Town Manager Wedemeyer’s home raided by law enforcement, say reports

UPDATE: The council voted unanimously to place Wedemeyer on paid administrative leave while any investigation is in progress.

EARLIER: Parker Town Council is to hold a special meeting Friday at 10am to “consider the employment of the Town Manager.” The discussion may be held in executive session, behind closed doors, but any decisions will be made in public.



Parker Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer’s home has been raided by law enforcement, according to several reports, as well as offices at Town Hall.

Law enforcement officers were reportedly at the residence for hours on Wednesday, removing evidence for search warrants as part of what appears to be an active investigation, and at Town Hall where there was still a presence on Wednesday afternoon.

The news comes weeks after a prominent employee, Jennifer Alcaida, was fired and escorted from Town Hall amid allegations that she had embezzled money. The Arizona Auditor General’s Office had no comment about the situation when asked by Parker Live, but a press release from the Town stated that the Office had conducted an interview with Alcaida a few days before.

Wedemeyer’s employment as Town Manager has been controversial in recent months, with the Alcaida news and, earlier, the termination of the employment of Darla Tilley. The news of the raid will be sure to test loyalties and claims of the factions that have emerged around how the Town is run, with council members like Randy Hartless having been vocally critical of Wedemeyer and others like Frank Savino and Jerry Hooper actively defending her.

No reports suggest that Wedemeyer has been arrested or charged with any crime. Sources suggest that the Arizona Auditor General’s Office and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department are involved in executing the warrants.

This is a breaking story. This article will be updated when there is more information.


  1. About time, but not soon enough as she has had plenty of time to destroy evidence. she was seen on a Saturday removing boxes from Town building and was reportedly in Town hall early one day vacuuming her office although cleaning people had already cleaned the night before ????

  2. Well, I’ve been saying all along something isn’t right!

  3. Good, and it’s not local PD so hopefully no coverups

  4. She’s too smart to keep it at her house …

  5. Sonny Hunter not smart enough. This post makes me so happy, karma finally coming around.

  6. Sonny Hunter wait why are they raising her house

  7. And to think the original whistle blower was fired. I smell a lawsuit coming on!

    Get ready, I bet a third gets raided soon.

  8. Sherlock 100 Homes

    Mr. Wright, does this mean Ms. Wedemeyer is being investigated for some reason? Please advise.

  9. Jennifer De Jordy this lady is shade AF. Somehow she’s getting paid $160,000 a year.

  10. What comes around goes around, stupid is as stupid does Can you say Karma??

  11. Danny Crayton how do we know her income?

  12. Jennifer De Jordy it was in the paper. I don’t know how she got that pay. She get a personal fired, upset are family that we had too stop helping the senior center.

  13. We’ve known this has been going on for years but she has everyone afraid to speak up because of intimidation or she has information about them that could indict them as well.
    Corrupt to the core. But then what government official isn’t?

  14. I think a big shout out to Randy Hartless is in order. He has been saying it over and over again that things were amiss yet those old timers bought her crap hook, line, and sinker.

    Thank you Randy for continuing to be the voice of the Parker people who want answers.

  15. It would be best if Ms. Wedemeyer stayed on the job to finish the curb project.

  16. Sherlock- No idea. But we’ll wait for word from law enforcement.

  17. She got home today and was surrounded by the police not even a minute after. She had no time to even get out of her vehicle. They were there for hours and didn’t arrest her. After the police left, she drove away crying.

  18. It seemed like they got a whole bed load of her stuff confiscated.

  19. ABOUT TIME!! When the La Paz town manager makes MORE than the governor something’s REALLY WRONG!!’n ????

  20. Just in time for fall colors ……orange is the new black

  21. Town of hartless, new name

  22. Concern Tax Payer

    Did they find the Christmas gift cards that total over $49,000 that were bought for the employees with no Board approval. The Town of Parker Board members need to get there sh.t together.

  23. I think you’re onto something there Darla Tilley! I’m guessing Jennifer Alcaida is the one that filed that harassment complaint against you AFTER you started asking questions about certain funds? And I’m sure Town Manager Wedemeyer then used this complaint to get rid of you because she was scared of you finding out they were embezzling from the Senior program and the Town of Parker.
    I mean, it’s only obvious.

  24. Yes, That is exactly correct. When the Tow Manager tried to take control of the Senior Committee money it was a big red flag! She and her minions are still giving this committee a hard time! This committee that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the senior center nutrition program is being told they can’t even make a copy at the senior center and they don’t want them to have their meetings there. It’s awful what they did to me but what they are doing to this committee is criminal and the money the committee raises is from this community!
    The committee is still trying to get answers to where their money went for 2019. I truly believe she got rid of me 1 April before budget started because I was already asking questions and I know how to read the budget and I would know something was wrong. I guess we will see what happens!

