BlueWater Desert Challenge moves away from Parker to Cal City, other races will not be affected

The BlueWater Desert Challenge, held annually by the Best In The Desert racing association each Fall in Parker, will be moving to Cal City for 2021. The other two races in the season in Parker will not be affected.

Best In The Desert announced the change Wednesday after the Colorado River Indian Tribes said they would not allow the event to run as planned, citing increased levels of COVID-19 in their community.

The Parker 250 and Parker 425 races will run in Parker as usual in January, since they do not operate on CRIT land. Best In The Desert changed the route of the race course last January after a similar decision by CRIT prompted a permanent change to the course map, with both the start and finish lines of the race on federal land.

A spokesperson for Best In The Desert told Parker Live there will probably not be a replacement race for the Desert Challenge in future years, but that the racing association is committed to the two big races in Parker as season openers. The races will always run on land operated by the Bureau of Land Management instead of on tribal land, according to the spokesperson.

The new location of the race for this year is Cal City, situated between Bakersfield and Barstow in eastern Kern County. It will be held November 4-7 and will be the season closer for the year.

“Despite the extremely disappointing news, Best In The Desert is very excited about the move to Cal City,” the organization said in a press release. “Not only is the entire community behind the relocation of the event but Best In The Desert has access to over 80 acres of prime real estate to host an off-road race of epic proportions thanks to Lou Peralta and the Peralta Ranch.”

“While we’ve certainly had to deal with some challenges getting to this point, the end result could not have been better,” said Best In The Desert CMO Bryan Folks. “I have to start by thanking Lou Peralta for all his help and support in making this happen. The racecourse being built will be very challenging and a true Best In the Desert type race. We also look forward to being welcomed by Cal City. Altogether, we feel we have an event venue that will more than live up to the expectations of all our racers.”

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  1. The other races will be affected soon also. Crit will ruin that shit also

  2. Parker Live

    Nate Anderson The other races do not operate on CRIT land.

  3. So we can’t race with social
    Distancing but we can have pageants without mask? Makes sense

  4. But you can bet your ass you can still go to the casino and gamble your life away

  5. Cal city in the California Mojave desert?

  6. You Arizonians always bag on Cali, so you all stay home for this race and let the Indians tell you what to do and where you can race, LMFAO

  7. Jennifer De Jordy from what I know the pageant was private which is why it was live on Facebook and when they weren’t on stage they did wear masks.

  8. Madison Luna what I’m saying is it’s convenient we can find ways to do those things but we can’t figure out a way to keep the racing tradition?

  9. Jennifer De Jordy the pageant was specifically for the tribes which is why yeah it is more convenient for them. You really think the races are a top priority for them? No lol.

  10. David Evans but what happens when the ban on gas vehicles begins there?

  11. Shannon Dzieciuch ohhh believe me it’ll happen to you to sista????

  12. Not a ban on gas vehicles, just a ban on sales of gas vehicles.

  13. David Evans I’m afraid you are right ????

  14. Shannon Dzieciuch I dont know, maybe talking out my _ ss butt????we’ll see

  15. Madison Luna that’s the whole point I’m making.

  16. David Evans you beat me too it!!! ????

  17. Kern County Is 600 miles away round trip

  18. Kyle Green Fabrication via I-40 W
    4hr 50min 285mi

  19. John Spindler via I-40 W
    4hr 50min 285mi

  20. Indians must be getting more money from the government right now that that make from the race

  21. All the Thousands of $$$$$$ every business in our town lost ! But yet they still want everyone to come spend $$$ at the blue water casino!! Racing is OUTSIDE In Fresh Air , People know how to protect themselves while shopping etc,, in our town !! 80% of the Tribe don’t even go to the races ! Covid is just a Bad Flu Virus, You can still catch it even after being Vaccinated, If that Vaccine didn’t kill you and or make you sick before the virus does !! If your not a healthy person with a good immune System then stay home !! Laughlin had the races with no issues ,, they have rock concerts with no issues , they have all the casinos open with no issues !! Lake Havasu is having races and events , It’s to bad the Indians here can’t learn from the surrounding communities on how to make things work out for Our Whole Communities wellbeing and stop just thinking of themselves! Just Saying ????????

