Planet Ranch Fire burning in Bill Williams Refuge

A wildfire in the area of the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge, the Planet Ranch Fire, is continuing to burn, according to Buckskin Fire District.

The fuels that are burning are Salt Cedars, Mesquites, Cottonwoods and brush. According to the District, these types of fuels will produce light ashes but not large embers, which means that the closest communities, in Hillcrest Bay and Havasu Springs, are not in danger. However, there will be smoke, especially in the early morning hours.

“The fire has been turned over to a Federal Type-3 Incident Management Team (IMT) and their Incident Command Post (ICP) will be located at the La Paz County Sheriff Boat House next to Buckskin Fire Station 11 on Riverside Drive,” the District said. “The Buckskin Fire District (BFD) is working very closely with the IMT. Units from BFD will be patrolling the Hillcrest Bay and Havasu Springs communities in an effort to inform the public that they are not at risk. These areas are well protected by natural rock features and distance. The fire is expected to burn downriver to the Bill Williams Bridge. Please us extra caution when traveling Highway 95 near the Bill Williams Bridge.”

In addition to these actions by Buckskin, there will be water operations on the southern part of Lake Havasu near Havasu Springs. If you are on the water recreationally, please be aware and stay clear of fire units retrieving water.


  1. May not pose a threat to humans but how about the wildlife? After all it is a WILDLIFE refuge.

  2. Thanx for for the very late update & not replying to my ? Early on other post . It’s right out my backyard….

  3. Laurie Tomasino it is close to a neighborhood & there was a bear spotted last week & we have Javalinas ????, big horn ????, ????, ???????? & a Cat ????

  4. Laurie Tomasino it is close to a neighborhood & there was a bear spotted last week & we have Javalinas ????, big horn ????, ????, ???????? & a Cat ????

  5. Looks like it’s under control now ???????? tanker left . GREAT JOB ???????? Pilots & Firefighters ????????????????????????????

  6. Thank you for the update

  7. Thank You for going more into detail ???? I was concerned about the large ash in my yard . The Firefighters & Pilots are a blessing. Their presence is comforting..???????? Thank You for all your hard work ???????????????????????? Took all day but looks under control now ????????

  8. Looked bad for awhile but not as bad as it looked.Just about out now.Great job fire crews.

  9. We live north of the fire in Lake Havasu and things looked ominous around 1745 thought we were gonna have to gather our important papers and consider leaving for the night. Those clouds were filled with smoke!! Pretty scary!! Thanks for update.

  10. Kelli Lambrecht

    Thank you to the firefighters and all the crews that helped in knocking this down. So scary for our homes at Hillcrest and so sad for all the wildlife. Thank you all for the hard work.

  11. Renee Welker I heard about the bear it was a while ago or did they see it again its crazy to have a bear in the desert huh?hope they all get out safe!

  12. Kevin Meng Yes I do too… Last week I thought I was seeing things , but it was the bear , looked a lil haggard ???? tho ???? Hopefully they found refuge.
    The Firefighters worked diligently today ????????????????????????

  13. The smoke is so bad here in Lake Havasu. The air quality is horrible. Stay inside or risk smoke inhalation.

  14. You can see the smoke every where here I’m Lake Havasu . The air quality is dangerous. Stay inside if possible.

  15. We were on the lake right where the tankers were fling in the scoop the water. Sheriffs did a good job to keep us boaters a safe distance to the side.

  16. Is the bridge still open?

  17. You think it’s bad there you should be here in Hill crest. It’s terrible.

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