Wilkins pleads guilty in police chase that led to death of Sergeant Rudd

Mark Joseph Wilkins has pled guilty to all the charges against him after he was accused of leading police officers on a chase that led to the death of La Paz County Sheriff’s Sergeant Mike Rudd last year.

Late in the evening of October 11th, 2021, a report went out about an individual who had used a fraudulent credit card at an area business, along with a description of the vehicle. When the Quartzsite Police Department initiated a traffic stop at milepost 112 on State Route 95, Wilkins, 39 years old, fled. The chase ended at milepost 37 on I-10 after his vehicle was disabled by officers using spike strips. Wilkins was taken into custody after a foot pursuit and scuffle with officers, according to reports. Sergeant Rudd, who had been standing at the roadside, was then struck by a passing semi truck. Rudd was transported to hospital in Blythe but later died from his injuries.

In addition to unlawful flight from a law enforcement vehicle, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon/dangerous instrument, resisting arrest, and possession or use of dangerous drugs, the State alleged statutory aggravators.

Last Friday, Wilkins pled guilty to 8 charges and aggravators, and also admitted to his prior felony convictions.

“The defendant pled guilty in open court without the benefit of a plea agreement on March 11th,” Deputy La Paz County Attorney Ryan Dooley told Parker Live. “He is looking at up to 208 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections.”

Wilkins will be sentenced by Judge Robert C. Olson on April 8th. La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce said that Rudd was the first deputy to be killed in the line of duty since the office was established in 1983. Rudd had joined the department in 2013.


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  4. Inquiring Minds Want To Know

    Okay he was charged and looking at a lot of time but what about the semi truck driver who hit Rudd he’s the one who hit him and killled him so why isn’t he being charged as well seems unfair and no real justice to me ya they wouldn’t have been out there if they weren’t chasing Wilkins but how is it that the semi truck driver didn’t see all the sheriffs flashing lights and didn’t slow down and hit Rudd he should be charged to because he’s at just as much at fault as Wilkins the driver of truck is the one who killed Rudd all the truck drivers getting away with killing people on the highway because there wreckless and careless and think they own the road and can drive how ever and nothing gets done to them because they can it’s sickening so many wrecks on 1-10 between pheonix to indio the two lane part of freeway where people have died have been caused by truck drivers and they walk Scott free and someone else gets charged for there wrecklessness driving running people of the road or driving over on top of them or running them over it’s not safe to change a tire on side of freeway in the dirt because where a truck driver not paying attention swerving everywhere drives way over and damn near takes you out they need charged too and I’m sure Rudd’s Wife and family might feel the same way ya Wilkins is at fault but so his the Semi Truck driver who struck him causing his death as well as Wilkins so here’s the big Question Why Isn’t The Truck Driver In Jail And Being Charged For His Death As Well???

  5. You know that is a great question. Why did Wilkins take the blame for the officers death? It should have read that the semi truck driver is held w/o bond on plowing down a police officer sounds like they knew they could rope him. Most likely laid a quilt trip on Wilkins what about Wilkins he fought for our freedom in the irac war and lost part of his leg maybe he was having a past episode ever think of that?

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