Man dead after his jetski exploded, throwing him into the river

A Moreno Valley man is dead after his jetski exploded, throwing him into the river. He died in hospital after being transported from the scene.

On Friday afternoon at 12:39 p.m., deputies from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department responded to a call for a boating incident at River Shore Estates in Earp. On arrival, medical staff from the Buckskin Fire Department and River Medical Ambulance were tending to the victim, later identified as Juan Pineda-Flores, 48 from Moreno Valley, California.

Based on witness statements, Pineda-Flores was attempting to start a personal watercraft that was still on the trailer at the launch ramp. During startup, fuel or vapors inside the hull of the jetski ignited, causing it to explode. Juan was ejected from the vessel into the water.

Pineda-Flores was brought onto the shore and medical aid was rendered. He was later transported to the La Paz Regional Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries and died.


  1. Tragedy, this should never happen! Rip ????????prayers for the family.
    Always use the Blower, and vent my River people

  2. you would never think to vent a ski like a boat.maybe they need blowers to

  3. Horrible. Prayers for the family ????

  4. Joey Gill ???? look at the ski on the right

  5. Lindley Diskin but there are no blowers on a pwc

  6. neighboring mobile home

    Heard the boom outside on my deck. Saw parts of the jetski fly. Horrible seeing the family run to him pulling him out of the river. The jetski on fire and another running to hose it down. Just awful and prayers to the family. I couldnt help but hope he would survive. 🙁

  7. Horrible. I heard the explosion. So sad.

  8. I believe the spelling of the city name is slightly off… Should be/end with an “O” vs an “A”… Moreno Valley Ca vs Morena Valley…

    Either way, this news is super sad.
    RIP fellow boating brother Juan Pineda-Flores.

  9. Bradley Allen McAskill yikes

  10. Toni Santangelo Ed Bugarin this is horrible

  11. RIP….Prayers for the family????????

  12. Sandra Watters wow looks like I dodged a bullet. Poor guy

  13. Scott Watters yep almost made me cry thinking of when ours blew up on you. Grateful you made it out alive.

  14. Hugs and prayers go out to the family so sorry for your loss.

  15. He was one of my best friends .. I am gonna miss you brother . ???? R.I.P. Jose Antonio Pineda .

  16. Carrie Ras always ventilate your engine compartment before you start the engine. Sad news!

  17. Dawn Bugarin ive seen this happen. But haven’t seen anyone die. So sad.

  18. RIP Antonio
    You will be missed, and condolences to his family, and friends… I’m so sorry!

  19. Bill Holderby they can vent

  20. Prove my statement wrong

    “Ethanol fuel breaks down fuel lines and gaskets in engines, causing fuel leaks, and the compression of initial startup causes explosions,”

    Over 700 will die in 2021 by a passenger vehicle towing a trailer BOOM!

  21. Wake up

    Authorities suspect a buildup of fuel or vapors inside the watercraft’s hull caused it to explode.
    Sgt. Jeffrey Cross of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department told the Los Angeles Times that his agency has seen four similar incidents this season, citing high temperatures and ethanol-based fuels.

  22. The one I was on a few years ago blew up after I had been riding it for a while. I sustained 3rd degree burns on my left leg.

  23. He was a teamster driver that worked for us in Hollywood. So sad to hear of his passing.

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