PAID: If you’re not growing, you’re dying – David Plunkett

Hello Neighbors-

My name is David Plunkett and I’m your candidate for District 1 Supervisor. I want to thank everyone who voted for me at the Primary Election in August! I committed to running for District 1 Supervisor back in No- vember 2019… and I haven’t looked back. You most likely know me from my business, David Plunkett Re- alty. If you don’t know, I’m a lifelong resident of Parker. My wife Debbie and I raised our family here. We feel fortunate to live in a place with beautiful desert lands, an awesome river, and great people!

Parker is my home and it has been very good to me and my family. I am looking forward to giving back to our community by serving as the District 1 Supervisor with strong, decisive and energetic leadership.

In addition to building a successful business from the ground up, I have demonstrated my leadership abilities through my service on a number of Town of Parker Committees; serving 13 years on the Parker Unified School Board; and serving as a member of the State Panel for Professional Standards and Ethics for Real Es- tate disputes.

As a leader, I believe in “Results, Not Excuses.” During the next four-year term for our Board of Supervisors, La Paz County will celebrate our 40-year anniversary… and yet our County’s population and economy has ex- perienced very little growth. That is even more concerning when we see all our neighboring counties experi- encing tremendous growth and prosperity. We should be thriving by now!

Of course, like with any enterprise, expenses to run our County have gone, and will go – up. The problem is, without growth, the tax burden on residents and small businesses continues to go up year after year. My wise grandfather often said- “If You’re not Growing- You’re Dying”

Serving as your District 1 Supervisor, I will put your concerns and needs first, and work to create a customer service-oriented workplace at the county. All of my decisions will be based on what is best for the county and its residents. My commitment to you is that I will do all I can to bring growth and prosperity to benefit the citizens of La Paz County. My only loyalties are to you!

My name will be the only one on your ballot for District 1 Supervisor. I’m asking for your support and your vote so I can help make the changes you deserve! Your vote is IMPORTANT!

Let’s Grow!

Early Voting Begins October 7th, and Election Day is November 3rd.


  1. Jackie Austin

    If we had growth, Chase bank would not have closed. At least that’s what chase told me. We need growth.

  2. Zafer Liberty Genc

    He’s runner for district 1 supervisor, which is Parker and the Valley. Not district 2

  3. Erik Wahlrab

    The main attraction to Parker is the river during the summer months
    How many more people can you squeeze in there?
    What are you going to do to attract people to Parker?
    What industry are you going for? You need the jobs to support the infrastructure
    The county is checked with CRIT land. How are you going to expand with patches of Indian land
    What’s the tourist tax revenue already covering and have you thought of a plan to attract full-time residents
    Lot of ideas but what’s the recipe for success assuming people that live in Parker want to grow! Doesn’t feel like it’s shrinking

  4. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    I own a property in the Moovalya keys. I rent it out to guest looking for weekend and weeks getaways. We are presently getting pushback from our HOA. This will be voted on soon and we may lose the ability to rent unless it’s 30 day stay or more. That is a lot revenue Parker will lose. Our guest buy groceries, fuel for cars and boats. They go to restaurants and bars. They also buy supplies to repair auto and boat. They rent watercraft. They rent storage for their boats. As owners we hire cleaning, handyman and many other technicians. If the hoa in these communities get away with the restrictions they want to impose not only will there won’t be growth there will be a decline everything mentioned above. Parker benefits a lot from the tourism all year long. A small group of people want to deny the town of Parker of this revenue.

  5. Kerry Parker

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero but if your neighbors live there full time your loud weekend partying people would get old really fast, two sides to every story.

  6. Glad to read that u really want the job a businessman who worked hard is a good person to have. The other supervisor hasn’t had a real job since he worked for a cable company. Growth in district 1 is almost impossible. Surrounded by tribal land. Lots on riverside drive the town bought have not been resold . spankys got a good deal to start the sell process of the land.

  7. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker I have a second property for my use and I have no complaints with “loud weekend partying people”

  8. Bree Pettijohn

    Kerry Parker if you live at the river full time you know weekenders are part of life. If they don’t want to live with it they shouldn’t have purchased a home their. You can’t change the culture of it.

  9. Albaguns Albaugh

    Wake up people there voting on water rights every year trying to take it

  10. Albaguns Albaugh

    Wouldn’t that be a conflict

  11. Diane

    He’s right. But how do you do it with CRIT land checkered all over.

  12. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Albaguns Albaugh please elaborate.

  13. Debbie Mori Barba

    I support David Plunkett. He is honest, and growth for Parker is a good thing. Too many small businesses can’t make it. That hurts everyone.

  14. Mike Bunge

    Erik, I think you are asking all the right questions and that is the place to start. Think growth in Parker would improve the standard of living for all. There are so many avenues for growth to take advantage of Parker’s characteristics. You’re right about how difficult to try to cram more people on the river in the summer. I’ve wondered why Parker doesn’t have anything like a river walk that so many other communities have. A community focal point on or near the water with dining and light retail options. So many other ideas though. Industry, Education, Healthcare, Transportation.