  22. Nick Danger dude I live 45 minutes away from cal city, been riding dirt bikes their over 30 years

  23. Michelle Scott instead of laughing at what everyone is saying why not speak up. I mean is what they’re saying wrong? Every business is town is hurt directly when main events are cancelled. We are a town fully supported by visitors. Without them out town would sink. We wouldn’t have enough funds to stay around.. clearly you’re triggered by the fact that own community is upset that we can’t hold a race event but the tribal community can continue most everything that they’ve planned. Nothing against the tribes for me. But in fairness why is the casino still open? They even took the dividers down. But we can’t have a race where most people you’re around is your family whom you’re around daily anyways.

  24. What a cry baby. Boo hoo can’t have a race blah blah blah. There’s two others that’ll be here just STFU. Move to havasu if you don’t like it. People visit here with or without the races ????????????‍♀️

  25. Michelle Scott no ones crying. Like at all. lol saying ones opinion isn’t really crying is it? Cause if that’s true then the whole world of full of crybabies. People are just pointing out the obvious disconnect between the town of Parker & the tribes. How more than one event has been cancelled due to tribes rules & yet the tribes are still keeping their businesses & events going. What’s wrong with saying that? Is that not what’s going on? How are the races going to hurt anyone? Cause like you just stated “people visit here with or without the races”

  26. The situation has become grave and gravity is now needed.

  27. The tribe won’t let the football team play, won’t let this race be run but have no problem with the casino being wide open for business.

  28. David Evans fine stay on your side of the river then.

  29. Michelle Scott Nooo!!! Don’t move to Havasu! ????????

  30. Parker Live

    Jennifer De Jordy To be fair, the Tribes have to take an economic hit too, when events like this are shut down. CRIT loses out on lots of casino revenue when racers and fans aren’t booking their rooms, when they’re not paying use fees for the land and for other facilities. It’s not as simple as you’re making it sound. Tribal leaders have looked at the rates of COVID in their community, including the many deaths resulting, and decided against having an event which draws thousands of extra people. The line has got to be drawn somewhere and, even if you disagree with this specific decision, it’s one that affects the Tribes too.

  31. Parker Live

    (By the way, none of this should be read as agreement OR disagreement with the decision itself.)

  32. I’m guessing knowledge of things such as Tay-Sachs disease and Sickle cell disease, which show how some diseases have a disproportionate effect on specific populations is lost on the people bitching about this.

  33. What a crock o ????. When will the tribe be stopped from ruining this little town that desperately needs the cash below?????

  34. Oh ya, cuz they won’t close that.

  35. They want The town back that’s why when any leases come up the ppl r told to get out. Their taking bk parker, big river and earp????

  36. Parker Live (((((( WRONG !!!!!!!!! )))))))) Every Event that gets canceled Is another PPP Check from the Gov because they claim it was Covid that caused them to cancel events !! and what do they do with the Loot??? Did they do anything to help the tribe ?? All I seen was a New CAT Loader New Cat Blade and a New Water Truck in the dirt lot next to Osbourne Bridge!!! If they had there way they would have kept the Casino closed but the Gov told them no more PPP $$ for Casino and they had to open !!! so what do they do 50% No waterslide and mask up your whole family !!! THE CASINO DOESN’T DESREVE EVER AGAIN TO HAVE THERE NAME AS A SUPPORTER / SPONSOR OF OUR RACES UNTIL THEY LET US USE THE PARKING LOT AT THE CASINO FOR CONTINGENCY AND THE 27 MILES OF RACE COURSE ON THERE LANDS !! UNTIL THEN IT SHOULD ONLYBE CALLED (( THE PARKER 425 ))

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