Seven year old dies after being struck by impaired boater on Parker Strip

A 7 year-old child has died after being struck by a boater impaired by alcohol on the Parker Strip near Buckskin State Park, according to law enforcement.

On Sunday after 5 pm, boat patrol deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department responded to the report of an unknown injury boat collision near Buckskin State Park on the Parker Strip. The child was swimming in the water near the shoreline when a boat struck them. Despite life saving measures, the child was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Through investigation, deputies found Arthur Garcia, 37 of Indio, to be operating the vessel in a reckless and negligent manner while under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision. Garcia was subsequently arrested for operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol “which act or neglect proximately causes bodily injury to any person other than himself or herself.”

Anybody with more information on this ongoing investigation is urged to call the deputies at (760) 326-9200 and cite case number 252200034.


  1. A pretty dangerous couple of corners right there.
    Very sad.
    Possible no wake zone in the future?

  2. Mikayla Marie Hanson

  3. Gary Russell blind going up river, and park water access all along park waters edge

  4. Poor baby. May he Rest In Peace 💔

  5. Wess McCoy shallow water on the park beach allows wading/swimming 30 yards into the river if I remember correctly.

  6. Gary Russell this was before the bend going up river. She was swimming no further than 5’ from shore, boat ended up on the beach and he was impaired. People seem to think because everyone around them is partying, that the driver can too.

  7. There’s a go fund me for a 7 year old that passed same day . Wondering if it’s this little girl. Does anyone know the name of the deceased?


  9. Vanessa Parsons
    It was a little girl. Very sad

  10. Louis Groner my heart goes out to her family.

  11. Prayers to this Lil’ Angels family 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Deborah White Rob Robert L. White David Baldwin

  13. Wess McCoy are you guys fucking kidding me your blaming the river how bout the fucker was drunk. How bout do t fucking drink and drive. You guys are fucking unreal. And don’t even come back at me unless you have lost a family member to a ducking drunk driver.

  14. Clint Gough so sad!

  15. Scott Dunlap hey asswipe, calm down.
    Lost my brother in 1977 to a drunk driver. Does that now allow me to point out dangerous points on the river in your opinion?
    Fucking clown.

  16. From another article I read this happened on the California side so there is no blind corner. I believe it happened on that side also because he was arrested in California and taken to an Indio jail not in Arizona. I was there that weekend. There were 4 sheriffs boat and a helicopter patrolling and some people continued to drink and drive. I did not. I’m responsible for everyone in and around my boat. I feel so sad for this little girls family.

  17. Mary Chiodo Swanson Is anybody surprised, He might take up valuable prison space or relate to someone with pull.

  18. Gary Russell fuck you asshole

  19. Mike Buban it was on the AZ right across from big bend.

  20. Mike Buban buckskin is in AZ is San Bernadino county that’s why he went to the facility that he went to

  21. Holly Uribe San Bernardino county is is on the California side. Buckskin is in La Paz county on the Arizona side

  22. Mike Buban I know that rumor has it that that was the closet place to take him. Dumb but Kingman would have been closest

  23. Kyle Ager Kyle if he was arrested and taken to Indio it would be on the California side. If it happened at Buckskin that is the Arizona side and would be in jail in Arizona not California

  24. Larry Daniels Ron Martin

  25. Clint Gough I read about that. So terrible!

  26. i also heard they took him over there because of angry shit

  27. all boils down to dont be a asshat and drink and operate a giant balony slicer.idiots

  28. This is heartbreaking. And the piece of shit posted 200k bail and only spent 2 nights in jail. Not quite a punishment for murder. RIP angel


  30. I watched it happen Mike. 1st hand

  31. Mary Chiodo Swanson that makes it a lot easier for the girls father to get to him.

  32. Mary Chiodo Swanson that us SICK

  33. Kevin Mcarthur 😢

  34. That’s really sad 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Michael Blanco Danielle Prudhomme Blanco this is what The fire department and sheriffs were responding to. 😢

  36. Jennifer Rosten-Housholder so sad ..

  37. If he was taken to California, then that explains why he is out of jail. You can do whatever you want in California without consequences.

  38. Mike Buban AZ side we saw it from Big Bend

  39. That little girl was a family member of mercy’s husband side of the family, it’s so tragic 😢

  40. i have lived on this river since 1965. i have seen the absolute ignorance of visitors on the river and the hwys to both sides of the river. 99% of incidents and accidents are from the visitors that drink and drive with NO reguard to others! Stupidity with arrogance is never a good combo!

  41. Irma Guzman I can’t even imagine! 😢 So devastating. We were supposed to be camping there this week. We changed plans at the last minute.

  42. I would like to explain to this boater his mistake and give him a stern talking to.

  43. If this were my child and this idiot made bail.. my husband and I would be waiting for him! The pain those parents are enduring is unimaginable and is all because some idiot operated his boat while drunk. Completely preventable!


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