  15. Kerry Parker

    Bree Pettijohn true, but your regular neighbors that you know and who hopefully respect you and keep music/noise to a proper level is way different then strangers partying until the sun comes up with no regards for anyone around them.

  16. Cookie Wiemer

    Should have made Parker an old west town. Saved the old buildings.

  17. Erik Wahlrab

    Mike Bunge
    Agreed. still no plan or explanation on how to proceed.
    The infrastructure needs to be implemented before you make a move to grow the population
    Create the need and people will come to get it.
    Slamming more people in the river will only benefit people on the water
    You need more stuff like desert bar or attractions like outdoor shooting ranges
    Hiking trails
    ATV rentals
    Waterslide park (off the river)
    You do something like that then the JW Marriott Resorts come
    Not packing more people into a small community and calling poverty growth
    There’s a lot of things that can be done
    Of course none of this is possible without the approval of the people
    I suppose if Plunkets pushing growth and gets voted into office it’s the people’s will

  18. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker do you live in the keys?

  19. Kerry Parker

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero nope, across the river.

  20. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker so you don’t speak from experience.

  21. Kerry Parker

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero sure I do, I live in a small river neighborhood community just like you.

  22. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker I don’t know how your community handles rentals. We have rental agreements that cover loud noise as parties. My contract spells out that if I get complaints they run the risk of being evicted.

  23. Rhemydog Pincher

    The VRBO situation has had bad effects on my community. Entitled people arrive at all hours, community rules don’t apply to them, they leave messes for the HOA to deal with.

    Meanwhile the homeowner makes a profit from these people staying on their property while the community pays for all the damage.

    There’s a reason why communities with HOAs are going to the 30-day rule.

  24. Randy Sossaman

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero LoL

  25. Kerry Parker

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero no rentals allowed, just a good ole fashion neighborhood. Therefore nobody has to be the bad guy continually call in complaints and see people “possibly” get evicted.

  26. Tommy Hunter

    Kerry Parker I live next to Maria and full time and have no complaints…. guess there’s your other side of the story ????????

  27. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker I don’t know how your community handles rentals. We have rental agreements that cover loud noise as parties. My contract spells out that if I get complaints they run the risk of being evicted.

  28. Dean Rohan

    The reason we sold our 2 houses in the keys (Papago and Apache) … “RENTERS-RENTERS-RENTERS” …. The noise, disrespect, partying, parking nightmare, theft, fights etc. #Entitlement101 … We have owned multiple family homes in the keys since 1969, when my Dad and his brother built the A-frame – Which is still standing proud (never ever rented out) – Cousins still own it – Sad to say, the keys have changed !! Google “moovalya keys” see what the first thing you see …. VRBO ad ????‍♂️

  29. Parker Strip is not the only place in LA PAZ COUNTY that has river front property. Rentals 30 day or weekend two different things. And why is this a topic here??????????????????

  30. Rhemydog Pincher

    Exactly!!!!! Just because they pay rent they feel that they are entitled to do anything they want.

  31. Jerry Barbanell

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero That’s the risk you take when you change a residential neighborhood into your business.

  32. Brian Upah

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero Brad Willes Kristina Trieckel Stechnij Stefanie Darling Willes

  33. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Kerry Parker So why are you in this convo?

  34. Scott Homan

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    I was wondering how many of these replying with opinions actually own or live in the keys community.

  35. Kerry Parker

    Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero the condo about David Plunkett and what does or doesn’t bring revenue to Parker Az.?

  36. Kerry Parker

    Scott Homan conversation started about what may or may not bring revenue to the Town of Parker, it wasn’t about The Keys.

  37. How many years ago did they annex parker south.its been a failure. Parker district 1 is one square mile.the rez doesn’t care about the town. Parker strip is in district 2. There is no room for growth in district 1. Only land available for growth is district 3. No housing available. Plunkett and toe truck built boat storages in the town even though the council passed a resolution against it years ago. They built 2 huge storage buildings with a apt upstairs. Basically did what they wanted

  38. Maria Rocio Pulido-Lucero

    Rhemydog Pincher are another person that doesn’t rent a vacation property or lives in one of those communities. Of rules apply. We get warned and cited when said rules are broken.

  39. Rhemydog Pincher

    I have a home up river in an HOA community that actually had these issues with VRBO renters. You are still making money off of and inconveniencing your neighbors and that’s just not right

  40. Alan Nelson

    Why is everyone talking about weekend rentals and HOAs. The County has no involvement with that. That’s on the HOAs. And while it’s true that District 1 has little to no room for growth, A Supervisor is 1/3 of the voice for the entire County. I can’t think of anyone better to advocate for more property availability in the County than someone who has spent pretty much their entire adult life in the property business.

  41. Jim Wooddell

    Diane ‘Willard’ Kamacho crit land is not checkered all over. Where do you get that from?

  42. Tammy Flavin

    Where you at Scott Homan ???????? I have my popcorn ready

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