  25. Mary Lee Hamilton

    Johnnie Weeks there were many who warned council of this woman’s capabilities.

  26. Mary Lee Hamilton I guess the Town of Parker has enough money to give it away to contractors, friends, Nigerians, etc. We all knew the town looked the other way because of her strangle hold.

  27. Mary Lee Hamilton

    Johnnie Weeks just remember the council works on a “majority rules” system when voting for things like “firing the town manager and pressing charges, for example.” Talk to the four who support her. Vote them out or recall them.

  28. Concerned citizen

    Sounds like the story of the fox in the hen house!

  29. If the walls of Rodney Mendoza’s former office could talk…

  30. The plot Thickens

  31. Do not take it offensive females do not understand political as our 4fathers since A.D and females since 1950 women didn’t not have rights in political.

  32. About time they wised up the only one that saw the light wasRandy thank you for fighting for what was right,the Queen did wrong KARMA how long has this been going on get rid of the four who were afraid of her and supported her

  33. Well Dah she’s be investigated or they wouldn’t of raided her house. Guess we don’t get gift cards ???? this year.

  34. shes a govt employee its public record.

  35. Jorge Chavez excuse the hell out of me bro. and you apparently don’t understand anything. its not a matter of male or female, its a matter of capabilities and integrity, and I’m quite sure that every male is on council is just a crooked.

  36. Autumn Garibay my husband and Lucas are not crooked not even close and I take personal offense to your post. Kinda makes me wonder how crooked or stupid are you.

  37. If the town wants to right itself they should hire Dan Field as Town Manager and Kathy Field as Town Judge and this would solve the problems because everything the Field’s are involved in works out great for the taxpayer. They are honest and pure people with no personal agenda to help only themselves and their friends. They are forever La Paz County Patriots.

  38. Vivian Hartless you’re barking up the wrong tree. You weren’t the ones in reference. Typical townie picks an internet argument with anyone without knowing who they are ????

  39. Autumn Garibay gosh, thanks for your support. Do you know me?

  40. Autumn Garibay you literally said “I’m quite sure that every male is in council is just a crooked.” So not sure what tree you’re in but you got barked at. So who’s the typical townie picking internet arguments with anyone without knowing who they are? You seem very confused to me. Take your medication.

  41. Drain the swamp

  42. Randy J Hartless I do know who you are. And I know you’re role in this.
    So you and wifey settle down, same team.

  43. Autumn Garibay then why’d you say that? You’re stirring the pot for no logical reason. Carry on.

  44. Autumn Garibay I barking up the tree that made that comment in reference to my husband and Councilman Lucas (who btw comes from a very prominent family), and I literally don’t give a
    F—who you are, anybody who makes such a stupid ass comment deserves to be barked at.

  45. Everyone just calm down…none of this barking back and forth will do any good…let the Town Council do their job, get all the information they can gather, and make the decision on what’s best for the Town.

  46. Why wasn’t something done with this woman when she gave out gift cards to whomever she wanted?
    To be a Town Manager of a very small population and making 160M year is nuts, so can the town council explain why she makes so much money.
    Can the council members that unite behind her explain how this woman and her colleagues have gotten away with possible theft? Can you post city council meetings so we can watch and get a more clear picture of these yahoos before we vote again

  47. Steve Madoneczky Gosh I wish you was still our Mayor! You are missed????

  48. Mona Reyna Duran Thank you Mona!! I miss you all of you! I can’t believe what I’ve been reading lately about this…just sickens me that no one knew about this…or turned a blind eye…either way its sad.

  49. Steve Madoneczky agreed! So sad. I can’t believe all the in fighting amongest each other instead of working together to find out what really happen????

  50. I agree with Mr. Gomez and somewhat with Mr. Poshnuts and I believe Dan Field should be brought in to finish the curb project.

  51. ” Orange is the new black ” .AWSOME.
    2 law suits are needed one is a class action

  52. @ Martin Gomez. Seriously the Fields? Look again.

  53. @Echo Kinsella. Do you not understand the positive, long lasting impact the Field’s have had on La Paz County? They are angels sent from above.

  54. Well I hope the entire truth come out.

  55. Darla, wait to u see the evidence thats ahows who was behind letting u go. Hartless will be unhapoy when town manager is reinstated. I hope she takes a buyout and let the town be run by randy

  56. Crit bend around sense 1865 .From one of the tribe council members Tommy drennan there’s 1/4 percent of Crit members of 4500 population in la paz county can Amelia Flores make all members to attend church so they will not lose their offspring it seems there are following the gay community

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