“Someone shot at me in Parker, oh my God”: Victim’s account, suspects in custody

Three people suspected of a series of shootings across three states are in custody after an officer-involved shooting near Bouse, AZ on Thanksgiving Day.

Below, one of the victims, Christine Curry, tells Parker Live what happened as she was passing the Osborne Wash area of Highway 95 north of Parker, when a bullet came through her window 5 inches from her head.

Agencies are trying to determine whether the suspects arrested on Thursday are the same responsible for a series of shootings in Henderson, NV. One person was killed and 4 others injured in those incidents, which happened several hours earlier when a ‘random’ shooting at a convenience store in the city left a 22 year-old man dead.

“The vehicle reportedly resembled the one involved in the shootings in La Paz County,” said La Paz County Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby. “They then allegedly shot at people upriver at several different locations including the overpass at Buckskin State Park, maybe by Cienega Springs, and Osborne Wash.”

The first reports came in around 9 a.m., according to Sheriff Bill Risen, around the area of River Island Market on Highway 95. Several motorists were allegedly shot at, and the arrests were made around 10 a.m. more than 40 miles away.

Bagby said there is a joint investigation now with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, who were able to bring the 3 suspects into custody after they passed through Bouse, AZ on Highway 72 near milepost 32.

A DPS officer reportedly spotted the vehicle and turned around to pursue, and, perhaps seeing the patrol vehicle turn around, the suspect vehicle drove off the roadway and rolled over onto its roof. As officers approached, one of the occupants pointed a handgun at the trooper, according to DPS, which led to both officers shooting back. One of the suspects was apparently struck by a bullet. All three were then taken into custody.

Suspects were named as 30 year-old Shawn McDonnell, 28 year-old Christopher McDonnell and 25 year-old Kayleigh Lewis.

Less than an hour earlier, Christine Curry had been driving south toward the town of Parker around the Osborne Wash area of Highway 95 when a vehicle came up behind her in the fast lane. She says she pulled over to the outside lane to let them past, but they just came up beside her and stayed next to her for a while.

“I remember just thinking this is weird,” she told Parker Live. “Why aren’t they passing me? I moved over. We were nose to nose like Nascar. I have tinted windows too and sit quite [far] back in my seat.”

Christine said a bullet then came through her window 5 inches from her head.

“It was such a loud noise, that’s what I remember first,” she said. “The noise was so intense. It really shocked me. Then I saw this silver dollar size hole and wondered did I just get shot at? The window tint kept the window together but the bullet then hit a plastic piece that runs up from the front windshield and that shattered, which caused cuts on my right hand and arm. Plus the glass from the hole area spread small little shards everywhere. I saw them continue on [in front of me] so that is when I pulled over.”

Christine said her arm was bleeding a lot and it took her some time to call 911.

“After I stopped, I was shaking, so it took about a minute to call 911. It took many rings before pick up, but that makes sense with all the previous shootings that had occurred prior upriver. The 911 operator kept putting me hold then asking me more questions. Hold, ask more questions. I just kept saying over and over, ‘Someone shot at me. Someone shot at me in Parker. Oh my God.”

Christine told Parker Live that the gravity of the situation hit her when she overheard that the incident may have been part of a crime spree that started with previous victims as far away as Henderson, including a fatality.

“The bullet hole in my window was big. I asked a detective what would have happened if the bullet hit my head. He just looked at me and said, ‘Happy Thanksgiving. You are very lucky.’ I started crying for the first time, then just after that we heard they caught them near Bouse. We were all so thankful for that! And sort of cheered a little.”

On his Facebook page, Risen praised the DPS officers who made the arrests.

“I commend the Department of Public Safety Officers involved in this multi-state crime. You put an end to the shootings saving the lives of untold citizens. I have talked to each of you individually and I will restate you did a fantastic job. Thank You.”


  1. Justin Kaze

    Where are all the armed Citizens ? This is why you carry every day. It’s like car insurance. You don’t want to use it, but you have it just in case.

  2. Misty Fears

    We had a similar incident in Eureka Calif last week before Thanksgiving

  3. Jennifer Marlatt

    Justin Kaze seriously! Amen!!

  4. Justin Kaze

    Misty Fears could be the same people

  5. Justin Kaze

    Who knows where these criminals began their crime spree

  6. Kelly Ogilvie

    Justin Kaze got mine in the car!!!

  7. Ale McGuire-Mejía

    Hope these people get what they deserve and then some while locked up. Thankful Christine is okay ????

  8. Emily Seeger

    Janelle Davidson .. sounds like they caught the scumbags! How scary!

  9. Janelle Davidson

    Emily Seeger I know right. By Buckskin too.

  10. Im shocked that sheriff risen didn’t thank his deputies and detective who were called out on Thanksgiving. Never has , time for a change jan 1st

  11. Frank Pesacreta

    Glad everyone is ok..great job by all police that were involved..the shooting at River Island Market was crazy..we’re still right across the street..shit like this doesn’t happen here..time to carry

  12. Justin Kaze

    Misty Fears do you have the story on that ?

  13. Misty Fears

    Justin Kaze hope that helps?

  14. Justin Kaze

    Misty Fears can’t be the same, because they both happened on the same day. the one in henderson and arizona happened around 1am and 10am on thanksgiving day. they were caught in az b4 noon…

  15. Misty Fears

    Justin Kaze thank you for cross checking

  16. Justin Kaze

    Misty Fears im sure these pos are responsible for more than henderson and arizona… I hope other jurisdictions are looking into this

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