Viewfinder: Wildfire scorches several acres on Parker Strip, fireworks suspected

A wildfire scorched several acres of riverfront land on Parker Strip opposite Fox’s and Sundance resorts over the weekend. Buckskin Fire Department and San Bernardino Fire responded with both land-based fire engines and a fire boat. Buckskin was called just before 1 a.m. early on Sunday morning. Less than 10 acres of desert brush, mesquite and salt cedar trees were burned before the fire was extinguished. Fireworks are suspected to be the cause of the blaze, but not confirmed. Fireworks are illegal on both sides of the river.

Photos below from Mark Manke and Delisha Perry.


  1. At River Daves Place, was he there at the time??

  2. Fireworks are a real problem in our area!

  3. I am sort of thinking that if the bartender at Fox’s who called 911 said she saw the fireworks and guys running away once the fire started, that’s a good enough confirmation for me.

  4. Oh no, that is the favorite getaway spot for my CA peeps..

  5. At upper sandbar across from Fox’s

  6. Lynn Newman , anything burn besides the dry brush

  7. Saw the glow in the sky shortly before 2am and it look like the APOCALYPSE coming!

  8. Hmm, isn’t that the outflow from Copper Basin reservoir?

  9. Stupid people do stupid shit. This is the result of their never ending stupidity! ????????‍♀️

  10. When are people going to be held accountable? Catch the freaking idiots! Make an example of them!
    Catch the thieves, catch the MURDERER!
    Start holding people accountable!
    It will only get worse if no one is ever held accountable! ????

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