Over 10,000 fully vaccinated in La Paz County

Over 10,000 people have now been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus in La Paz County.

It is hard to estimate the precise rate of vaccination for the county, considering that many of the county’s doses were administered to part-time residents and temporary visitors.

But we know that 8,423 people have received both doses of the vaccine within the county with the exception of doses administered by Indian Health Services (IHS), and IHS tells Parker Live it has administered 3,202 doses, which implies an estimated 1,585 more people fully vaccinated*. This is a rough estimated total of 10,008 fully vaccinated people, many of whom are not among the roughly 21,000 permanent residents of the county.

The rate of vaccination for the United States as a nation is 48.5 percent, around 159 million people. The rate of vaccination for Arizona as a state is 44.1 percent, around 3.21 million of the state’s 7.29 million people.

In recent weeks, the La Paz County Health Department noted an uptick in new cases of COVID-19. But, as a potential sign of progress made in the pandemic, the most recent deaths in connection with the virus were reported over two months ago, on May 12th. This marks the first two-month period without a death since the beginning of the pandemic. 80 people in total have died from complications of the virus.

The Delta variant is spreading rapidly in Arizona, according to authorities, and already accounts for one in every five new cases of COVID-19. It is over 225 percent more transmissible than the original strain of the virus, according to one study, and according to another, people infected with the Delta variant had 1,000 times more copies of the virus in their lungs than those with the original strain.

But the good news is that all the major vaccines available are effective against the Delta variant. Most fully-vaccinated people who are infected with any variant of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, will have mild enough symptoms that they will not need to be hospitalized, according to public data. Those are who not vaccinated are at much higher risk of serious illness, long-lasting health complications and death.

La Paz County Health Department is administering the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the two-dose Moderna vaccine on the below schedule.

La Paz County Health Department: Every Wednesday 10am – 4:30pm
Ehrenberg Fire Department: First Wednesday of the month 9:30am – 11am
Quartzsite Fire Department: First Wednesday of the month 1pm – 2:30pm
Salome Centennial Center: First Thursday of the month 9:30am – 11am

* Parker Live estimated this number based on the percentage of the county’s fully vaccinated / total doses and applying that to the number of doses IHS administered.


  1. Alan Nelson

    “Most un-vaccinated people who are infected with any variant of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, will have mild enough symptoms that they will not need to be hospitalized, according to public data.”

    There. I fixed it for you.

  2. covId BaD

  3. John Wright

    Alan Nelson – That’s a true statement also, but your hidden implication (that there’s no difference in outcomes between the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated) is very, very false.

  4. Alan Nelson

    Your up front, non-hidden implication that people who are not vaccinated WILL be hospitalized is also very, very false.

    The media is supposed to report truths. But it’s obvious that Parker Live is just the local version of CNN.

  5. John Wright

    Alan Nelson – If that’s what you think, I’m not sure why you’re still reading. The risks are higher for the non-vaccinated; that is not an opinion.

  6. John Wright then why are vaccinated still getting the Covid???

  7. John Wright

    Danny – At much reduced rates? Because vaccines aren’t magic, they’re science. And when they do get it, the symptoms and side-effects (and rates of hospitalization) are much, much less severe.

  8. buT I herd peePle becoMe GAY witH thee Vaxine

  9. John Wright funny you say that. I have not took the vaccine, but my friend had to go to the hospital 2 week back and I had to pick him up. Yes it was Covid, and I was in direct contact. I never got any symptoms or got sick for the second time. While their family member contracted Covid and was vaccinated. I don’t believe everything people tell me because a lot of it has been bullshit.

  10. Did not realize this town had so many PHD’s….????

  11. Alan Nelson

    I was forced to take the “experimental” Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 (Military). Healthy 21 year old, best shape of my life, spent a week in the hospital, 2 weeks on bedrest, another 2 weeks light duty. The vaccine push was halted after 25 people died and hundreds suffered severe side effects (like mine). In the US alone, the COVID “vaccine” has caused or contributed to over 4,000 deaths and nearly 120,000 adverse reactions, over 12,600 severe. And no one knows what the long term effects will be, regarding future birth defects, cancer, fertility, etc. But here we are, having this NON-FDA APPROVED shot of who knows what being forced on everyone.

    I haven’t taken even a seasonal flu shot since, and have never contracted the flu. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer, I’ve been vaccinated several times for several things before overseas assignments, Antarctic deployment, etc. This new shot, that alters your Rna and possibly DNA, is a different animal.

  12. Alan, It is so unfortunate to see how much misinformation you’ve consumed or lack of understanding you have. Your experience with the Swine flu vaccine in the 70’s is sad to hear, but you even admit they halted that when they recognized deaths CAUSED by it. The COVID vaccine does not cause death, which is great news. Side effects are usually mild, there are millions who can attest to that. Also, great news, Pfizer is now FDA-Approved!
    To address your concern about the RNA, it is clear you were not educated traditionally. If you have discovered a way which RNA can alter your own RNA or DNA, please submit your work for a Nobel prize. – In your body DNA is translated into RNA. Not vice-versa. Then RNA (messenger) is translated into proteins. This is an amazing feat with the new vaccine. Creating a protein is extremely difficult and expensive to do in a lab, but your body can do it effortlessly. Therefore, by creating the RNA/ messenger for your body to create the spike protein is genius. Now your body will recognize this protein created from the RNA vaccine and create an attack against it whenever it encounters the same or similar proteins found on the virus.

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