you for your concern. ????

  5. Marianna Benner

    We are okay up here on the hill the fire department and local residents kept this fire from spreading it was gnarly.

  6. Marianna Benner

    Diane ‘Willard’ Kamacho My story will be in The Herald

  7. Marianna Benner

    Thank you for your prayers everyone, we were certainly blessed with a die down of the wind, it could have been worse.

  8. Jason Rowe

    Does anybody know the name of the victim

  9. Jason Rowe

    Do you know the name of your neighbors

  10. Rob Franck

    Jason Rowe I don’t. I can find out. It’s a rental.

  11. Lack of fire hydrants???

  12. Jason Rowe

    Rob Franck my friend Billy lives there he’s been working on his car lately I was wondering if it was him I’ve been trying to call him

  13. Rob Franck

    Jason Rowe I’ll ask my tenant. I do know somebody was working on a car in the garage and there was a explosion. Gimme a few and I’ll get back at ya.

  14. Kevin McPherson

    Amanda McPherson Maddy Banks

  15. Amanda McPherson

    Julie Kloster Shari Wood Tyler Banks

  16. Julie Kloster

    Sending many prayers to those involved ????????

  17. Ev Juarez

    Jason Rowe sadly it was Billy

  18. Jason Rowe

    Ev Juarez thank you so sad

  19. This was my grandparents mobile home the guy was renting from them it’s so sad. So many memories lost but thankfully the guys alive .

  20. Nick Craig

    Jason Rowe sorry to hear about your buddy Billy, hope he is alright. This is the same little park me n sara were looking at a place to buy..

  21. William Waddell

    My name is William Waddell I was the person that was injured in the Hillcrest bay fire. I was changing fule pump on my Durango. I went into the house to get a tool and when I returned to my garage it was on fire as I ran to the water hose there was a explosion. My gas tank exploded catching myself on fire . The fire department was contacted by numerous people informing them it was a house fire. After almost a hour the fire department arrived,with a small amount of water. Once the fire department got there and started putting water on the fire they where able to put the fire out with only the loss of the garage. The fire department neglecte is why the rest of my house burned and the house next store .the fire department claimed they had got a call saying a bruch fire which is a complete lie because I witnessed 3 different people call informing them it was a house fire. The news paper also was miss informed with the fire departments lie about my house was a 75% burnd and the house next to me was 25% burnd when they arrived. Lie and I have video footage to prove that was a lie . Took fire department a 58 mins to get to the fire when they are only 20 mins away????? When the fire department arrived my garage was the only thing on fire . With the fire department neglect to at to the fire asap did not happen and there neglecte to bring a bigger amount of water is why I lost everything I owed. If you live in Hillcrest bay Parker AZ your life is in danger . There is no fire hydrants what so ever there . There is only one way in and one way out so if the bottom of Hillcrest bay was on fire everyone that lives at the top would be trapped. This is something that needs to be fixed asap peoples life’s and homes are in danger.

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