Five arrested for prostitution and drug house in Big River

Five people were arrested for prostitution after deputies served a search warrant at a residence they called a “drug house” in Big River.

On Tuesday at about 8 am, Roy Carter, 71 of Big River, Angela Bush, 48 of Parker, Donald “Tim” Hall, 65 of Parker, Anna Mandan, 37 of Parker and Terry Evans, 57 of Parker were arrested when deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrived.

According to a press release, narcotics and evidence of prostitution were discovered at the residence. It was determined the location was used as a means of operating and maintaining a drug house. Two suspects were released at the scene pending a court date and three were booked at the Colorado River Station Jail in Needles and are awaiting a court hearing.


  1. I thought we were supposed to be social distancing? 😂

  2. Old ass tweeked out trailer trash. Who tf paying for that sh**… hahaha

  3. I can only imagine what they looked like 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Well it doesn’t surprise me

  5. Good news on the arrests.
    What kind of people need to go to a house like that for sex & drugs. Hard up & Yuck 🤢

  6. Eww was the old man the pimp

  7. Estevan Diarte and somehow I made it to work today…

  8. Amber Krzywicki 😃 here it comes!

  9. Damnit Anita L. Scott…what you been up to??

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  20. Trisha Dyer The river is Always fun to visit I would never want to live in that shit hole ever again.

  21. Brian Dyer are you all related to Tiffany dyer in Maricopa were she works hmm just curious

  22. Tami Gillum no … not that I know of. Wasn’t she running for constable in Parker years back?

  23. IAM not sure possibly could you tell me about her she’s a judge right is she young or old iam not sure I live in California so I just hear about her occasionally

  24. But ty for getting BK to me IAM interested in knowing a little bit about her and the town she maintains

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