Detectives investigating possible homicide in Salome

Detectives are investigating a possible homicide in the town of Salome in eastern La Paz County.

On Tuesday morning around 6:24 a.m. a La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call of a body discovered on Centennial Road in Salome around half a mile north of the community center there.

A 66 year-old white male was found deceased at the location. According to Sheriff William Ponce, due to the nature of the scene, the case is being investigated as a homicide.

No further information was available as of Friday, but Ponce told Parker Live his office believes the incident to be isolated and there to be no ongoing threat to the general public.


  1. No threat to the general public. Riiiight. Just like someone who was traveling on a road out there and from the oncoming traffic comes a black car trying to pass over the center line and forced them off the road. Just an isolated incident. Yeah. Then again, some time later, another person is run off the road by a black car passing over the center. But not a word from any law enforcement. Uh huh.Then one day I’m out there driving and oh lookie a black car comes at me over the double yellow and I run off the road to avoid it. My car still has the scratches from that. When I got home I called my friend in Bouse and she exclaimed “you’re the third or fourth person that has told me about that black car running people off the road why haven’t police done something or warned us!” Not too long after that yet one more person got ‘chickened’ and run off the road but not fast enough they collided AND DIED and the perp left the scene. Yes they finally did catch him I hear but do you think there was anything in the paper or online or anything? If there had been, when I recovered myself I could have turned around and followed that psycopath and that next poor victim would not have had to die. We had a predator serial thrill killer out there with nothing but thunderous silence from TPTB. We always wondered who the perp was related to. Nobody gives a crap about us. Shyeahhh…

  2. Omg I live in bouse and no one out here has heard of that until you posted that. We need to get some REAL NEWS for this area or something

  3. That person was my fiance. The LA PAZ County Sheriff’s department won’t tell me anything. I heard it from his son in Montana. I am heartbroken over all the lies and Bullshit stories I’ve been hearing for two weeks. Where’s the respect for the one who lost her husband ?????? Stop with the lies.

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