Missing woman found dead north of Parker

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department Press Release:

On Thursday, October 22nd, 2020, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an alleged Missing Person that lived in the unincorporated area of the Parker Strip. Deputies responded to the initial call for service and then requested the investigative unit to respond when they found suspicious circumstances. During the Investigation, the detectives located the victim, Cori Davis, a 27 year-old African American female, deceased in the ravine near Rio Vista Rd and Crows Nest Drive. Cori Davis was last seen alive on October 16, 2020 at approximately 1:50 pm.

The investigative unit is working diligently to conduct a thorough investigation, therefore we are not able to release very much information at this time. We have identified a person of interest in this case and that person is not in the Parker area at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Detective Steven Draper, at La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Unit: (928) 669-9645.


  1. Vicci Whitbey

    That’s awful prayers for the family ????????????????

  2. Debbie Gilbert

    Tragic, I hope someone is paying attention to how many women are going missing and found murdered. God bless her family. #6 since Sandy’s Story on the California side. Somethin is going on there? Be Safe Ladies.

  3. Beverly L Bonney

    Debbie Gilbert #6?!!!
    Please provide information. I have not heard that.

  4. Debbie Gilbert

    Beverly L Bonney I know very little. Only observed when I was a full time resident from 2015 to 2019. The stories are documented through facebook and the newspaper. It started with a Lady that was traveling from CA. Her name was Sandy. The whole town went looking for her. Around her car and in the surrounding areas. Only to be found feet from the car in a shallow grave. I still think of this lady today, never met her. Then a Young guy from Alabama came for vacay never made it home. There are 2 victims on Big River CA side. 3 in Parker. Not sure of their names. But Crit Police, San Bernardino Police, Highway patrol, AZ State Troppers, and Parker Sheriffs all have been involved. I truly hope they can put a stop to it. The River is a place we all feel so free and trusting of ourselves. I would hate to see fear ruin the beautiful community of Parker, AZ. Google missing people Parker AZ and Big River CA. Hopefully it leads you to the answers to your questions. ????

  5. Beverly L Bonney

    Debbie Gilbert I’m very aware of the details surrounding Sandy Giles case and also a young man named Justin that was found murdered shortly after. But I am completely unaware of the other cases you refer to. This is extremely disturbing and suspicious.

  6. Sandy Giles was not found in a shallow grave. She was found covered by dirt from a CALTRANS road grader near the side of the highway. Autopsy and investigation found no foul play. It appears she collapsed from medical, heat, or exhaustion and wasn’t seen when the grader came by to clear the road from monsoon flash flooding debris, which was done before she was reported missing and her vehicle was found.

  7. Debbie Gilbert

    Beverly L Bonney It is extremely disturbing. I have children driving those routes too. They love the river. The ones I can recall are Eric Stapleton, Rosalie Romero, Carl Cook, Sandy Giles, and Justin Day. That is why I thought #6 really. I am in no way saying the Police are inadequate. Their job is Hero Status in my book. They have their hands full every weekend and do a kick ass job.

  8. Beverly L Bonney

    Debbie Gilbert I understand what you mean. We support law enforcement ????. My family drives those roads too. I’m going to Google each of those incidents. Thank you for responding.

  9. Debbie Gilbert

    Beverly L Bonney Eric is from Quartsite and Rosalie was from South Dakota. I think Carl was a Local, very loved man. All the stories leave us with a heavy heart. God Bless and be safe.

  10. Debbie please get your facts straight before you speak on situations you know nothing about. Except for things you heard and rumors that aren’t true.

  11. At the end of the day those people are somebody’s kids, parent, loved one . Its just not right .

  12. There have been too many bodies being found in the area for it not to be suspicious. I hope all agencies involved are communicating with each other instead of dismissing it. Never heard that cause of death on Sandy Giles? Other women from Big River have been found dead as well as a few tribal members.

    Prayers for their families.

  13. This was my daughter that was found. She was such a sweet soul inside and out. I have faith in the investigators that they’ll make this person pay a very heavy price for this sinister crime that was committed. This has put so much strain on our family, mentally, emotionally and financially we were not prepared for what has come to our family. MY LIFE WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME

  14. Concerned Citizen

    What Ever happened in this poor women’s case nothing else was ever posted and cummunity was never updated which is no suprise Parker Needs to get it together and start handling things right I swear ..

  15. Nothing yet Concerned Citizen. The animal is still trying to fight extradition. Shes currently in VA finishing up federal time for another individual that she assaulted and was on the run THERE IN PARKER. It’s unbelievable the route this case has gone but I’m staying in prayer and keeping faith JUSTICE WILL BE SOONER THEN LATER

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